What's Your Deal?

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When Bill's Mutti suddenly announces that she's accepted a foreign exchange student to come live with them Bill isn't happy

Submitted: December 31, 2010

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Submitted: December 31, 2010



"You did what?!" Bill shrieked in outrage at his mother Krissy.
"You heard me Bill I offered to be a host to a foreign exchange student." Krissy told him frostily obviously upset that her son was not happy at the prospect of meeting someone new. Bill exhaled sharply and turned on his heels, rolling his eyes as he headed quickly towards the door. It was of course right then did the doorbell ring. Immediately Bill's little scrap of a dog tore down the hall yapping it's head off.
"Ruhig!" Bill snapped at the dog who did indeed stop.
"Ja?" he asked somewhat grumpily upon opening the door to see a pale girl with pitch black hair standing on the doorstep. She had with her a neon green suitcase and a leaf green backpack slung over her shoulder.
"I'm Kira Letze the foreign exchange student." she stated briskly.
"So?" Bill replied in a bored tone eyebrow raised in distaste. The Dame was obviously a bit taken aback at Bill's apparent unfriendliness towards her. Luckily Krissy came to Kira's rescue.
"Oh Kira! Right this way sweetie, and sorry about Bill he's not in a very good mood at the moment." Krissy explained shooting her youngest son a nasty look. Kira shrugged and followed her neu "Mutti" inside gazing around at the inside of the house in fascination. "Ineed to get the rest of the cookies out of the oven, I'll be back." Krissy told her before disappearing into the kitchen.
Kira had just gingerly settled herself on the couch when Tom wandered into the living room.
"Wie geht's? I'm Tom." the dreadlocked young man told her holding out two of the five chocolate chip cookies he held.
"Danke schön and nothing much just got here, I'm Kira." she responded taking the cookies he offered her. Tom nodded and then explained
"The hall that leads from the kitchen has the bathroom first, then Bill's room, then mine, and yours is the only one on the left hand side. Mutti's room is upstairs." before he munched on another cookie. Kira nodded and the two teens studied each other before the Dame blurted
"Why is Bill in such a bad mood?" she questioned not liking that her "bruder" had seemed to already have taken a disliking to her.
"Bill? Oh he's just being a baby since now he's gotta share Mutti with you." Tom answered with a shrug settling himself into the overstuffed arm chair. Kira sighed and nodded, jetlag suddenly catching up with her. Seeing her exhaustion Tom crammed the last two cookies in his mouth before he picked up her suitcase. Getting to her feet Kira followed after Tom who lead the girl to her bedroom.
"Come out when you want dinner Mutti will keep some warm for you in the oven." he told her before closing the door and leaving. Kira set her backpack beside her bed before she crawled under the covers, wanting nothing but to fall asleep.
And indeed the Dame did so for about three hours, waking up at nine at night. Sleepily Kira looked at the digital clock and sighed knowing she would be up till one now. Rubbing her eyes Kira untangled herself from her sheets and shuffled out to the kitchen wanting cereal more than she wanted dinner.
It was just as Kira was rummaging through the cabinets for cereal did Bill also enter the kitchen.
"What are you looking for?" Bill snapped not liking that this…foreigner was going through their cabinets like she owned them.
"Cereal." she replied icily not liking how much of an asshole he was being towards her.
"Cupboard." he retorted sharply watching with disapproving eyes as she fixed herself something to eat. Irritated Kira banged her cereal bowl onto the table slopping milk onto the plastic table cloth.
"Okay Bill what is your freakin problem?" she demanded angrily. "I want some cereal and you act like a complete asshole. I've been here FOUR hours and I've talked to you for only five minutes of those four hours. What's your deal?" she ordered now quite close to him, having come closer in her anger.
"My problem?" Bill questioned icily. "My problem is that your arrogant and act like you own the place." he responded anger etched into his delicate features. Kira looked at him in utter bewilderment eyebrows raised high in disbelief.
"Me? you're the one whose been all high and mighty." she hissed. Just as Bill was about to reply Tom suddenly yanked him backwards out of the room.
"What's your problem Bill? She just wanted something to eat. And no she wasn't being arrogant, YOU are the one whose being pissy." Tom stated staring hard at his brother. Seeing he would get nowhere all the bluster left Bill, the anger dissolving from his features.
"Mutti didn't even tell us she was going to bring some American home." he responded weakly now feeling sheepish at the big fuss he had made. The older brother rolled his eyes
"Doesn't mean you're an asshole to her, now go apologize." he ordered. Bill rolled his eyes but did as his brother said.
"Hey Kira I'm sorry for acting like…"
"A dick?" Kira finished eyebrow raised a half smile on her lips. The young man nodded sheepishly. "I accept your apology. Now why don't we start over?" Kira suggested.
"I'm Bill, Tom's my older brother, glad to meet you." Bill stated holding his hand out.
"Glad to meet you Bill, I'm Kira I'm from Seattle." she replied catching hold of his offered hand and almost instantly feeling a pleasure breathlessness stole over both of them. Quickly releasing his hand Kira studied her own hand wondering if perhaps it was static electricity. Bill wore the same expression of puzzlement.
Cautiously Kira held out her hand to which Bill gently gripped and again the pleasant breathlessness came over them. Bill chewed on his lip as he gave their hands a puzzled look. Before Kira could take her hand back he pulled her into a hug.
"What-" the lady began but stopped and instead she rested her head against his chest for a wonderfully feeling of comfort enveloped the two.
"Could I try just one more thing?" Bill asked softly not wanting to break the mood.
"Mmhmm." she murmured. Tipping her face up Bill leaned down and just lightly brushed his lips against hers. But that was enough for both to feel a snake of ticklish pleasure slither around the bones of their ribcage.
"Talk more in my room?" Bill asked eyebrow raised in question.
"Let's go." Kira replied letting Bill lead her to his room. Bill looked down the hall to make sure Tom wasn't coming and quickly shut the door with a click of the lock.

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