Man Or Woman?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
Ville Valo is a shape-shifting vampire whose gay =)

By the way Ville looks like the woman from the music video Heartkiller by HIM. Here's a link

Submitted: October 02, 2010

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Submitted: October 02, 2010



Ville's pov

It was while I was talking to a particularly pretty dame could I no longer ignore my thirst. I could barely talk anymore as it was.
"Sorry love I need to go." I apologized before slipping out onto the deserted patio. "I'm going out for a bit." I told the barn owl that was perched on the railing. In the moment it took me to blink my friend Burton had taken the owl's place.
"See you in a bit Valo." he murmured his voice barely discernible. I gave him a grimace of a smile and nodded, easily melting into the shadows.
When I reappeared a few steps later closing the backyard gate behind me I was dressed as a woman. Well not dressed, I was a woman.
My long sleek hair was platinum blonde pulled back into a high ponytail. I was quite petite but had the help of ink black stilettos. As I sauntered down the sidewalk my stilettos stabbed the night air with rhythmic clicks. Five minutes passed and the young drinkers began to spill out of the bars. Exactly what I wanted. The women giggled and flirted loosened up by the alcohol in their systems. The men upon seeing this eagerly took advantage of it.
But I was not here for a lady but a man. And there was one in particular that had snagged my interest. He straggled behind the group not even looking buzzed. And every time a lady approached him the man would politely turn them away. But he would not turn me away, I would make sure of that.
"Hello sweetheart." I murmured easily falling into step with him. Upon closer inspection I saw he was of average height with a baby face. His hair was coal black with a few crow feathers in it. The man acknowledged me with a nod but said not a word.
"Name's Jessi and yours?" I persisted.
"Lauri." he stated, but despite his words which were almost non-existent his appreciative glances were anything but. I smirked, I had him.
"My place isn't far." I suggested. Lauri was quiet for a few minutes before casually saying
"Why don't we check out it?" I smiled and nodded leading him to my apartment. Once inside I slipped out of my stilettos planning when I could make my move. Suddenly I was gently pressed to the wall and I felt Lauri's lips against my throat. Taken off guard I couldn't quite suppress the shiver of pleasure that ran through me. As many times as I had transformed into this woman I admittedly had never been pleasured in this body. So it was no surprise that I gasped from his kiss. My mouth watered when he moved closer his blood becoming more and more tempting. But I could not afford to be foolish, not now. So I kissed him back and we stroked and caressed each other.
But it wasn't long before I felt like I could drain two men and a young seventeen year old. I twined my fingers in his coal black hair almost trembling with need when I rested my lips on his jugular vein. Just as my fangs were going to pierce his skin he clenched a handful of my hair and held me back.
"I know it's you Ville, change back to your normal form." Lauri informed me. I looked at him shocked. How did Lauri know me? I had never drank from him before because I would've remembered his scent.
"I've seen you transform before." He explained. I nodded and without further delay turned back to my original gender. "Now you may drink." Lauri smiled baring his neck to me. I kissed his lips deeply before biting into his neck. Instantly warm delectable blood filled my mouth. I drank until I was nearly full. At this point my embrace was the only thing keeping Lauri on his feet.
"Should've not kept you waiting." Lauri chuckled a weak smile on his lips. I gave a small smile before sweeping him up into my arms. Lauri groaned letting his head loll and body go limp. I laid him down on the couch and just as I started to straighten up Lauri seized a handful of my hair.
"Yes Lauri?" I questioned gently prying his fingers from my hair.
"Stay." he demanded sounding like a tired and pouty toddler.
"I need to go Lauri I've got others expecting me." I explained.
"Please." he added now clutching my fingers.
"I'll lay with you until you fall asleep." I bargained. Lauri smiled delighted to have his way. I sighed before laying down and letting Lauri cuddle up to me. I smiled content at how cozy he looked. "Love you." I murmured stroking his hair.
"Love you too." Lauri whispered back drowsily.

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