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A random assortment of qoutes from HIM interviews

Submitted: October 02, 2010

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Submitted: October 02, 2010



"It's like an old rocking chair something really endearing but, really creaky and your not quite sure if you want to sit down, if it takes the weight or not." Ville

"I hate all men....that includes you two." Mige talking to Linde and Burton

"We're kinda re-introducing sounds of our idols, the music we ripped off. Their weapons of mass destruction to be used by us sonically" Ville talking about how kids weren't around for bands such as Guns'N'Roses

"I don't know you should ask the ladies. But no I don't get any more lucky than an average plumber." Ville answering the question of is it true that he was a sex symbol in Finland.

"I like the word scream in general. It's called ripping off with taste." Ville telling of how the album title Screamworks came about.

"It's a lighter shade of black." Ville describing Screamworks's difference from previous albums.

"Love is magic. Music is magic. Arts are magic. I don't want to be able to have a scientifical way of explaining them. It's nice to have some magic left in the world." Ville explaining his definition of love

"I think it can be both I think you can be so passionately in love with someone it hurts. I think that's the best situation where it's overwhelming and indeed magical. To really care for someone so much that it does physically hurt, I find it, I'm not into SNM but I find it, that particular situation very you know, enchanting" Ville answering the question what produces better lovesongs: love, heartbreak or happiness?

"Love moves in mysterious ways." Ville

"If I was a city I would be Helsinki. It's ugly but it feels like home." Ville answering if he was a city.

"If I was a candy I would be a kindag (Finnish candy I'm guessing?) You know their full of surprises aren't they?" answering what candy he would be

"David Hasselhoff. If I'd be an actor, that's definitely what I would want to be. Cause I think nobodys ever acted so well being drunk and eating a hamburger as he has. Though at the end of the day I'm not sure if he was acting." Ville answering if he was an actor.

"I'd be Venus cause I'm a lovely dude." Ville answering if I was a planet.

"I'd be 'let me be your teddy bear' by Elvis Presly (not spelling that right I know) because it's the cheesiest thing ever. Even though I hate cheese and I don't do dairy products, I'm a very cheesy fella." Ville answering if I was a lovesong.

"When you do something, do it all the way." Ville

"Many people think we are a bad band. But we aren't. We kiss babies in front of cameras, we are giving autographs,-if we must, even on the penis" Ville

"The only message we want to spread is: have a good time and escape this cruel world for awhile." Ville

"I love hearts. They are symbols for life, love and humanity." Ville

"Music is my god, and is the only love that has never left me." Ville

"I've never been truly, madly in love. I think I'm too young for it." Ville

"Music for me is an emotional thing and it really does make me happy. It's not a tool for me to get fame or see my face in the papers or anything like that. It's about the fact that I really do enjoy it" Ville

"One of my long term goals is to learn to react in real time." Linde

"Nothing is strange in the realm of sex. The only thing I don't like is people having sex with animals." Ville

"Take showers and change your underwear, that can impress women." Ville

"I don't have time for dreaming because I have to work hard to make my dreams come true." Ville

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