Old Flame

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Feelings for an ex whilst with someone new.

Submitted: May 02, 2008

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Submitted: May 02, 2008



Confusion consumes me
My thoughts lost and disorientated in the twisting labyrinth of my mind
Which way do I go?
My wavering affections cause a tug of war on my heart
Emotions being torn in two directions
Like a rag doll by squabbling children

Who is it I love?

I moved on long ago
So I tell myself
Yet still seeing you
Knowing you love me...
Makes me wonder if I don't still love you...
And then my mind takes me to places
I've not seen since we parted ways

I was so sure that I had discovered true love with my new found companion
But you trigger feelings in me still
And I feel that old flame burning even now
Flickering slightly in the breeze
But still alight

I thought it had burnt out long ago

Maybe it's just the memories we share
I can see them playing in your mind
The sad smile of reminiscence in your eyes
Longing for times past

I cannot kill my curiosity

For now though my heart will have to wonder
Because I could not bring myself to be the one to cause more heart brake.

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