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Submitted: April 27, 2012

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Submitted: April 27, 2012



I think about you every single day

and I'm tired of livin' these single ways

Wantin' to get close to you

is hard when I don't even know you

And I'm tryin' to shake off this feelin'

but seein' you smile keeps on stealin'

More & more of me every time 

And its been so long, so I'm askin' for a sign

or something from up above

To show me that I can trust in love

once again & do I take this chance?..

This time knowin' life's just a dance

that you learn on the go

But, I'm willin' to risk it all & show

your heart that I can be all it needs

And I can show you what it means

to have a man truly care for you

Someone who will always be there for you

give you a shoulder to cry on

And make right whatever goes wrong

be the ear you need to listen

Help you look when you feel somethin' missin'

between me & you

I could tell you so many things I'd do

but, the 1 thing I couldn't do enough of

Is tell you how much I appreciate your love

and I accept & love who you truly are

Promise I'll support you no matter how far

your dreams want to reach

Be there to challenge you & have you teach

me that crazy love truly exist...... 



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