You havent seen anything yet

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straight from my heart, when life took a turn for the ugly I had no choice to have faith. It's been a long time now, still waiting but its ok because when you're in love waiting is easier then moving on! I love you boo bear.

Submitted: December 20, 2012

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Submitted: December 20, 2012



Dear sweet child.

The boy I fell in love with twice.

You have not yet slipped from my grip

you may have a slow song playing in your heart, moarning over what was lost, but not I

I am not a failure, so this love can not fail.

Impossible is not in my vocabulary anymore my love.

Even in the darkest hour, we will just start over, fall in love all over again

It will be an adventure I refuse to miss out on.

it's not your fault! As we both lay in our seperate beds and think about what went wrong

but I refuse to sleep with defeat. 

 i'm telling you sweet boy our story has only begun.

I have let love go before and this time it just isn't one I can afford to lose.

Patience is my new motto, Faith my new best friend.

I am strong, stronger then all the doubts you may be sinking in!

I will carry the strength for both of us, even when you ask me not to.

You can frown upon me and even move on if you like

but I will always be here when running away fails you

and I will be ready to pick up the broken pieces, because

I am not a failure, so this love can not fail.



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