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past randomness

Submitted: June 09, 2013

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Submitted: June 09, 2013



It seems as tho everything has a different feel

and trying to figure out this deal

because you got so many questions for me

tired of sorting thru the truth & all the stories

but then, you don't even try to see me for me

so it's like you don't know who to believe

and it's only getting harder every time

that I'm getting pulled in every direction in my mind

here trying to seperate right from wrong

with every hour I'm wondering how do I go on

when all that's real is the pain & confusion

addictons keep me emotionless to what I'm doing

feeling truly lost to my makers plan

being stuck with this sickness of a plagued man

just dying to live in a place of greed

where people will pay to see you bleed

and saying theres no truth to hurt you hold

in hopes that it doesn't allow you to grow

into the goodness that you're feeling in the inside

 so instead you only begin to divide 

and develop these negative thoughts of sin  

just wishing to heal again

instead of falling back for the past

how long's this nightmare gonna last 


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