Warnings of Love 3

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Submitted: December 31, 2010

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Submitted: December 31, 2010



I yawn and stretch accidentally bumping something with my foot
The form moves from the foot of the bed to where I lay conforming itself to my back
"Finally Bill fucking goes away." A sleep growly voice mutters as the owner of the voice cups my breast
I smile
"He'll be back in a moment Bert he's just using the bathroom." I reply
I feel Bert shrug and snuggle closer pressing his cold feet to the back of my calves
And just as Bill comes back into my room
Lauri bounds past him and cuddles up to me
Lauri's stubble tickles me when he kisses my cheek
Without a word of protest Bill curls up to Bert's back
And when Ville wanders into bed he wraps his long arm around Lauri's waist
"Night boys." I murmur thoroughly content and warm
"Night" the men softly chorus back
The bed creaks as all of us shift into comfortable positions
Once settled we all begin to drift off to sleep
Not one of us caring about our strange sleeping arrangement

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