The Triplets

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this is the first story i ever wrote, i was actually inspired by another story.
this story is about triples. that's all i will say.

Submitted: January 06, 2012

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Submitted: January 06, 2012




Once upon a time there were 3 little boys named John, Mike and Matt. They were triplets, and they always liked being with one another. Their parents were divorced which meant they had to go back and forth to their mother and father which they did not like. Their father got remarried a year after their divorce, but the triplets never like their step mother. Their father announced to the kids, “You kids will be having a new baby brother.” “What,” they said. “Why are you kids shocked?” asked their father. John and Mike were excited about it, but Matt did not like it one bit because he misses his birth mother. Before their father could say anything else Matt ran out and let the door slam behind him, and John and Mike went after him.


After chasing Matt for a while, they realized that they have gone really far – a neighborhood they had never seen before. In this neighborhood there were fairies, stunning birds and beautiful animals. They never believed in fairies before until this very day.

The children did not know their way back home, at first they were petrified. It was dark; John, Mike and Matt had fallen asleep under a tree. When John, Mike and Matt woke up, the first thing they realized that all the fairies and animals were surrounding them. The boys did not know how to react at first, but the animals talked to them, and they asked “How did you boys wine up in this place?”, so the kids told them the truth, “Matt got mad at our father and stormed out.” Said John. The animals were happy they met the kids because they have someone to play with now.

The kids than met the prince of the fairies, his name was Jackson. All of his friends called him “the J man”, he was a handsome prince, and he had blonde hair and was very tall. The prince decided to have a ceremony welcoming the young boys to their neighborhood; the boys were extremely excited about it. After the ceremony where everybody had a great time in, Matt still felt bad about him having a new brother. A fairy named Christina came up to Matt and asked “What is wrong Matt?” Matt looked up with a strange look on his face, and said “I’m just thinking about my problem with my father.” John and Mike than interrupted them, John and Mike told Matt we heard a stranger yet familiar voice somewhere here so we plan to spend the night and find out what it is.

So the boys woke up the next day, they heard the stranger voice again so they decided to go for an adventure and figure out where the voice is coming from. Christina the fairy saw the boys and wanted to tag alone with them because she loved adventures. So the four of them went to search where the voice was coming from, it led them to a cave. Matt went in first and called John and Mike quickly, they could not believe what they saw. It was their step mother; she was talking to someone whom they did not know. Christina knew who it was.

The triplets than asked Christina who was their step mother talking to. It’s the demon, said Christina. He was a very bad person; his father is a very evil person too. But why would our step mother talk to someone like that, asked the triplets. I bet she’s a demon too, said Matt. We have to get home and warn dad, said John. It was late so they had to spend the night.


The next morning they told everyone they had to go home, they wanted to go warn their father. Christina saw them leaving so she wanted to go with them for some more adventure. She thanked the boys for letting her come along, they left the neighborhood. They reached home; Matt ran to his father and told him “We saw our step-mother in a cave with a demon.”, their father thought they’ve gone nuts. “Are you boys okay?” asked their father. “We are fine, you have to believe us.” Said the boys. Matt, Josh and Mike storm out of the room, and their father was trying to catch up with them.

The boys reached the cave, and their father right behind them. “This is where we saw our step-mother, but there wasn’t anybody in the cave when they came back. “She was here, honestly she was” said Matt. “You must be imagining things” said their father. They then took their father to meet the fairies and the prince, “nice to meet you” said the prince. It was dark, and their father wanted to go back home, but the way for them to go back was being blocked by somebody. “It’s the Demon” said Christina. Their step-mother was right behind the demon; she looked different as if someone forced her to do something she did not want to do. “There’s no escaping the land of the fairies” said the demon. “I own this place Now, nobody is getting out of here.” He said with a loud voice. They started running into the woods and their step-mother chasing them, “I told she was bad didn’t I” said Matt. Their step-mother was trying to catch them and to kill them, but they won’t give up. She blocked all the ways possible for them getting home, “I never expected this to happen” said their father.


They ran back to the fairies and the prince, “Something bad is happening, the demon and our step-mother are after all of us” said the boys. Everybody panicked and started running here and there and did not know where to go. “Everybody Stop!” said Matt. They all stopped and decided to listen to what Matt had to say. “We can defeat them, we just need to think big and together.” Said Matt. They all came to an agreement to work together and to find a way to defeat the demon and the step-mother.

They all split up, in search of a way out of here. Matt and John were left alone for look out, the step-mother spotted them. “Matt, I think I hear something getting closer and closer.” Said John. Meanwhile the fairies and Mike and his father all went on one way, and the prince and the animals went on the other. The step-mother approached Matt and John, “HELPPPPP!” yelled Matt. Everybody heard the scream, they all went back and found that Matt and John were gone. They went in search for them but could not find them, “I think I know where they could be.” Said Mike. They all headed to the cave, and found Matt and John handcuffed there. “Thank god you guys found us” said Matt. The prince then decides they need to have a diversion, so the prince decides to be the diversion.

They all stayed in the cave, the prince head out. The prince was standing outside of the cave, screaming out “Demon I’m right here if you want a piece of me.” A while later the demon and the step-mother arrived to the cave, everybody was hiding inside the cave. The demon and step-mother stepped inside the cave, the thing they saw was a shoe, and it was Matt’s shoe which he forgets there. The prince than comes from behind, and everybody comes out of their hiding places and surrounded the demon and step-mother. All of a sudden they all jumped at them, Matt was feeling a bit of disturbance in the process, John and Mike were all over him, “Wake UP Matt your dreaming.” Said John. Matt woke up and said “Where is our evil step-mother?” “What, Who?” said Mike. Matt ran down and saw his parents together, and realized the whole thing was just a big weird dream.


The End

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