Disturbed Mind

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Will Mime's love for Dan overcome all it will put her through or will it just destroy her life and the life of the only person that ever cared about her for good? The story of Mime pulls the heart
of readers into the corridors of emotional negligence due to tragedy that happened in the past. Now in the present, it is too late to correct that mistake and no one emerges a winner.

Chapter one

Long before Mime was born, her parents had a son. He was a precious little baby who gave them no trouble even while her mother was pregnant. She had an easy pregnancy and birth.

The day he was born, Mime's dad was with his wife throughout holding her hands and whispering sweet things into her ears. A beautiful bouncing baby boy appeared after three hours of labor. He was bald and had big curious eyes as he looked around his environment.

"Congratulations you have a son" the nurse spoke as he handed the baby to his parents awaiting hands. "He looks so precious," Mime's mother said as tears rolled down her eyes. 

"Yes he does," his father said planting a kiss on his wife's forehead, "I think that should be his name" he concluded. Turning to the nurse, he asked, "When can we go home?"

"Since your wife had an easy labor, you can go home tonight or tomorrow if you want. Congrats once again"

"What do you think? Tonight or tomorrow?" he asked his wife

"Let's go home tonight"

So Mime's parents drove home that night with their hearts filled with joy and their precious baby sleeping happily in the car seat. 

Precious brought joy to his parent’s life. They were dedicated parents. They spoilt and dotted on him. Precious was an easy baby, he smiled effortlessly and never cried. He was friendly to all their friends and he always enjoyed his parent's company.

It was easy to see how much they loved him and likewise. When Precious turned three years, his parents were talking about the possibility of having another child. 

"Maybe it’s too soon to have another baby" Precious mother said as she folded up some laundry

Her husband sat on the other side of the bed watching his wife. Precious was having a nap in his room that adjourned theirs.

"Don't you think Precious will be happy to have someone to play with"

"I am sure he is happy having the two of us in his life. Besides having another baby might make him feel that we would not have enough time for him

Precious mother sighed as she continued folding the laundry. "Maybe you are right; he is too precious for us to put him through something like that” 

“But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun…we just have to be careful,” her husband said as he walked over to kiss his wife. When Precious turned five years he started school and his mother decided to go back to work part-time. 

"Now honey, I will pick you up from school but your bus will have to take you there Okay?"

"So I will see you every day after school?" Precious asked as he gazed into his mother's eyes

"Of course honey". His mother drew him close and splattered kisses all over his face 

Outside their beautiful mansion, the bus driver honked.

"Okay honey time to go and remember mommy and daddy loves you very much"

"Are you sure it is just me?" Precious asked. He had never been without either of his parents for a long time, so the thought of going to school and not seeing either one of them was very upsetting for him. 

"Yes only you. I promise" His mother answered to waver any fear or doubt he had.

Hand in hand they both walked outside and Precious got on his bus with a big smile on his face as he waved good bye to his mother.

His mother blew kisses to him "I love you and I will see you soon honey"

His mother rushed inside to prepare for work. As she prepared she called her husband to tell him what transpired. 

An hour later, Precious mother was set for work when the doorbell rang. She took a quick glance at her wristwatch and wondered who it could be. She was already running late and didn't have time to entertain any guest.

As she opened the door, she saw two men in police uniforms standing. "Yes, can I help you with something?" She asked

“We are from the police station ma’am,” one of the men said while showing his Police badge. “Are you Precious mum? “He asked.

She answered with a weak voice while sweating profusely “Yes I am, what is wrong?”

"We are sorry to inform you ma'am, but the school bus that your son was on was involved in a crash" The policemen informed her

Precious mother fell down to her knees as tears rolled down simultaneously from her eyes "th..is....can't be...nooooooooo"

"The bus crashed into a fuel tanker... we are sorry for your loss but no one survived. We are still retrieving the burnt bodies.

"Noooo.....I can't believe my precious ba...by.....noooo...I want to see him."

"Before we go ma'am is there anyone else you can call?" the policemen asked

"My husss...band" She stammered


Chapter two

Four months after the death of Precious, his parents were no better. They turned into bitter miserable people. It was as if they both died the day Precious died everything good and beautiful about them went out the windows and never came back. Then, Precious's mother found out that she was pregnant. "Are you sure....because I haven't been with anyone since..."

"Yes I am sure" the doctor confirmed. “Your test results came back positive.

"I don't want it....ittt....it is too soon...I just buried my baby...I can't have another one now."

"I fear we may be passed that stage now. It is too risky and may lead to complications that will be very bad for you." the doctor replied.

Precious mother went home that day and cursed the baby she was carrying while remembering what the doctor said about it being too late...after a while, she gathered herself up. She swore never to love the child because it came at a time that she was still mourning her firstborn.

At nine in the evening, her husband got home. He was looking gloomy and fierce. He saw his wife in the kitchen and acknowledged her presence.

"We need to talk," his wife said coldly 

"Is there something wrong with Precious headstone?" he replied panicked.

"No ....I went to see the doctor today because I haven't been feeling well"

Her husband eyes widen as he frowned he hasn't noticed that his wife has been sick. Just the same way he didn’t notice that his wife had lost weight and was looking miserable, or that he had been coming home later than usual, his wife stopped cooking and that their entire conversation was now about their dead son.

"well, I'm pregnant...I think it happened when Precious was still alive" his wife sobbed.

"I can't handle a baby right now....is there anything you can do to terminate it? “Her husband asked.

"The doctor said that it is too risky to do that now since its more than two months"

"How did you let such a thing happen...you know that I am dealing with a lot right now and you just decided to get pregnant. I want no part of that baby's life if you are keeping it" her husband growled

His wife could feel rage rising up inside her as she yelled "I didn't get myself pregnant for your information and you think I want this creature inside me? Looks like we are stuck with it....maybe I will give it up or something or who knows the baby might not survive

"Pray that happens" her husband replied as he stormed out of the house

Precious mother sighed she hated this baby growing inside her. All she wanted to do now was crawl into Precious room and cry and she did that.

She cried until tears couldn’t roll down her face again. She cried until her whole body shook, she cried until she couldn't utter a sound again, she cried until her head started pounding

Throughout the pregnancy, she never bothered taking care of herself. She missed doctor's appointment. Her life was a mess, even at work; she yelled at people and spread her bitterness.

The atmosphere at home was no different. She spent most of her time drinking or cursing the child that she was carrying.

Her husband was no different. He became a very mean man and selfish man. He had no love in him anymore. All the love he had for anyone including his wife was buried with Precious.

This went on till Mime was born. The day she was born, his wife had a cold stare as she looked down on her new born daughter. Mime let out a loud yell when she was brought into the world. Her eyes were empty as if you could see that she was starved of love.

"You have a beautiful daughter" the nurse commented

Mime looked expectantly at her mother who gave her an icy look. "So this is her... the baby that made me not to fully mourn Precious." Her mother thought as she looked at Mime.

Due to how Mime's mother was throughout her pregnancy, Mime was not a happy baby. She cried all the time. She seemed to spend her day crying or hungry due to neglect from her parents.

"I can't stand that baby....I wish we could do away with her" Mime's mother yelled.

"Well she is your baby....so you take care of her or I won't be coming home." her husband warned as he left the house. He had never picked up Mime since she came home. 

Mime's mother finally hired a nanny to take care of Mime "I do not want her crying....just take her and do whatever....I want to get back to work as soon as possible" she told the nanny

"Okay...but it's only been a month don't you think that too early to leave your baby?" the nanny asked

"Don’t call that monster my baby....all she does is scream besides, I wasn't supposed to have her...now your job is not to ask questions, so shut it!"

Mime's parents focused all their attention on their work and never on Mime. They missed birthdays, first words, first walk, first game...and so on.

Mime grew up wishing for the love of her parents. She couldn't understand why they neglected her. One thing she was glad about, was that she still had her nanny who took good care of her. Although Mime was emotionally neglected by her parents, they provided well financially so Mime never lacked basic needs.


Chapter three

When Mime was seven years old, her nanny got married and had to move to another country. Mime was sad but she was also glad because it means that her parents might spend more time with her.

"Great what do we do now? I don't have time to interview new candidates" Mime's mom complained

"And she is still too young to be sent to boarding school"

"Mime come here!" her father roared.

"Yes papa" little Mime answered

"You are not a kid anymore and we don't have time to sit around to wait on you, so you have to take care of yourself from now on. Do not bother me with anything."

Mime looked at her father and then moved her eyes to her mother and asked "will I be getting a new nanny mommy?"

"You heard your father....you care for yourself now and when you are old enough you will be sent to boarding school" her mother replied irritated.

"noooo...I want to stay here with you and daddy" Mime said as she tried to hug her mother who held her back

"Mime we don't have time to hang out with you okay? We have better things to do...like I always tell you, you are a mistake"

So Mime learnt to take care of herself. She became a parent to herself. She cared for her physical and emotional needs.

She never saw much of her parents and whenever she saw them they never spoke a word to her. Sometimes, Mime wondered if they were her real parents and if they hated her. She had no baby pictures. The only proof she had was her birth certificate.

The pictures of her older brother still hung around the house. Mime remembered the day she tried to hang a picture of herself. Her mother had seen her and screamed that she take it down immediately.

Mime never understood why but she did it because her mother had scared her. 

By the time Mime was eleven years old her parents finally got their wish they sent her to a boarding school. They had someone drop her off.

Mime was heartbroken that they had not dropped her themselves. They never called Mime to know how she was settled.

Mime often tried to call them but they never responded. Mime never gave up although she felt very alone and neglected. The only person that ever showed her attention was her nanny.

Mime found it hard to make friends at her school and was soon known as a weird kid whose parents never called.

On visiting day, when kids parents came to see them, Mime was the only one who no one came to see. Her classmates avoided her and the teachers spoke about her behind her back.

This went on until Mime was fourteen years. By then, Mime was going to a different school because her parents had to move to a new country. Mime was happy because she thought of it as a way to restart her life but this time it was even worse.

Her new school was a mixed school so it had boys and male teachers in it. Mime had never been with the opposite sex before and she didn't know how to act. There was a teacher called Joshua who took a liken to Mime and clawed his way into her life. He gave her the attention she desperately needed. He told her how beautiful and special she was. Mime loved this and gave no thought to what he might be up to. He was the only person on earth that noticed her.

Very soon, Joshua started inviting Mime to his house and when she went there he forced himself on her. Mime felt wrong after it. She knew that something was wrong about it but then she convinced herself otherwise. She didn't stop seeing Joshua until the school found out about his ways and reported him to the police. 

Mime felt neglected again. She missed him and had no clue that what he did to her was wrong. She accepted the attention from him because he said all the things she wished to hear. He paid more attention to her than her parents ever did.

Her parents were oblivious to what was happening with their daughter. They only focused on work and never showed love to her. 


Chapter four

One day, Mime's class had a new student name Rosie and she was paired with Mime since her seat was the only empty one. 

"So I hear you are the weird kid in school," Rosie said to Mime during the break

Mime looked at Rosie and didn't answer, she wondered why Rosie was talking to her.

"hello...hello," Rosie said waving her hands in front of Mime.

"Hello," Mime said with a very tiny voice

"Come on I know you can speak louder than that" Rosie challenged.

Mime and Rosie became fast friends. Mime loved Rosie and told her everything about her life. Rosie, on the other hand, felt sympathy for Mime "I think your parents are shitty people.

"No they are just sad about the loss of my brother they will come around one day,” Mime said defending them.

"Please, Mime they do not acknowledge you. You are dead to them...I have seen it for myself" Rosie continued.

Mime looked at Rosie and refused to believe what she said.

Mime and Rosie's friendship blossomed although it had complications like Mime always wanting to be around Rosie. She wanted to dress, speak and act like Rosie.

Rosie found it weird but never said anything. She knew that Mime was a good person but just had abandonment issues. She never once guessed that it may have led to some psychological issues.

On Saturday morning, Mime went for a run she knew Rosie did that so she started. On her way back, she took a wrong turn and ended up in the alley where she saw two guys and one of them was on his knees and the other was pointing a gun at him. The guy pointing the gun was asking the other some questions and he sounded just like Joshua, Mime was instantly mesmerized as she heard the voice..."Joshua?"

The guy looked back at Mime as his victim tried to slip away. Dan turned back to the guy he was questioning and shot him…Looking back to Mime he said, "Look what you made me do." Mime stood speechless. He wasn't Joshua but his voice sounded like Joshua. Dan was a butch guy and he was in a popular street gang.

Dan walked towards Mime and took a good look at her "my my you are just a kid….get out of here and keep quiet about what you saw….if not I will find you.

Dan watched as Mime ran off. She walked back home then replaying the events that happened over and over and over and over again in her head. 

Mime started living in fantasy world. She could spend the whole day making up scenarios with Dan in her head. Mime was sure that she was in love with him. Dan was a cute guy and having the voice of the man that gave her attention was an added bonus also the fact that he spared her life. Mime concluded that Dan loved her back and made a vow to be a part of his life. So she started her search for Dan. She went back to that alley every day after school and searched around for Dan but she never saw him. She went to nearby streets, stores but no sign of Dan. This went on for three years. Mime never gave up she believed that one day she would see him again


Chapter five

When Mime turned seventeen, her Parents moved again to a smaller house because they lost a large part of their fortune. As always the blame was on Mime and Mime felt cursed but she still loved her parents no matter what and still hoped that one day they would give her the attention she needed. 

Mime's parents were still filled with a large hole in their hearts ever since Precious died and never for once thought that there might be something going on with their daughter. They traveled a lot separately. There was no affection between both of them anymore. The only time they both agreed on something was when to send Mime far away so they don’t have to deal with her or discussing a new headstone for Precious.

The house opposite Mime's new house was occupied by another family who Mime by chance found out to be owned by a group of guys and one of them was Dan. Seeing Dan from the window in her bedroom strengthened Mime's faith that she and Dan were meant to be together. Mime started sneaking out of the house to follow Dan whenever he was going out.

Mime kept on doing this until she learnt more about Dan's way of life. Dan was a criminal, Mime witnessed him kill people and trade drugs. 

At school, Mime was doing very badly and the teachers did not bother informing her parents because everyone knew that it was a waste of time. Rosie was the only one that tried to help Mime but Mime was lost in her fantasy world. 

Hey, Mims?” Rosie asked “let’s have a sleepover at my place we could watch a scary movie and eat popcorn and maybe do some school work."

Mime thought about what Rosie said and decided against it "not tonight sorry."

"Do you have any other plans?"

"No no no don't tell me you are still hungover Dan....he is a criminal and you will get yourself killed if you keep up with this" Rosie lectured

"Don’t speak about Dan that way. I love him he is the only one that I have.

"Mime don't be stupid that's not love. I think you should let your parents know...I don't think this time they would ignore you...I mean we are talking about a criminal here."

"I can't hang out with you anymore Rosie...you know too much and now you are trying to hold me back from being with the love of my life... Dan spared my life...he loves me and he sounds just like Joshua. I won't let you take him away" Mime cried.

"Mime do you hear yourself?....you sound crazy...Joshua didn't love you and I hope he rots in prison...Look Mime, I know that you feel neglected and unloved but I enjoy hanging out with you. But you don’t have to put yourself in danger just...."

"Shut up....you know nothing about me....my parents love me...they care about me....they are....are just sad over the loss of my brother...th..they will come around." after saying that, Mime ran home

Rosie stood speechless she didn't know what to do. She knew telling Mime's parents about it was a long shot. Rosie was starting to understand that Mime might need some psychological help.

By the time Mime got home, she ran to Dan's house and knocked 

"Coming" a voice from inside answered

A young lady appeared smiling "oh hello...what can I do for you?"

"Is Dan around?" Mime asked desperately hoping that she hasn't missed him as she forced her way into the house.

"I'm sorry honey he is not...why are you asking about Dan?" the young lady inquired

"I juss...just want to see him" Mime responded. The lady took a good look at Mime and understood what was going on “oh honey do you have a crush on Dan?…you are just a kid if I were you I would stay away from Dan.”

Mime felt herself getting angry “who was she to tell her to stay away from Dan…why do people try to take away everything she loved. First, her brother took away her parents, Rosie is planning on doing the same thing and now, this lady is trying to dissuade her”

Mime looked around and found a dumbbell and picked it up and then gave the lady a blow on her face.

The lady fell to the ground screaming “you little bi…

Mime jumped on her and hit her once more. Mime felt her hand shaking as she stared down at the lady lying in a pool of blood. She then ran out of the house

Mime searched places she has followed Dan too before. Mime was going crazy she had to see him especially after what she had done.

"I'm not crazy....I'm in love" Mime muttered over and over again.

After searching for him for five hours, Mime finally went back home. She ran up to her room and looked at the window. She could see his front door. She stood there watching. She has promised herself that she won’t sleep if she doesn’t see him. It was already 2 am in the morning. 

A few minutes later, a guy is seen staggering towards the house opposite Mime’s. . Dan was beginning to have a reputation in his neighborhood; he was described as a dangerous guy by people living in his neighborhood. Everyone feared and avoided him except Mime who was strangely in love with him.

Mime took a deep breath when she saw Dan. She wished to go out to meet him but her parents were around and she knew that any sound would wake them up. Mime continued watching his house until she fell asleep by the window.


Chapter six

The next day, before Mime headed out to school she took a walk around the back of Dan's place and ran into him.

"What are you doing here?" Dan asked a bit surprised to see Mime again

"I was worried about you. I came to check on you yesterday.

"Girl, you are crazy didn't I threaten to kill you if I ever saw you again?" Dan asked.

Wait you were here yesterday? Did see anyone leaving this house?

Mime looked at Dan without saying a word...Dan eyed her and said "Answer me"

“If you are asking about the young lady…I killed her” Mime said with passion.

Dan blinked “you did what?...you killed my errand girl?”

She told me I can’t be with you I felt this anger rise up in me and I took the dumbbell and hit her until she stopped moving” Mime explained

I should kill you now…but I need a new errand girl so you got the job if you don’t deliver, I will shoot your crazy self” Dan threaten.

Mime left and smiled she saw him and he knew what she had done. Mime kept on thinking about Dan until she got to school.

"You look so beautiful in that dress," Dan said to Mime sweetly..." thank you for accompanying me to this dance" Mime replied shyly.

."Mime! Mime!” Her friend Rosie shook her... "What?” Mime asked offended that her friend had interrupted her from her daydreaming.

"Daydreaming again," Rosie asked laughing. "Not funny" Mime replied giving Rosie a warning look. Mime has been in love with Dan ever seen the first day she set her eyes on him. Mime describes it as a love so strong that the earth and the seas will be amazed. Rosie sat down next Mime and spoke “I feel bad about our fight yesterday….I shouldn’t have called you crazy.

So you believe me about Dan then?” Mime asked.

Rosie took a deep breath and replied: “noo I don’t, I still think that you should stay away from him”. Mime just shook her head. There was no point in talking to her again she would never understand. Rosie, on the other hand, could see that nothing she said or did would change Mime’s mind. So Rosie vowed to watch out for her friend. She knew Dan was dangerous and that Mime might end up dead with the way she was going.

The next day after school, Mime went to club beside the road because that was where Dan and his gang usually hang out and she saw Dan talking to a strange looking guy she knew all of Dan's friends were strange looking but this guy looked really strange and suspicious to her so she hid in the nearby bushes to listen to what they were saying "no one must know about what happened last night." the strange guy said fiercely

 "No one is going to know. I did a clean job and you would have your share by tomorrow I will send someone" Dan said reassuring him.

"Good because if I go down I'm taking you along and while I end up in prison your body is going to end up in a ditch dead!" the strange looking guy threatened Dan.

 When Mime got home, she thought about what she heard. She waited for Dan to get back and then sneaked into his house.

Mime I was just thinking about you,” Dan said as she stepped in.

Mime looked around the house. There was two other guy counting piles of money with a money counter. “This is a very bad idea” one of the guys pointed.

Shut it. She is perfect. Besides if she gets caught no one will believe her…I mean look at her.” Dan laughed.

I won’t get caught and I rather die than let anyone take you away from me.

Cra..zyy,” the other guy said.

When they were done counting the money, they packed it into two three medium sized bags and instructed Mime to take it to a specific address the next day.

Remember Mime I know where you live.


Chapter seven

The next day, Rosie rushed into the house with a sad look on her face while Mime was having breakfast and when asked what was wrong she gave Mime the newspaper "GOVERNOR'S DAUGHTER MURDERED BY TWO UNKNOWN MEN" reading the contents of the headline, Mime quickly figured out that the murderers were Dan and his strange looking friend she got up and excused herself then she went into her room and thought about what Dan meant to her and she knew that from what she read the police were close to finding out the killers.

She also knew that if Dan goes down she won't survive it. What Mime failed to realize is that she was delusional it was all in her head, her fantasies.

Mime has had a psychological problem a few years back and her attitude towards Dan shows that it still persisted. Rosie watched her friend and wondered if Dan had something to do with it.

Before school was over, Rosie saw Mime heading out. She decided to follow suit.  Mime walked all the way to Dan’s house and knocked on the door and waited until she was pulled inside.

Rosie watched Mime being grabbed. Rosie panicked and then took out her phone to call 911 “hello can you come to this address I think my friend is in danger….” Before Rosie could complete her sentence, she was grabbed by one of Dan’s guys.

Dan took her by the arm and shoved her to the floor. “Who are you?”

As soon as Rosie saw Mime she cried out “Mime…help! What’s going on?

You know her?” Dan asked looking at Mime

She must have followed me here

If you want to kill her, do it now. I heard her calling the police and they would be here soon” the guy urged.

I will leave it up to Mime…kill her” Dan commanded.

Rosie swallowed hard “Mime please don’t I am your friend…Please help me.” she sobbed.

Mime knew that there was only one thing to do. She picked up a gun and pointed it at Rosie “I told you…but you never believed me...”

No Mime…I was just trying to help you…” Rosie froze, looking at Mime she said: “you wouldn't do it would you?” Rosie asked trying to get a reading from her friend.

Mime looked up at Dan and then looked at her friend and said “I'm sorry but I love him more than I love you…. I know you understand we are meant to be together without him, my life is over…. my parents don't care about me and I’m filled with joy when I think…..”

 "No Mime it’s all in your head" Rosie interrupted her “Mime wake up from your confused state of mind… Dan doesn't love you… I do and please Mime I came here to rescue you” Rosie said pleading with tears falling from her eyes “don't do this I beg you. I don’t want to die.

Mime raised her hand pointing the gun at Rosie and said: “it’s him or no one.” At that moment Rosie's life flashed before her eyes she knew her best friend was going to kill her she knew that Mime's imaginations and her disturbed mind had taken over her and there was nothing else she can do to stop it. With that thought, Mime fired the gun at her killing the only person that ever cared about her truly.

We have to move now! grab the bags.

As they loaded the bags into the trucks the police sirens could be heard.

Oh no let us go! Let us go!” Dan shouted. Mime got into the seat beside the driver.

Before Mime knew it they were being chased by two cop cars. “We have to get rid of the girl she is the cause of this.” the guy driving the truck said angrily.

No keep driving,” Dan said as he reloaded his gun and shot at the police cars.

Screw this” the guy driving said as he tried to open the passenger door to throw Mime out

Mime struggled with him “I’m not losing Dan” and then turned over the steering.

What are you doing?” the guy cried

The truck swerved and then crashed into a street light

The police car stopped chasing and three policemen got down and one called for an ambulance.

Mime woke up handcuffed to the hospital bed. “You are awake” the nurse attending to her said. “There is a detective here to see you.

The detective came in and spoke, “Mime you have a lot of explaining to do.

Mime was questioned by the detective but she refused to give up any information she kept saying she would protect Dan no matter what. The doctor also came into the room to check up on Mime.

But Mime, there was no one named Dan. We are trying to find out what happened to Rosie” the detective replied.

Mime was confused “what do you mean no one named Dan?...He loved me….nooo

Mime's parents were called and told about it they were in shock. They couldn’t comprehend what they heard “What do you mean psychotic break? She killed someone?...Mime doesn’t have any friends” Her mother said.

Mime had a psychotic break and no one was aware of it even Mime herself. She made up hallucinations of Dan to fill the void she felt after what happened with Joshua.

She found it hard to believe that she made up her feelings for Dan. Mime refused to believe it “But I spoke with him. I loved him…I…I…I told Rosie about him…was Rosie real?”

Yes Rosie was real” the doctor confirmed.

So she is dead?

Yes” the doctor replied “what I don’t understand is how no one caught it

Mime’s parents sat speechless it was as if a veil was lifted from their eyes and for the first time they saw what Mime had become and they knew that they brought it upon their daughter they caused her to have a disturbed mind.

Submitted: November 01, 2014

© Copyright 2021 AllurinPrincess. All rights reserved.

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