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Submitted: August 25, 2012

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Submitted: August 25, 2012




By Allylove123

My best friend is staring at me. My hands are shaking, and suddenly I collapse. My vision is blurry and I hear voices around me. Autumn -my best friend- is kneeling over me at least I think it’s her, I can barely see.

I feel like I’m being lifted up slowly. I’m a bit heavy so I’m not sure how they were able to pick me up. I finally succumb to blackness. I can’t see, feel, or hear anything or anyone.

 I wake up on something soft there is something cold beneath my head. It’s probably ice or maybe an ice pack. I look around and realize I’m in the nurse’s hut. A boy I don’t I don’t really know is sitting in the chair nest to whatever I’m lying on. It’s probably a nurse cot.

 Autumn is nowhere in sight. Typical, she probably had to go to class. Oh well, might as well just get this over with. I sat up and the boy looked up at me. His eyes where blue and my breath caught with the realization of how cute he was

 “Who are you?” I asked pointedly “Drake” he replied simply. Then I was sitting up in bed. What just happened? Was that all a dream? Oh no I’m going to kiss my bus, I realized as I looked at my clock.

 I got to school-my dad reluctantly drove me to school- and I walked straight into a boy. “Oh, I’m so sorry” I said picking up my stuff. “Don’t be it was my fault” the boy said. The voice sounded familiar so I looked up. Blue eyes were staring at me, the same ones from my dream.

 “What’s your name” I asked in shock. “Drake, what’s yours” he replied. “Drake” I said almost losing my balance. That was it, and I collapsed to the ground.

authors note* This was orignially something for my journal in english but hey it was good

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