The "future history" of Deaths Angel

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I actually daydreamed this and this is what started me on wanting to write about Deaths Angel. What inspired me, now lets see if I can't get it down on uh...plasma? :p Hehe there is no way I am going to be able to write this story in chronological order lol. I am just going to write the parts I have down and then play connect the dots with them :)

Submitted: February 26, 2008

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Submitted: February 26, 2008



Ok, nowhow do I start this. Rhetoric question ofcourse as it is of my complete choosing. How about we start in the middle. That is always the most interesting place to start in a story as unique as this one.

"Move!" He said while simultaneously pushing Naomi onto the lush persian carpet in his living room. Just as they moved an arrowed came wizzing through the open double bay windows embedding itself into the plush red cushin of the sofa inches away from where they had been sitting. Rolling away from each they both drew their swords from the shealths on their backs instantly crouching into a fighting stance.

"How many?" Naomi questioned him.

"Not enough." He laughed back getting ready for inevtiable. They waitied 5 seconds...10 seconds...then on the 14th second of the 25th minute of the 14th hour on they came in full force. Dressed in black padded body armour, save for their shoulder guards which were blood red they came. Two of them came crashing through the open window, Four more through the front door and yet another two from the kitchen, presumely coming from the back door. Each drew a 3ft long blade, the soft glow of the lamp shade catching their blades making them look all the more sinster. Then in the blink of an eye they were upon Naomi and him. Five on him with three on Naomi. Easily blocking a downward slice He began his attack. Slicing from left to right varying the degree, angle, and hight of his attack he started pressing against the five.

Naomi squared off against her three attackers. She let them attack, easily parrying their first strike she seized them up. All of them were at least 6'2". Their faces covered by a layer of black and grey paint. Their movements and strikes were swift and sure, they were definelty not the run of the mill assasins, yet their outfit did not ring any bells.

"Oh well, we can find out who you from the blood about to be spilled this day." she muttered under her breath quickly parrying a thrust and advancing upon the three. Clash, the sound of steel on steel rang through the house as the 10 swords sought out and found each other.

Grinning from ear to ear he slashed from the left, then bringing up his sword in an uppercut movement sending one assasins sword up and out of the way for the klling thrust. Laughing as he thrust his sword into the assasins heart he stopped short. The assasin was no longer there. Instead he had moved three feet back in an instant.

"Naomi." He said staring at the five assasins before him their attacks having stopped.

"Yes." Naomi grunted while parrying strike after strike being pushed into her defensive stance.

"They can shift." He said.

"What!" She gasped losing her rythm causing one of the three assasins to graze her shoulers leaving a trickle of blood flowing down her arm.

Then the three assasins attacking her stopped and stood off towards the kitchen entrance.

"Bravo, Bravo. Rarely do I have the pleasure of seeing one of my Knechwa (Ken-chwa) pushed to use their abilities on this...backwater planet." A man said whileclapping his as he stepped out of the corner. Dressed in an oddly tailored pure white suit, the top half cutting across his chest at a 45 degree angle that met up with the bottom and contiuned down around his thigh. His suit in start contrast to the inside of his cape which was colored the same blood red as the assasins shoulder guards. The out side of the cape was however just as fine and pure as his suit.

"And you are?" He asked distatefully keeping his katana in the ready position should the assasins start their attack up again.

"Me, I am merely but a servant of the great empire. And you, you have been found guilty of Section 46 under article 112 and have therein forefeited your right to live." He said with a sincere smile.

Rolling his neck He said, "Yeah, well if thats the way youwant it then." He instantly shifted and appeared behind the middle assasin that had been attacking thrusting his blade through the assasins back and into his kidney. Instantly the other assasins took up the attack again. This time though their blades moved faster than the eye could follow, or at least faster than the normal eye that is. The assasins began their attack their carefully orchastrated strikes zinging and zanging against the steel of His katana. Soon all you could see was a blur of black bodies and white steel with a little flash of red undistingushable from either blood or the red of his Polo shirt. They danced across the floor freely shifiting in and out until slash red blood flowed freely from one of the assasins chest leaving only three of them left on him.

Naomi moved into action as soon as she sensed He was about to shift, she herself shifted and caught one of the assasins unaware as she sliced her katana through his neck leaving his armour now completely blood red. Moving quickly she brought her Katana around to face the other two assasins, only to find them behind her. Rolling foward to avoid a sword slice that would have lost her arm, she landed and faced them. They shifted as they charged at her. Quickily deflecting the downward spiral of one and parrying the side swipe of another she ran past them towards the door. Stopping by the door she reached out and grabbed a second shorter sword. Twirling both of them she said with a wicked grin, "Here for the party boys?" with a manical laugh she charged swords sweeping, one slicing one thrusting. The second assasin soon fell beneath a flurry of her strikes. Shifting in and out Naomi and the last assasin squared off. Swords twisting and shifting faster than the eye could follow. Naomi deflecting a foward jab with her short sword swing her katana around catching the assasin in the left shoulder. Grunting the assasin quickly brought his sword around in a serious of high strikes forcing Naomi to use both swords to block his vicous attacks. Asthe assasins sword came cutting down towards her head at a 45 degree Naomi sidestepped bring up her katana to partially deflect the blow while at the same time using her short sword she thrusted it in between his ribspiercing his heart.

Blocking and striking at the remaining three assasins He felt a cool calm over him. The whole world slowed his katana easily anticipating the assasins movements, block left, strike right block right sidestep parry strike, blood squirted from the third assasin as he fell to the ground clucthing his neck, blood squiriting through his gloved hand. Turning on the other two he quickily tossed a horizontal slash followed by a deep thrust which caught the fourth assasin in the gut. Twisting the katana as he removed brought it to bear against the fifth and last assasin.

The man in white had been quitetly watching from his corner as the two quicklycut down his assasins. "Hmm to destroy a whole unit of Knechwa's is most impressive indeed.. Looks like I shall have to take things into my own hands." He bemused drawing his own sword and slipping his hand into his claw. He moved stealthly towards the girl as she cut down the last assasin. "Pardon me miss." He said as he swung out with his sword catching Naomi across the chest as she turned around. "But I couldn't help but notice how took out three of my prized Knechwa." Continuing his swing and following up with a slash from his claw.

"Pfft." Was all Naomi said as she launched a counter attack slicing through the air with her katana. He dodged letting the katana go whistling by, Naomi using the momentem from the strike twirled around bring both her katana and short sword down on with the force of a hurricane.

Laughing he simply stepped out of the way. "Oh you are good girl, but not nearly good enough." He quoted as he launched a series of mind numbing attacks that forced Naomi back against the wall. Desperately she lunged out with her katana seeking to impale him through the stomach. With a flick of his wrist his claw caught Naomi's Katana twisted it and her arm, he quickily swung around her back and brought his sword up to her throat.

And so the war started.

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