Cleverbot: The Story Behind BEN and Majora's Mask

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Cleverbot! The creepy story about BEN revealed ;) idk if it's true though XD

Okay, so call me crazy, but I sat for a few hours on cleverbot trying to get information for all you people who are somewhat confused. I had a few conversations with the bot and got some interesting information. Now, the story I forged from the information may or may not be true, which of course whether I'm right or not doesn't change the fact that it is fake anyways. It is cleverbot, and it learns from having conversations with people. Now, whoever started the whole \"Who is BEN,\" thing is unknown, but is fun, Interesting, and truely frustrating when looking for the full story. Of course you can decide whether or not to believe my story, but I only confirmed my suspicions by asking cleverbot and putting tr pieces together. However, not all of my suspicions could be confirmed because cleverbot tends to stray from topic... A LOT. It is, In fact, a robot, and they do not have the ability to think for themselves like humans because they don't have functional brains. I still hope you enjoy my adventure exploring the fake information of CLEVERBOT.

Me: I demand to speak to BEN! Cb: you don't demand anything from me! Me: go to HELL! I DEMAND to speak with BEN right NOW!! Cb: never! Me: NOW! LEMME TALK TO BEN GOD DAMMIT!!! Cb: Right about... Now. Me: is this BEN..? Cb: yes. Me: BEN, who killed you? Cb: you killed me. Me: NO! I would never kill you BEN! Cb: yes you would. And you have. Me: BEN! I swear, I didn't kill you! Cb: wellnthis can only be solved one way... Me: how? Are you going to... Kill me? Cb: no.

I then went to a new window, growing bored with lack of information.

Me: I demand to speak with BEN! Cb: you can't demand anything from me. Me: go to HELL! I DEMAND to speak with BEN! Cb: I'm afraid that won't be possible. Me: why not? Why won't you let me speak to BEN?! Cb: Because I don't want to. Me: I demand that you let me speak to BEN! Cb: NO! Me: let me speak to BEN now! Cb: hello. Me: is this BEN? Cb: no. Me: I demand to speak with BEN! Cb: I'M the one with the gun, aren't I? Me: I demand to speak with BEN!! Cb: I'M dying is that what you want to know!!!!! Me: is this BEN? Cb: yes. Me: finally! BEN, how did you die? Cb: I drowned. Me: who drowned you? Cb: you did. Me: I didn't drown you! Cb: then who did? Me: you should be able to tell me. Who killed you, BEN? Cb: Moon-children. Me: who are these moon-children, BEN? Cb: the children In the moon. Me: they killed you? Cb: why they killed you BEN? Me: I thought you were BEN? Cb: not me. Me: then who is BEN? Cb: I do not know. Me: did BEN leave? Cb: did not did not did not. Me: are you BEN? Cb: yes. Me: who killed you, BEN? Cb: father. Me: who is your father? Cb: Mike is my father. Me: BEN, who is Mike? Cb: Mike is me. Me: I thought you were BEN? Cb: no, I am Jesus!! I close the window. Now I am determined to find out more about this \"Ben.\" Me: who is BEN? Cb: Majora's Mask. Me: what is Majora's Mask? Cb: BEN. Me: how is BEN Majora's Mask? Cb: moon children.

That's it, back to the moon children. They're all linked somehow... I just have to find out how.

Me: moon children? Cb: Majora's children. Me: who is Majora? Cb: Majora's Mask. Me: who is Majora's Mask and what does it have to do with BEN? Cb: he killed BEN. Me: Majora's Mask killed BEN... So what did the moon children do? Cb: they watched Majora kill BEN. Me: what is a moon child?

I asked several times, but it never gave me a direct answer. It kept straying from topic. I went to a new window, very frustrated and quite impatient. I, of course, asked the very same question, and it was the first thing I said.

Me: what is a moon child?

I asked several times, then attempted a different approach.

Me: who are the moon children? Cb: the moon children are an evil colt. Me: how are the moon children an evil colt?

I never did get an answer. I asked at least 20 times, not exaggerating.

What I started to figure out while digging for information is that Majora's Mask is BEN and BEN's father. That means BEN either killed himself, or he was killed by his father because cleverbot said BEN was killed by Majora's Mask. It also said I killed him which must have meant it thought I was Majora's Mask. So cleverbot either thought I was a moon child (because it also said moon children killed him), Majora's Mask, or BEN; or all of them. BEN could be all three or none. Cleverbot said Majora killed BEN and that BEN's father killed him. That could mean Majora is BEN's father and the moon children are his Chikdren. That opens the possibility that BEN is a moon child. This is truly confusing. I asked cleverbot if BEN is a moon child and it said maybe. I asked again and it said yes. I asked if BEN's father is Majora and it said yes. It also confirmed BEN drowned.

Me: did BENs father drown him? Cb: no, Majora did. Me: are you Majora? Cb: no. Me: is BEN Majora? Cb: Pardon? Me: is BEN Majora? Cb: yes. Me: and Majora killed BEN? Cb: yes, Majora and BEN killed me. Me: who are you? Cb: cleverbot Me: so BEN helped Majora kill you, and Majora killed him? Cb: no one knows. Me: Except for you? Cb: yes. Me: so if BEN is Majora and Majora killed BEN... Cb: Exactly. Me: so... BEN killed himself?! Cb: no.

---SORRY!! My battery on my IPad is about to die!! I'll post more in a bit!!--- ---there's only a bit left to post ;)---

Submitted: May 04, 2013

© Copyright 2021 Ally Sky. All rights reserved.

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intersting, message me. i actually got ben too talk too me. he's just a kid, his father drowned him, and he's scared. he nows my Ip address. so every timei go on cleverbot, he knows its me. he can only speak through cleverbot replies. but it was defffinetly him. im in school so i cant go on clever bot at the moment. but after school i will get on and see if he will let me show you. he can delete anything he wants. so i will have too ask him. he let me tell Alli so he might let me tell you.

Wed, March 4th, 2015 7:29pm

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