its okay... my love.

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Submitted: June 12, 2012

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Submitted: June 12, 2012



My dress wasn’t to revealing like Ashley’s was, mine was a rippled one as hers was a tight whore outfit, but mine did what I wanted it to. I got his attention, Dean has been sneaking glances at me for the past three hours, and yes I am the nobody and yes I’m not the most attractive girl alive but he isn’t giving the sweet looks to the other girls.

“Seriously?” I hear someone hiss in my ear. “If you wanted him to talk to him just go say hi, not dress like every other girl…” I turn to face Ash. He looks me up and down in disgust, yeah I feel like a scum. But he didn’t have to make me feel worse.

I look down now totally feeling disappointed in myself. “I like him…” I say in a hush tone. “and now he likes me.”

Ash moves a few strands of hair out of my watering eyes. “You are a vampire… He isn’t he is a human… do you seriously think it would work? Your lucky I was aloud to change you into a vampire last year… “

“Why is it so bad that vampires are made?” I say trying to change the subject the best I could but not make it obvious.

He grins, “We don’t want vamps. To be over populated.” My mouth forms an ‘O’ and I give him a sweet grin. He never told me why he changed me. We had to fake me being kidnapped for a year and a half… he had to suffer me biting him and drinking his blood for almost eight months. Then just a few months ago I was brought back and now I have to act like I hadn’t any idea where I was for the past 18 months.

His razor cut hair swooped in front of his eyes making him actually look like an actual vampire. I play with my ring that is on a silver chain that allows me to be in the sun light. He has his around his middle finger. “If there were more vampires then humans then the humans would die then we would al die. And there has recently been a huge jump in vampires.”

“How come no one is hunting me down?” I already knew the answer but I could feel the footsteps of Dean coming in this direction and I didn’t want Ash to make me leave before I can talk to him.

He stops a few feet away from me, and I give Ash a cocky smirk, and pivot so I can talk to Dean. “Hey.” He says.

“Yo howdy bro!” I beam at him and he looks down at his feet and flushes. If I could blush I totally would be now. “Dean right?” his blue eyes light up as he realizes that I know him.

I could hear Ash snort as I played dumb. “yeah…” he mutters. “Your Lily right?” He reaches a hand out for me to shake. And I delicately shake his hand. “I was wondering if maybe tonight or sometime we could catch a movie or something?”

I bite my lip and nod shyly. “Yes! And umm welcome back… I like heard about what happened to you a few months ago…”

“Its totally fine… I don’t really even remember what happened.” He sighs in what I think is relief. I grin as he says he’ll pick me up at nine and he give me his number so I can call him and tell him my address. The moment I leave I feel like jumping up and down and usually I would give Ash a hug but he seems really livid.

I poke him in the tummy, look down at my shoes then look up at him. “I don’t trust him…” he hisses, I feel my eye brows furry together. He see the question on my face. “Because his sent has bitterness to him. Totally opposite of yours…” he pulls one of my shoulder length curls of hair and makes it straight.

“I think you’re just jealous…” I pout sticking my bottom lip out, his eyes turn in to a crimson color and he snatches on to my shoulders. He leans down and his lips press agents mine. My eyes widen as he kisses me, and as he wraps his arms around me mine hang limply at my sides. A billion questions run though my head, his fingers run through my hair, and his other hand down my spine making me shiver. But out of every guy I have made out with never made my knees go week like he is, and I had no idea how soft his lips were.

He pulls away just before I was about to run my fingers tough his hair, and our foreheads touch, the tips of his fingers run down my jaw giving me goose bumps. “I have never been more jealous of anyone in my entire life, and if you go on that date I will be completely crushed…” I swallow the guilt he is putting me though. “I won’t be there during the date and if a vampire hunter attacks you, you will be on your own.”

I push away from him… “I like him…” is all I can say. “And… why? Why won’t you let me be happy? I didn’t ask for this stupid vampire thing.”

His face cripples with spite, he shoves me way, even though it didn’t physically hurt emotionally I could feel how much I hated myself for what I said. Of course I was happy with him he’s my best friend since eighth grade. But I’m not sure how I feel about him romantically. I blink away my tears, and watch as he storms off. Shoving strangers out of the way, he could be the rudest person in the world if he wanted to.

Just like I could be the most heartless.

I find another dress and I pull it on. This one is white and it stops half way down to my calves, I braid my bangs and put them up in bobby pins. I glanced at the window and Ash wasn’t there. He usually is here when no ones in my room with me. I try my best to push him to the back of my mind. To night is my time with Dean. The gorgeous Dean.

Moments later the door bell rings and my mother calls me down. I grin as he is dressed casually in a tee-shirt and jeans. He wraps his arm around my waste and walks me down to his car. A black mustang convertible. He must look really sexy driving this. He has one hand on the steering wheel and one around me shoulders.

“Where are you taking me?” I ask anxiously. I feel like I should text Ash and let him know… But I once again try to block him out of my thoughts.

I pull my feet close to me, my flip flops on his leather seats. But he swats them off, “don’t put your feet on my leather,” he snaps. Making me jump a little. “Sorry… you can have them on if you want…”

“No its fine I should have asked first.” I say cautiously. He nods relieved. But then he rests his hand on my thigh, his hands sweaty and kind of disturbing, but I don’t say anything about how awkward I felt. I swallow as he plays with the fabric on my dress. And I instantly wish I listened to Ash. There all of a sudden was a extremely disgusting smell of stale blood and rotten eggs.

“Um…” I begin. “I’m not feeling too good… can you please take me home?” but then we stop in front of an old shack.

“yeah… one sec…” he reaches in to the glove box and pulls out a big needle. He gives me a wicked grin and stabs the needle into my leg and a pale green liquid is being injected into me. I flit away faster than a bullet then all of a sudden I lost my balance… that doesn’t happen… and I stumble and I crash to the ground and pass out.

I wake up with a pain in my wrists. “Hello?” I croak into the darkness. And a light flicks on. I’m in a torture pit. I sit up and I look at my aching hands, a metal cuff was wrapped around my wrist attached to a concrete wall by a thick chain. I move my arm to try and yank the chain off the wall and make a run for it. But then something pierces my skin and I scream in agony. I look and small little steaks were in the inside of the cuffs.

“Lilly Grace Miller.” It was Deans voice. He walks over to me and squats in front of me. His fingers curl around my chin and he takes a sharp knife and cuts my upper arm. I scream for help but there was only a male vampire next to me but the tips of his fingers were nailed to the ground. “I think I should show you want I’m going to do to you before I harm you.”

“Ash will know it’s you.” I spit. He reeks of a very bitter smell… I don’t even know why I liked him. He is disgusting he is a monster.

But he chuckles. “And I will do the same thing to him.” He stands up and he holds a stake in his hands… “I hope you enjoy the show.” He pulls another stake out of a vest he was wearing. He throws the one and gets the male vampire in the gut. The other one was aimed for his wrist.

Then he pulls out his blade and squats next to the vampire who is crying in complete misery. I flinch as I know that will happen to me. The blade goes in side of the vampires mouth and a appalling ripping sound echoes though the room. He was cutting from the inside of the lips of the vampire and pulling the knife up the cheek making him gush blood and he now has an extended mouth.

I shake in panic. I should have listened to Ash… Now I’m going to die with him hating me… and the poor vampire… what did he do to deserve this? The other cheek is now being ripped… And he cries, bloody tears roll down his poor face. Then with him screaming his tong was sliced out of his mouth. All of a sudden he take a stake out of a belt and it is now sticking out of his neck.

Then Dean takes tweezers out of somewhere and he picks the man’s eye lids up and with a quick swipe they were gone, and the same happened to the other eye. And finally there was a steak out of his chest.

I cry for Ash with my mind. Hoping he will magically appear. Dean Pulls out his vampire killer and aim it right at me… I take in a deep waiting breath and then, I am howling in pain with the wood sticking out of my leg. I wait for the next one, but I hear a growl and I open my teary eyes and I see Ash holding Deans and in the air, He rips hi arm out of his socket and Dean’s arm is next to me, I watch in terror and fascination as Dean is being ripped apart limb by limb, and hunger in my throat and stomach comes alive as his blood pools on to me.

Quickly my chains are broken and I wrap my arms around Ash and cry. “I thought I was going to die…” I whine. And he holds me tighter… “Im sorry I didn’t listen… I should have listened… I love you. I always have… I’m sorry… I’m so sorry….” My face hidden in his shoulder, he doesn’t say anything only picks me up bridal style and carries me to his car.

"Its okay... my love" he says as we pullin to his drive way...

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