And reach for the end

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Lauri and Rena's relationship is failing and Lauri is leaving for America for the band's tour.

Song by The Rasmus!

Submitted: October 02, 2010

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Submitted: October 02, 2010



Once upon a time we had a lot to fight for.
We had a dream, we had a plan.

We had a love to live for. So many plans and dreams. Gone. Lauri thought sadly as he gazed up at the sky as he walked along side the ocean.
Sparks in the air, we spread a lot of envy.
Didn't have to care once upon a time.

When he and Rena had been together they had been envied by other couples. They didn't have any cares….well once upon a time. A memory washed over him.
Remember when I swore.
My love is never ending.
And you and I will never die.

"I love you Rena. Just imagine we'll never die." Lauri murmured holding her close. Rena smiled and nodded lacing her fingers with his.
Remember when I swore.
We had it all.
We had it all.

"Remember." Lauri murmured as the memory edged away. The two had really had it all. Both deeply in love but not clingy to each other. There had been no physical, mental, or finical burdens. They'd been free like the birds in the sky. But it just wasn't meant to be.
I'll sail away, it's time to leave.
Rainy days, are yours to keep.

Their paths went in different directions. Lauri and Rena had loved each other but their paths drew them further and further apart.
Fade away, the night is calling my name.
You will stay, I'll sail away.

Rena was to stayin Finland. But the night called out to Lauri. He couldn't deny the need to answer it's call. To sail away. Now another memory crept upon him
Once upon a time we used to burn candles.
We had a place to call a home.

Rena and Lauri lit candles. The lights were all turned off. The glow from the many candles flames, gave a cozy feeling to the living room. The two finished and then cuddled up together on the couch. The cool winter air so clean smelling, came through the open window. It sent the flames flickering but none went out. Lauri smiled and they swaddled themselves together in the big blanket. This was a place they could call home.
The dream that we lived.
Was better than divine.
Every day was like a gift.
Once upon a time.

The dream that had once been their lives seemed almost unreal. Yet everyday had been a divine gift. Once upon time that is.
Remember when you swore.
Your love is never ending.
And you and I would never die.

"You swore." he whispered. She always loved him. They would never die.
Remember when you swore.
We had it all.
We'd never fall.

Had it all they'd never fall he thought to himself
Sail away, it's time to leave.
Rainy days are yours to keep.

It was time for Lauri to leave. The rainy days were Rena's to keep. He felt guilty. While he left for a happier place Rena would stay here to be reminded of their past happiness.
Fade away, twilight is calling my name.
You will stay, I'll sail away.

The night whispered his name and he could not resist the call.
No reason to lie.
No need to pretend.

Lauri shook his head. There was no reason for Rena to lie about her sadness. To pretend she was fine when she hurt.
I'm grateful to die.
To live once again.

To die was to be born anew and to live once more.
I'm fearless to fly.
And reach for the end.
And reach for the end.
Fearless to fly. Like a bird. To reach towards the end. Like an the impulsive, reckless man he was. Lauri gazed out at the sea singing softly to himself:
Sail away.
It was time.
Sail away, it's time to leave.
Rainy days are yours to keep.

For him it was time to leave. He was meant to wander, to journey to other places. And Rena's home remained in Finland.
Fade away, the night is calling my name.
You will stay, I'll sail away.

Lauri went to the airport and boarded the plane to the States. His clothes were already on board. He had just looked out his window when he saw Rena appeared outside. She was not on the airstrip just on the edge of it. He could not hear what she screamed but Lauri knew it was his name. Rena's hand was outstretched as if to grab his hand. Pressing his hand to the small window blotting her out Lauri whispered:
Sail away.
The night is calling my name.
Sail away.

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