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never really been much of anything but never passe

Submitted: August 12, 2012

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Submitted: August 12, 2012



Shit's always the same & same 'ol feelin's 

and gettin' all of it to fade away

by smokin' these regrets everyday

keep comvincin' myself that I'm gettin' right

by doin' wrong & givin' into these delights

 stuck livin' these ways just like a fool

drownin' the truth & breakin' all the rules

always thinkin' so selfishly

pretendin' that I can't see

I'm doin' everything but makin' a reality

of the things I say I wanna be

I stay hidin' behind all the fakeness around

claimin' to always be down

  and I'm the realest person that you'll know

  despite the facts of everything I show

 contradicts every meaningful talk I've had

 with the great people I made my past

tryin' to blame this world for why shit don't last

and with 15 plus years of livin' life so fast

believin' in the ways I was exposed too

made me believe that I was livin' like I'm suppose too.....



 Got so used to livin' like I didn't care

eveyday could care less if I was here

 to keep seein' another day

never understood why I thought this way

was so full of these fears

and some how over the years

I never knew how to tell anyone

'cause the way it is where I'm from

ain't nobody around to hear these truths

 so,I kept doin' what I do

makin' this life the worst that I could

always sayin' that I aint ever leavin' the hood

paranoid from hustlin' these drugs

constantly watchin' my back for the thugs

  kept feeding myself all this negativity

so I could keep livin' this way blissfully

fucked up everything good in my life religiously

  'cause when you don't even try

 then failure ain't a part of life

don't know why they say this street life is so hard

  'cause it never matters exactly who you are

dope always sells itself thats always true

so this fast life is gettin' attracted to you

ain't tryin' to live any other way

up all nite losin' sleep for makin' pay

lettin' all morals run astray

with all the different women livin' risque 

this shit never seems passe........

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