BOOKSIE HELP ME!should i report this girl for bullying my friend??

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this girl is bullying my friend and what should i do?

Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012



    • OG: Other girl
    • MF: My friend
    • Other Girl:I'm going to call you later and explain it all blank.gif\"

    • My friend: i'm not home.... and i seriously want to know because i'm crying....

    • i feel horrible... i'm sorry...

    • And i dont know what i did but it must have been bad... but honestly i am SO sorry..

    • other girl: HA

    • you know exactly what you do you bitch.

    • Call me if you ever get home

    • my friend: you know Emily, i have stood up for you when people call you a bitch, i have called you a friend, and i had a lot of respect for you. And i always supported yours and jays relationship even when people talked shit about it. I dont know what i did wrong, but honestly i'm sick of you always being jealous of me being friends with jay. and having to convince you that nothing will happen between us. But whatever.

    • Other girl: "Supported me and Jay's relationship?" LOL

    • I'll remember that one

    • But I'm busy, so I'll deal with you some other time.

    • my friend: you'll deal with me? How will that do down?

    • go*

    • you gunna yell at me? bitch at me? all you have is words emily.

    • OG:  That's because it's a lot of gas to get to your house, and I know if I do anything you'll whine about it until our 89.

    • you're*

    • So shut up.

    • MF: You know what. Grow up emily, i pity that you think your all that, but honestly more people hate you and now i can tell why.

    • OG:And a lot more people hate you. It's a lot easier to be friends with someone who's no nonsense then someone who is a bitch, a whore, and an attention whore.

    • Stop lying to me.

    • Im not jealous of you and Jay. I never was.

    • You and him are just friends, and I'm sure you'd change that if he ever is single.

    • I wonder how many of the guys you dated actually cared about you.

    • But then again, did you care about any of them?

    • You just wanted the attention.

    • But again, Im busy. I'll deal with you some other time.

    • Have fun sending angry messages at me, I'll enjoy them later.

    • MF:  Emily i hope someday you will look back on your self today, and be very disappointed.

    • OG:  Just remember Julie, you're what? 15? No one's gonna change your diapers anymore.

    • Just remember Julie, you're what? 15? No one's gonna change your diapers anymore.

    • MF: hmm emily

    • hmm emily

    • hmmm i have nothing that is worth saying to you now.





      The other girl hasnt replyed yet, but my friend is with me right now crying, and we dont really know what to do....  Help?


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