The Death Above

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in a long and stormy night

Submitted: February 27, 2010

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Submitted: February 27, 2010



The death above
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  On a cold and stormy night on the day of December, two interesting baby boys were born.  Inside one live the soul of and angel but… in  the other lived a soul of the devil.
So on the outside the twins were identical. They both had brown hair and red and blue eyes. They were both smart, as well as strong. But the similarity ended there. James the good twin was a straight A, sociable, and loving person. All his life he has always been generous and giving to others. But on the other hand Jack the bad twin was very different. He was a demanding and hating person. He also liked to do horrible things like telling lies and not coming home.
You might wonder how the two children raised in the same house could have ended up being so different from each other. Well you see since the twins were young, they acted the same but when they where growing up they split apart.
This is how it happened.
One thing the twins had in common was they were both smart. They tried out for computer programming and they made it. This caused even more problems between them. Being on the computer programming was really important to the twins. But things really started to get out of hand when Jack found out that James came up with the business. Of course you know the Jack was not going to like this. So then Jack had enough with James nonsense. So Jack started being dreadful to James.

In the end, James ended up dead and Jack ended up in jail for killing his brother but 2 years later Jack keeps telling the jail guards that he saw his brother in the cell with him but every time they checked he wasn’t there.

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