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All things I wished I said

Submitted: July 07, 2012

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Submitted: July 07, 2012



Don't know if you ever really think about me or anything I've said..... But I've written so many things since you left&if you were 2 read Most of them go something like this.......

That saying that everything happens for a reason seems to always be on my mind......but there's something totally different this time.....I've met a lot of people but none that never could last...or even come close to what you are.....never had anyone changed me by far....but I found that you're the best that I ever had....never knew how much a smile could mean to me....helped me to see that I can believe....that love really does exist....made me see the happiness from a simple kiss....showed me that wisdom comes from all ages...and never be afraid to turn the pages.....I've seen love be the reason for your rage...knowing that it was bc you only cared...appreciate you never holding back on your words....hope that you know you pulled me up from the dirt....thanking you for doing what I could never do....and its hard to be living without you....even harder to know its all my fault...and everyday its another daydream I got....bc I'm always having talks to myself thinking your there....stuck at red lights with an empty glare.....looking to the left and seeing your ghost....makes me remember you the most....thinking about how many states we've traveled.....just for me to let it all unravel......loved you from the very day I seen your face...still remember the 1st nite you stayed at my place....remember everything like it was just yesterday....and I remember every dumb thing I'd say.....and how I let everything little thing come in our way....needless to say I'm really embarrassed to know ur more mature then me....and that my stubborn ass should of let you beat me...how could I be taking for granted everything I've ever asked for...the nites when I wanted someone to love me like never before....the days when I needed someone to say its gonna be alright...someone to just be by myside....but fuck I was still trying to hide behind....every issue in my life that I had.....

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