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Angles are always around and i just got lucky to meet mine

Submitted: July 19, 2012

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Submitted: July 19, 2012



Can't believe that you got me wide open...

but when it comes to my feelings there's no joking

That they are for real...

and how do I begin to explain  how you make me feel

When I truly thought there was nothing more...  

it was you who showed me another door 

Said; all I had to do was walk thru 

and ever since the first time I stepped in... 

I knew I found a piece of heaven 

Wanting to tell you everything that goes thru my mind... 

want you to know that you take 

my breath away each & everytime

I look into you pretty brown eyes...   

I admit at first I was caught by surprise 

But then I knew you were my proof  

that someone from above... 

heard me when I was asking for an angel 

to come & show me love

I see your face everytime I close my eyes... 

theres not a second that you're not on my mind

If you could ever imagine one of

your dreams finally coming true...

thats the way I feel about having you

Be here in my life & being my heart... 

it drives me crazy everytime we're apart

Because theres something about your touch... 

and your kisses that never seem to be too much

Want to show you that these arms of mine have

so much love to give...

how I don't want to find out whats it like to live 

 This life without you here with me... 

but if theres 1 thing I want you to believe

that this is the right place for you to be

you're the pulse inside of me... 


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