Terrible Luck

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Karlie is diagnosed with bone cancer. There is a cure BUT she doesn't have the money to pay for it.

She's a bit of a klutz too =P

Submitted: October 02, 2010

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Submitted: October 02, 2010



I have terrible fucking luck. Don't believe me? Two days ago I found out I have bone cancer. The good thing? It's curable and only in stage one. Bad thing? I don't have the money to buy the thing that could be my cure. Feeling terribly down I put my mixed CD in my stereo and turned it up loud. The first song that came on was

"Box Full Of Sharp Objects" by The Used. As soon as Bert started up on his full throttle screaming I turned the volume up and thrashed along to the music. The first half of the CD was The Used's most screamo songs. I head-banged and thrash-danced until my head hurt and I could barely breathe. Collapsing onto my bed Ville's ravishingly deep voice filled my room. I smiled and hugged myself imaging that Ville himself was singing "Pretending" to me.

"Just keep on pretending it's alright." he told me the music vehemently backing up his words.

"Pretend I'm all right? Kinda hard with bone cancer." she questioned a wry smile on her lips. Reaching over she took a long swallow of green tea before drifting off into sleep listening to Ville soothingly sing "Gone With The Sin"


"Feels like I've been buried alive by love." Karlie sang over and over as she danced by herself. The dress she wore went to just below her knees and had many petticoats. She twirled in a circle and her long brown hair flared out around her. Suddenly Ville stepped out of the ever moving shadows. It took the young woman a moment to realize that she represented light and Ville was darkness.

"May I dance with you my beautiful light?" he asked dressed in a tuxedo. A ravishing smile painted his features.

"I'm not beautiful." Karlie shyly refuted gazing at the ground.
"Nonsense you're the goddess of light and beauty." Ville answered entwining their fingers before he waltzed her around the seemingly endless darkness. When he did so the light from Karlie dimmed a small bit, while the darkness around Ville brightened. Karlie felt laughter bubble up and out of her lightening up Ville's shadows even more. The man softly sang

"'Cause there's no smile of an angel without the right love god." his lovely voice dimmed the light again. He then leaned in close voice dropping to a growl "Meet me at Honey park. Eleven o clock. I'll be waiting." Ville then kissed her right between the eyebrows and his darkness engulfed her.

Karlie awoke with a gasp and immediately looked at her clock to see it was ten fifty pm. Pulling a brush through her hair, she ran out the door, since she still wore her everyday clothes. Karlie reached the park at exactly eleven. She searched around but could not find Ville.

"Damn it." she muttered plopping onto the ledge of the water fountain. Unfortunately the ledge was slippery and so dumped the woman right into the fountain.

Immediately she shoot up spluttering and pushing her wet hair out of her face. She heard someone chuckle and in a deep accented voice say

"Taking a dip?" Karlie rubbed the water out of her eyes and felt shock and amazement course through her, when she laid eyes on the man in front of her. The look of amusement vanished from Ville's face. "I meet you in my dream." he blurted. As soon as he said that Ville's face turned pink

"I mean not like that. The girl in my dream looked like you but of you couldn't ha-" At the moment Karlie had been trying to get out of the fountain but the slippery ledge got her again and she tumbled right into Ville. As her bad luck would have it she ended up kissing him. Instantly Karlie sat up face beet red.
"Oh god I'm so sorr-" this time she was cut off by Ville kissing her. When they broke away a devilish smile was on his lips.

"I'll let you fall on me anytime if it means a kiss." Karlie smiled and laughed

"I'm already falling for you." she replied before kissing him deeply. When they broke away for a moment Ville said

"Same here love."

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