The Man Without A Face

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

An ongoing story broken up into multiple parts, featuring the characters from my earlier work, Wicked and Weird. Basically the story of Mysterio's quest for Soul Calibur. This is everything I have typed up so far, there's still much more to come.

Table of Contents

Wakey Wakey

The adventure begins. He wakes up and begins exploring his surroundings and himself. Read Chapter

The Girl With the Magic Sword

Part Two: The Girl with the Magic Sword   "Brilliant!" muttered the man under his breath, "I've been captured by a girl. Thi... Read Chapter

Interlude: The Trouble With Russians

Caitilin relates the story of her journey Read Chapter

On The Road

Mysterio departs Caitilin's camp and makes his way to the coast to hire a ship Read Chapter

Time To Get Wet

Part 4: Time to Get Wet Three days out from his encounter with Sabrina, Mysterio at last made it to the port marked on Caitilin’s m... Read Chapter

Magic and Mystery

Mysterio arrives in Tokyo and enlists the help of the royal sorcerer Read Chapter

Interlude: Greetings From the 21st Century

Ophelia's true origins are revealed as they travel to Ostrheinsburg Read Chapter

The Battle Begins

Mysterio and Ophelia arrive in Germany and begin fighting their way towards the city of Ostrheinsburg Read Chapter

Never Piss off an Irishwoman

Separated from her companions, Caitilin encounters another group of Sword-seekers Read Chapter

A Strange Reunion

Some familiar faces show up in Ostrheinsburg unexpectedly Read Chapter

A Matter of Time

Ophelia leaves the group and encounters beings from another dimension Read Chapter

'Tis But A Dream

Caitilin wanders off and meets some very strange warriors. CHAPTER CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS. Read Chapter