She Finds Herself

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This is my writing on how she finds herself through her writing and the words she shares

She finds herself within the markings of graphite between the thin


blue lines on a sheet of paper 


Her words giving her strength like the cedar wood of her pencil 


Regaining freedom throughout the spilling of unsaid words flying


through her head 


There...with her pencil and paper...she reaches out to grasp the world


she so dearly longs for 


The voices echoing beneath her 


Strangers fighting to keep her down, to keep her in their control 


"You won't get far" 


"You can't do it" 


"It's only a hobby" 


"There's better things to do" 


"Do this instead.."


"No one will read it " 


She stripped herself of society, and all it's beliefs dying to devour her


Naked in her truth and pure natural in her existence...


she held onto her passion 


her spirit and wings 



She is the graphite


the page


and the soul of all her words

Submitted: December 18, 2017

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