An Axe to the Heart

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{A Very Short, Short-Story}

This is one of the short stories that belongs to a collection of shorts that I am creating for a writing challenge. The theme of this one is love.

Submitted: January 28, 2014

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Submitted: January 28, 2014



Her smile, it was like lines of pearls laced around the neck of someone of royal blood. Her teeth perfectly straight, and as white as the glowing moon in the night's dark cloak which cast itself over the town. She had a beautiful smile, and I never got to tell her.

Why didn't I tell her?

Because you're an idiot, Toby. You're an idiot, you should have saved her and you could have. You know it!

The voices never leave. Not now.

Her eyes, were like the brightest stars, like two jade gemstones catching the rays of the warm sunlight, brushing past those dark lashes and pouring the warmth right into those eyes. Like an angel, she was captivating. She took my breath away.

No one understood why I loved her. I didn't even realise myself, not until the sky swallowed her and the light sucked her in.

It's weird how you realise how much you lust and desire for someone when they are gone. Before then, they're invisible, and your feelings seem much more minimal. But this girl brought out a new side to me, she made me happy and I don't understand how. We barely spoke a word to each other really, but I realise now that sometimes actions speak more than words.

I watched her eyes widen in fear, and how the silver blade had pierced her heart, coated in a thick substance as the blade passed through her left breast. Her crisp white blouse was no longer white. It was tainted by the rosy-coloured liquid that left her chest; her chest no longer rose; her chest no longer fell; her chest was still. And I watched it happen.

I remember it clearly...

She fell to her knees then, and her eyes locked onto mine as she hit the floor the look of longing in those beautiful, shining and enticing eyes... It made me feel numb. And suddenly, my mind took control and I started sprinting towards her, watching her murderer hop away from the scene with a successful smirk.

I remember the children, as they were pouring out of the doors of their school and out onto the playground, looking for those who had come to claim them as theirs and take them home. One of those children, they had to look at their older sibling, lying still on the floor. Lifeless.

I dropped to my knees and enveloped my arms around her still body, pulling her into my tight embrace, begging just to her one word from those heart shaped lips in their pretty pink colour. But not even the warmth of her sweet breath brushed my ear.

Cradling her close, I began to cry soundlessly, not bothering to fight the hot and salty tears streaming down my face and rolling over my chapped lips, landing on my tongue and making me whimper.

“Don't leave me,” I whispered to her quietly, acknowledging her silence once more. Pulling her to my chest, her copper tresses fall over her eyes and I tuck the loose strand behind her ear, her prettiness still living in her dead body. “Please, Harlette...” I begged, but before I knew it, I was being dragged away and I began to kick and scream.

“Let go of me!” I screeched, catching a glimpse of her glassy green eyes before a hand was wiped of her face, and I never saw the orbs that were worth more than a millionaire's gold again...

Harlette Penelope Axe-St. Clair, girl of wealth and beauty. I have loved you since day one... But now you have been taken from me, I promise that one day I'll gain my wings and float up to the skies, and I promise to you this: I will make up for this day. For all the days.

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