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somethings comes as addictions and we don't know it till its taken away or runs out

Submitted: July 19, 2012

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Submitted: July 19, 2012



I'm addicted to this more everyday 

don't know what happened,but I'm not o.k 

It all started with having my curiousity 

but its taken over so much of me

Its there calling me,even when I sleep 

never knew that I could fall so deep 

Now all I do is figure out how I

can get more cause I need the high

And now thats its under my skin

everytime I get it,its feeling like heaven

Flowing thru every inch of every vein

Its changing me cause nothings the same

can't believe that I made thru the pain

For once I feel like I'm finally breathing

and its not even a drug I'm needing

Her touch is what makes me this way

the way it makes me smile to hear her

Voice callin out my name

the days & nites never seem to be enough

Since her love became my only drug 

© Copyright 2018 Alonzo Fame. All rights reserved.

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