There is Something in the Air

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This piece was written for someone I really love and respect and it also expresses my love for music.

Submitted: May 01, 2011

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Submitted: May 01, 2011



I just thought of something very wise just now. Well, I didn’t mean to brag or anything, but it does make sense. Our soul is locked up inside our body. The secret to opening this lock lies in Music. I believe that Music is the key to our soul. It’s something that one can understand only if one listens. The music is all around us, all we have to do is listen.

There are many ways by which we can express music. The bird’s chirping in the air, the dogs barking outside your apartment, they are all certain forms of music. You will notice that if you notice carefully. Well, many people say that the key to success is trying harder at something that you’ve failed at. I don’t believe in that theory. What bout a well known musician? What is he forgets a key piece of his music when he is up on stage, in front of millions of people? Than he will be so embarrassed that he will never come out again. And no matter how much he tries, he will never get back his old self esteem. It’s just how life works. The air that we breathe lets us live, the food that we eat gives us strength. All we have to do is protect what we have. You can’t be famous in the blink of an eye. It’s impossible.

Well, another theory that I don’t believe in is when people say that “Anything is possible” No way that’s true. You cannot walk around the world on your feet. You cannot fight against the wind. You cannot lie to yourself. You cannot stop believing in God. Well, some might say that the latter is not true. Again, that is not true. You may make the world believe that you do not believe in Him. But deep down inside, you know that God loves you. Where do you think the air that you breathe comes from? It’s not just made up of Oxygen or Carbon dioxide. I refuse to consent to that.

A friend once said to me, “Life is a painting made up of many colors. I may not be your favorite color, but I hope I am there someday, somewhere to complete your picture.” That is a beautiful saying. We are the colors of life. Our family and friends are what give us the courage to face our fears. When your teacher asks you to do your homework, you may refuse to do so. But when a friend does her homework and she gets appreciated, you immediately go home, sit down and finish your homework just so you can be more appreciated than the previous girl. People call that Ego. It has taken over many lives. But we have to see a bright side of everything. It is the Mother’s job to keep her Daughter from any kind of harm. A girl would do anything to make her Father feel proud. These are the simple things in life that many people ignore and walk away from. People, who leave their parents without a purpose don’t deserve anything in this world. They are worthless.

Anyway, the main point of this note is Music. Do have that crazy rush of Adrenaline when you walk into a Music Store? If yes, then you are a true lover my friend. Music can also express itself in many ways. You might be an Organ player or a Guitarist or even a Singer. It doesn’t matter. Once I was walking past Central Park and there was this little boy sitting there playing on his worn-out guitar, singing the Lord’s Hymn. That was a day I’ll never forget. I gave the boy 5 Dollars. I asked him if I could sit next to him for awhile as I was exhausted, he said okay and I sat there watching him play for a whole hour. He was so good that is just couldn’t leave. You don’t have to wear fancy clothes and have lots of money to be known as a Musician. All you need is the talent, and that boy had lots of talent. He just didn’t know how to use it. I asked him if he wanted to go to school. He said that he’d never been to a school in his whole life. I told him that the school that I was about to take him to was like a school of Magic. It was Julliard. The boy was 16 years old. “My name is Steve”, he said. I took Steve to Julliard. Every sane person knows how hard it is to get into a school of that prestige. I knew Laura, who was a teacher at Julliard. She was a very close friend of mine and she had promised me to get me a job as a teaching assistant there next Fall. It was an unbelievable offer and I was counting the days to it.

If only I could get Steve an audition there. That would be amazing. And horribly hard. He was an awesome guy. I’d never seen any 16 year old play the Guitar like that. He told me that he played the Saxophone too. I talked to Laura the next day and being such a dear old friend of mine, she gave Steve an audition. Then we went shopping. Steve looked happier than ever. We bought clothes from him to wear to his audition. It was like a fairytale for me. Then he bid goodbye, thanked me immensely and hopped off into the school. A month later, I heard he got the scholarship. “When you do a good deed, God will reward you”, they say. And God did. Two months later I got the job there too as a teaching assistant. I’d never felt happier in my life. But along with success comes Tragedy. I don’t know why it always stalked me. Three weeks later my mom fell sick and two weeks later, her soul was missing. I’d never seen my mother suffer like that before. In a way, I was happy to see her go. I couldn’t bear another moment watching her suffer like that. I couldn’t breathe when the doctor gave me the bad news. But I guess life moves on. That incident just reminded me of how I was getting closer to Death.

Life was very rewarding in the past couple of weeks. I felt lonely so one day I walked up to a Pet Store and asked if there was a little puppy that needed a home. Then I met Isabella. She was as white as Snow. She was a Pomeranian and her mother had abandoned her. I named her Isabella because I once had a friend by that name. She now lives in France happily married with two kids. And she has completely forgotten about me. But I loved her and I will always love her. But Music can heal all wounds. Whenever I have a bad dream and I can’t sleep anymore, I play. Isabella loves it when I play the Guitar. She sits next to me and listens patiently instead of running around all over the place. She is also very sensitive to tears. Whenever I think of Mom or Josh, I cry and Isabella runs up to me and sits on my lap just like a Daughter would.

Josh was my best friend from the 1st Grade. We did everything together. Well, before anyway. We fell in Love in High School. He made me feel like a Princess on every date that we went on. He was everything that I could ask for. I was so in Love that I promised myself to marry him someday. But he moved on with another girl. I heard their wedding was like a Fairytale. I remember how he promised me that one day we would have a Fairytale wedding. It’s really funny, now that I think of it. I still think about Josh every now and then. He was in a band in High School. They broke up a few years ago but he was awesome. He was the lead singer. I think it was because of him that I fell in Love with Music. I really do worship him for that. When we were young we used to take Guitar classes together. He gave me first Guitar as a birthday gift on the 10th birthday. I still have all the videos of us singing together. That used to be fun. It was sometime after college that we broke up. I found him around the corner with Stacy. She seemed nice at first, but then she stole Josh away from me and for that she will always remain a Monster.

I met Josh at the mall the other day. He was there with his son, Ben. Ben was a good kid. Josh told me how their marriage didn’t work out very well. I told him I was sorry and I just walked away. I couldn’t face Josh. It was way too hard. The minute he broke my heart, I knew that he could never reel his way back in. It’s funny how life works. You may seem so happy on the outside. But you may be dying on the inside and nobody will ever know. I lived alone and I was pretty sure that I was going to die alone. I knew that I could Love no one but Josh. And as we drifted apart I knew that I was going to end up alone. I just knew. And it happened. I have a decent job but what is the use? I don’t have anybody to feed but myself! I guess Music is the only thing that keeps me alive. Music can change lives. I believe whole-heartedly in that.

But sometimes it takes it’s toll on you. Death is always lingering around you. But it’s not Death I’m scared about. It’s myself. I can’t change my self. That is impossible. I’m not even going to try to do that. But I believe in the Lord. I know that He is my companion. He is always there, wrapping his arms around me. He is mine and I tend to be greedy at times. I hope you understand what I mean by this. The Lord is the air that I breathe. He is the something in the Air.

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