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Tom Kaulitz oneshot! =)

Warning you it's a tad cheesey >_

Submitted: September 30, 2010

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Submitted: September 30, 2010



I miss my close friend Tom Kaulitz.
No, miss was too soft a word. I longed for him, I craved his presence. We had become close friends from repeated run-ins during meet and greets and after concerts. Finally after the fifteenth run-in Tom asked for my number which I gladly gave. And from that time on we texted each other quite often.
The four boys were just coming back home from their Scream tour when somehow Tom disappeared. Literally. Bill told me one moment Tom was walking out the diner doors, the next he was gone. Everyone who knew Tom was frantic with worry and immediately set to looking for him.
Three months passed without any glimpse of him and family members slowly stopped looking for him. Not because they didn't care but he seemed to truly be gone. But I was determined to continue looking for Tom.
I was out very late one night prowling the streets in search of my Kaulitz, when suddenly someone's arm snaked around my torso pinning my arms to my side.
"Let go!" I screamed squirming in the person's hold.
"Lottie, quiet it's me." a very familiar voice hissed in my ear.
"Tom?! My gott is that you?" I asked now trying to turn to look at him.
"Yes but I need to tell you something…there's a reason I've been gone so long." he said.
"What's that?" I asked ceasing to look at him from the grave tone in his voice.
"I'm-oh gott….I'm a vampire Lottie. And your probably thinking I'm lying, but I'm not! I would never lie to you!" Tom explained speaking fast.
"A vampire? So why were you gone for three fucking months?!" I angrily exclaimed. It didn't matter if he was an imaginary monster I wanted to know why he had been gone for so long. Why he had been away from me.
"Because your blood is delicious." he whispered nuzzling my neck, his breath sending shivers of pleasure down my spine.
"Better reason." I demanded in a whisper clutching his shirt when he began kissing my neck.
"I would've killed all my loved ones without thought because I was so hungry. Because I would've turned you into a vampire." he answered loosening his hold so that he could turn me to face him. When I saw his face I smiled
"You don't look any different then you did three months ago." I stated.
"Vampires don't age." he said with a small smile before kissing my lips. And WOW was he a skillful kisser. He kissed me as if we'd always made out. After a few more passionate kisses Tom broke away.
"Lottie go home, get away from me." he said gently pushing me away from him.
"No! You'll disappear again! And-and I can't take that sort of loss again!" I said suddenly choked up with fright and sorrow.
"Oh Lottie I just don't want to hurt you." Tom explained pulling me back into his embrace stroking my dark brown hair.
"Then change me." I said gazing up at him. He stared back at me in shock before he shook his head.
"I couldn't do that to you, you've still got a life to live." he said.
"You know neither of us is going to be able to live without the other. So change me." I stated. The vampire I loved gazed at me with sorrowful eyes but gently tilted my head so that my neck was bared to him
"I love you." he whispered before sinking his fangs into my jugular. The pain wasn't horrific more like getting a piercing in a sensitive area. After a good few moments Tom pulled away and made a cut on his wrist. Pressing the wound to my mouth I drowsily drank. And I found Tom's blood did not take like metal, but of sugary things such as candy. He let me drink my fill of his blood before gently pulling his wrist away from my mouth.
"How do you feel Lottie?" he asked seeming paler then his usually tan self.
"Sleepy." I murmured leaning heavily into him. Easily sweeping me into his arms Tom began walking.
"Once you've fully turned I'll teach you how to hunt." he said. I smiled and made a noise of agreement and just before I fell into a dreamless sleep I said
"I love you Tom."

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