Heartagram Necklace

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Kari goes to a carnival with ville after meeting him after a concert

Submitted: October 02, 2010

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Submitted: October 02, 2010



It wasn't until I went to a HIM concert myself did I truly find out how charismatic Ville was onstage. Every motion he made seemed to hold us fans all in a trance. I mean we of course were all jumping and flailing about and screaming and singing along. But under that hyped energy was a feeling. A feeling that you were a puppet. And your strings were being expertly worked by Ville. Not that I minded in the least, it was an exhilarating experience.
After the concert I found myself unexpectedly in the HIM meet and greet. Seeing a new arrival Ville walked over to me. The first thing I noticed about him was his eyes. They were a smoky sage green something I'd never seen a man have.
"Good evening sweetheart how did you like the concert?" he asked giving me a warm handshake before lighting up a smoke.
"It was wonderful! It was my first time seeing you guys in concert actually." I said hoping I didn't sound like an over excited fan girl. Ville smiled and the corners around those gorgeous eyes crinkled up in happiness. If he kept smiling like that I was going to be completely under his thumb.
"Would you like to go to the carnival that's coming through tomorrow?" he asked seeming not to notice my jaw hit the floor.
"U-um yeah I'd love to, what time and where would you like to meet beforehand?" I asked.
"Five thirty sharp at the little tea shop about two blocks from here?" he suggested to which I agreed. "Lovely I'll see you soon." He said enveloping me in a hug before winking and moving onto the next fan.
It wasn't until I got home and half yelled half squealed my date with Ville to my friends did doubt hit me like a ton of bricks. Would Ville truly go out with me or was this merely a set-up? That night I slept fitfully so I didn't really get out of bed till noon. Of course I spent forever putting on a small dash of make-up and mismatching my clothes. After all that I ate a quick light dinner. Jumping into my pick-up I headed to the tea house Ville had suggested.
When I walked in at first I didn't see Ville. And yes shut up I know it's hard to miss a 6'2 man but he was hiding in the corner of the shop! It wasn't until he waved to me did I notice him. He wore blue jeans and a nice button down shirt. Once in his presence I felt myself relax.
"You look really good." I said allowing myself an unashamed look of him. Ville chuckled making me smile.
"You look very pretty tonight too. So why don't we head out?" he offered holding the door open for me. I nodded and thanked him before we took off at a meandering walk to the carnival, getting used to each other's presence. Once there and inside we wandered about, dappling in a few games. But most of the time was spent in either lively talk or comfortable silence.
An hour before closing I suggested going on the large Ferris wheel. Ville agreed and we got on. What surprised me was that Ville looked, well to be kind to his ego, he looked uncomfortable when the Ferris wheel started going up.
"You alright Ville?" I asked and without thought held onto his hand. It was something my dad had done when I had got scared on my first time on the Ferris wheel. The whole time around he had held my hand which had comforted me a lot. It seemed the same trick worked on him because Ville relaxed a bit.
"Just fine love." He said but gave away his true feelings when his grasp tightened as the Ferris wheel stopped, leaving us gently swinging in the breeze at the top.
"I was scared when I first went on the Ferris wheel with my dad." I blathered hoping it would ease the tension in his shoulders. And to my delight it did. With his fear pretty much conquered Ville moved onto the next thing of interest; me.
"May I sit close to you?" he asked to which I nodded feeling a blush creep its way onto my face. And so for about five minutes we sat close beside each other. Five minutes passed and Ville asked me by whispering in my ear. "May I kiss you?" his question made my stomach tingle in anticipation. But I did manage to nod my head in response. I closed my eyes when I felt his warm mint gum breath close to my lips. A beat passed and his lips were pressed to mine. My heart skipped a beat….or two. When Ville broke away I couldn't help but lean in, it was greedy of me but I wanted more. The man smiled and easily captured my mouth again. We kissed until the Ferris wheel gave a jerk and began going down. When we got off Ville held my hand which made me smile. Since the carnival was starting to wind down he offered to walk me to my truck. Of course I agreed not wanting to be rude or part his company just yet.
Once we reached my truck, too soon in my opinion, Ville bent down and gave me a sweet soft kiss. When we broke away I gave him a big smile before hugging him tightly. Ville hugged me back and just before our hug ended he slipped something into my back pocket.
"Hope to see you soon." Ville said giving me one last kiss. I smiled and nodded feeling like I was gonna cry. There probably would be no more seeing him other than in concert or on the internet. Getting into my truck I waved one last time before pulling out and heading home. It wasn't until I was slowly and sadly getting ready for bed did I remember that Ville had slipped something into my pocket. I had completely blocked all else out in my sadness. With fingers almost trembling with excitement I pulled out what Ville had given me. To risk sounding like a crybaby, tears truly did prickle at the edges of my eyes.
He had given me a pretty heartagram necklace with a folded up note. Gently and carefully I unfolded it. Upon reading it I gave a laugh that made me come even closer to crying. In his loose scrawl Ville had written

Hope you don't already have ten of these. I want to see you again soon. Here's my number call whenever you like, I'll be waiting. Oh and Kari? Your tattoos are gorgeous just like you

Love Ville

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