Love Made

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Submitted: May 02, 2008

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Submitted: May 02, 2008



Midnight chimes ring out
I barely hear them
Over your breathless moans
Into my ear

Our bodies entwined
My pulse it races
I feel your heart beat
Upon my chest

The rhythm silent
Yet our bodies heed it
I feel your soft skin
Under my fingertips
Small beads run down your face and onto mine
And I can taste it

We reach the moment where all else is nothing
And we are everything
The point of sheer ecstasy
All senses heightened
Where each touch sends small lightning bolts
Travelling up my spine
You shiver as all is spent.

We collapse in bliss and exhaustion
My hair a tousled mess
Dishevelled in the throws of passion
The room falls silent

Then in the darkness
I hear your voice
You tell me you love me
You kiss me
I whisper I love you too
As we drift into sleep
In each others arms

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