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we all get it bad and here's mine

Submitted: July 19, 2012

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Submitted: July 19, 2012



Wish I knew why I can't stop thinking 'bout you 

especially when I barely know you 

I can't even try to explain these feeling's 

they got me so confused  

cause I ain't used to 


with the fact that

when you step into the room I forget how to act 

can't remember when someone made me so shy 

how you smile back everytime I say hi

its killing me to be feeling like this

when I wanna be like excuse me miss

 can I get your name 

hoping that you feel the same 

just tryin to lay out the deal

and how it is that I feel

I wanna know what you're like

and if you think I'm the type

 of guy that you want in your life 

cause I'm looking forward to the day 

that I get to call you my lady 

don't mean to sound as if I'm in a rush 

but theres something bout this crush

that has me feeling like I have

to say to got it,you got it

you got it bad 

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