The legend of the silver dragons

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The silver dragon legacy

Submitted: July 31, 2012

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Submitted: July 31, 2012



The legend of the silver dragons……

There once where the 4 knights who each started their own KD’s. One named sil, one named Ver, one named Dra, and the last one named Gons. These 4 kings where constantly at wars over a particular piece of land in the middle of their 4 kingdoms. Till one day a sorceress named Lawfelliea came to them all at separate ties with one message. “In a fourth night a Dark knight shall arise and capture your kingdoms and take over your land unless you join forces with the other kingdoms” then she was gone.

The kings did not believe the sorceress like the selfish kings they were and kept at war. A forth night later a certain man came into being. His name….. Evil clown…. He appeared to each king and challenged them to war. Of course each lost and there castles were burnt down. Evil clown didn’t take mercy on them and slayed them all in one horrendous act. But this is not the end of the story…. Not even close.

Ver’s The 4 kings each had 1 child. King Sil’s child was named Dracicus for he was strong and majestic. King child was named Hatenatics for his strong feelings and emotions. King Dra’s child was named Miarias and she was a very quick thinker. Last of all King Gons’ child was called Tarnillia and she was a warrior. Evil clown did not know that they existed and took over power of the four kingdoms.

Miarias hearkened unto the hard hearts of the princes and Tarnillia to change their minds about each other and fight for what was rightfully theirs…. though at first the only one who jumped on board was Tarnillia. The two princes eventually came around after much pleading and soon it was battle with the dark knight.

They won of course for the people had hated the terrible king Evil clown. They revolted thought the battle lasted for a fortnight they won. At the end of the war the terrible evil clown was thrown into exile never to return into the midst of the land.  The 4 queens and kings rejoiced and the sorceress Lawfelliea returned to recommend they join forces instead of continuing the foolishness of their fathers.

They each understood the meaning and combined the name of their fathers to create the silver dragon kingdom with peace and prosperity……. At least for now for the grave Evil Clown will rise again who knows where or how or who it will be… it could be your best kingdom mate it could be your king… or it could even be you….


The end


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