Wicked and Weird: Stories from the world of Soulcalibur 4

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
a series of short stories in the form of character biographies based on the video game Soulcalibur 4. All characters created by me except a few borrowed from existing comics/ movies.

Submitted: January 23, 2014

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Submitted: January 23, 2014





The end of the sixteenth century. The Azure Knight had appeared in the ruins of Ostrheinsburg- seemingly out of nowhere- and was now on a mad rampage, overrunning the surrounding kingdoms. Meanwhile, people began to whisper that Soul Edge, a weapon of ultimate power and pure evil that was thought to exist only in legend, lay in that same cursed city. This ensiform wonder became the object of mankind’s ambition and desire and drew to it many men and women who dreamt of being the greatest figures of their age. One night, a meteor shower cascaded towards Ostrheinsburg. Though this abomination of evil light would later prove to be the harbinger of great misfortune, it somehow only managed to lend further allure to the stories shaking up the world. Rumours also began to circulate of a giant crystal sword, known as Soul Calibur, that was the equal and opposite of Soul Edge. The emergence of these two powers drew the attention of the entire world, and soon every wanderer, free spirit, madman, shaman, and monarch was drawing up plans for how to secure ultimate glory for themselves. This led to an unprecedented mass migration of warriors from across the globe, all headed for this once-obscure town in eastern Germany, all with different goals, but sharing a common mission, and often a common road. This influx of fighters drew others; those who cared nothing for power but sought only to test their own strength against that of the toughest men and women of the age. Many would ultimately leave Ostrheinsburg empty-handed; many more would never leave it at all. No-one actually knew what these sword-beings were capable of, but all agreed on one thing: this would be the fight of a lifetime.



Real Name: Unknown

Age: 352

Birthplace: Isle of Morrowind

Weapon: Nunchuks

Weapon Name: Soul Edge (not the real one)

Bio: A Dark Elf hailing from Vvardenfell, Master was a street performer puppeteer who slowly became obsessed with her puppets. She began using dark magic to bring her puppets to life and they became her constant companions and obedient servants, or so she thought. Such powerful magic often takes on a life of its own, and soon her puppets began urging her to imbue them with greater power, thus further twisting her soul. When the local Mages Guild came to take her away, she flew into a rage and killed everyone in sight. She then fled Morrowind, and took on the name Master of Puppets. Though her companions were left behind, they continue to whisper evil thoughts in her mind, driving her completely insane. She then made her way towards Ostrheinsburg, seeking the power of Soul Edge in order to turn the entire world into puppets obedient only to her.


Age: Eternal

Birthplace: Heaven (resides in Earthrealm)

Weapon: Zweihänder

Weapon Name: Faust

Bio: The Chinese God of Thunder and Lightning in an alternate universe. During the last round of Mortal Kombat, Raiden sensed a small ripple of unfamiliar power, and following the successful conclusion of the tournament, went to investigate. The disturbance turned out to be an unstable portal to another dimension. Raiden determined that the only way to close the rift was from the other side, so he used his powers to stabilize the rift and proceeded through. Upon arriving, he discovered that his powers had been somehow all but completely neutralized, and that this was clearly a turbulent world full of violence, thriving on battle. So the god of thunder dredged up the last of his power to create for himself a great sword and set out to find a way to close the portal


Age: 21

Birthplace: Unknown (discovered as an infant by Bedouins in the Sahara desert)

Weapon: Chinese Sword

Weapon Name: Northern Star

Bio: A wandering tribe of Bedouins came across a newborn infant floating down the Nile in a basket just outside the borders of Egypt. The baby was clearly Caucasian, but included no note, only a winged circlet on its head. The tribals decided to take the infant in and raise her as one of their own, naming her Sandrèa, meaning desert goddess. As the years passed, Sandrèa grew into a beautiful young woman, strong and proud. She became a warrior-priestess along with her older sister Rebecca, dedicating her life to nourishing and protecting all manner of life in the desert. One day, the priestesses noticed that many of the oases their tribe frequented had inexplicably dried up, and that fault lines were forming throughout the land, great fissures opening up and swallowing entire communities of nature. Messengers were dispatched to all the cities and villages of the Sahara to look for the cause of these disturbances. It was discovered that the clash of two opposing forces, Soul Calibur and Soul Edge, in a city in Central Europe, had resulted in a massive wave of energy that altered reality slightly wherever it passed, resulting in the unbalancing of even the hardy desert ecosystem. So the tribe sent their best warrior-priestess, Rebecca, to put a stop to the destruction. Sandrèa was devastated that she had not been chosen for this holiest of tasks, and begged the tribe elders to let her accompany her sister. But they said no, she was too young, too inexperienced. So she woke before dawn the next morning, knocked out the man who was keeping watch, quickly and quietly packed her tent and belongings, and headed off towards Europe to catch up with her sister.


Age: Can’t remember

Birthplace: Deep in the pristine forests of Greece

Weapon: Rod

Weapon Name: Jingu staff

Bio: As a dryad, or tree nymph, Treena was raised learning to respect and care for the forest. As a teenager, she developed a strong affinity for carving, making beautiful sculptures and useful tools out of deadwood retrieved from the forest floor. She eventually grew so skilled that it was no longer a challenge to shape dead branches, and decided to try her hand at carving a living tree, boasting that this would be the perfect medium for her masterpiece, a giant sculpture of the goddess Artemis. Her family tried to stop her, as this went against all that the dryads stood for, but to no avail. Upon completion of her masterpiece, Treena called out to her fellow nymphs, saying “Behold, I have created the most perfect work of art on this Earth! A living monument to my immeasurable talent!” Artemis heard this pronouncement and came down from Olympus to punish Treena for her arrogance. She was furious that the young dryad had so deformed one of her precious trees, and began to turn Treena into a sapling. Before the transformation could be completed, however, Treena asked Artemis “O great Huntress, I must know one thing before I am condemned. Do you like the sculpture?” The goddess had to admit that it was remarkably good, and so returned the girl to her natural form, punishing her instead by turning her long brown hair short and purple, forever marking Treena as one who had angered the gods. Upon returning home, Treena was shunned by those who had previously claimed to be her friends, and disowned by her family, all because of what they saw as a massive deformity, since she could no longer blend in properly with the forest. Cast out and ashamed, Treena fashioned a mask out of tree bark to disguise her features, carved a strong walking staff from a recently fallen oak tree and set out into the world beyond the forest to begin a new life.  She discovered metal and the art of forging, which proved to be a new passion that complemented her love of carving. She earned a living by making and selling beautiful wood-and-metal sculptures of various shapes and sizes, until she heard about the power of the Soul swords.  (“At last, a chance to gain the power to restore my natural beauty and return home”). So she forged herself a set of light armour, took up her trusty staff, and set out to claim her redemption.


Real name: Aleksander Ivanovich Orlev

Age: 42

Birthplace: St. Petersburg, Russia

Weapon: Chinese broadsword

Weapon name: White storm

Bio: Ivan Orlev was a master weapon smith for Catherine the Great, and raised his son to follow in his footsteps. Aleksander shared his father’s interest in weaponry, though he was more interested in the application than the creation. By age 25, he had mastered many different types of weapons as well as taking over his father’s forge, and would gladly demonstrate his prowess to all who visited his shop. When the Empress heard of this, she commanded that Aleksander perform a demonstration of swordplay at her court, using 5 different weapons of her choosing. The smith’s dance-like performance exceeded all expectations and won him a position as blade master of the Russian army, training all the Empire’s soldiers how to wield a blade with deadly finesse, and earning him the nickname “professor of death”. However, as time passed, several members of the royal court grew jealous of Orlev’s continued favour by the tsar and decided to get rid of him. They sent numerous assassins, but all were defeated with ease. So they began spreading rumours that he had “brutally raped several noblewomen and threatened to kill them if they told anyone”.  When the rumours reached Aleksander himself, he was outraged and demanded that anyone with proof come forward immediately. When no proof was forthcoming and still the rumours persisted, some even growing nastier, the tsar herself decided to settle the matter. She decreed that Aleksander would submit to a duel against a champion of the courtiers’ choosing, for surely God would guide the hand of the righteous and smite the liar. The courtiers agreed and nominated the best swordsman among their group, a former student of Aleksander, for the duel. However, this man had no hope of winning a fair fight against the professor of death, so a thief was hired to slip into Aleksander’s room the night before the duel and plant in his armour a small dart coated with insect venom. This left the famed warrior off-balance and woozy by the time the fight began the next day, a state which his opponent was quick to take advantage of and which caused onlookers to accuse him of showing up drunk as a deliberate insult to the court. The empress was furious, but determined to allow the fight to be finished. When Aleksander was inevitably defeated, she immediately stripped him of all rank and privilege and ordered him permanently banished from all of Russia. Branded a traitor, too ashamed to face his own reflection, he forged a mask of iron and wandered the lands south of Russia for a time, ending up in China where he had his face darkened with tattoo ink and learned the discipline of the Chinese broadsword. Determined to make a fresh start, he cast off the name Aleksander Ivanovich Orlev and took up his old moniker, Professor. He then travelled back to Europe, where he followed strange rumours to a city in Germany where the mightiest warriors from around the globe were gathering in an attempt to either claim or destroy the immense energies locked away in the tower there. Caring nothing for power, Professor desired only to prove himself in battle against his peers, and thus one day regain his lost reputation and return home.


Real name: can’t remember

Age: can’t remember

Birthplace: can’t remember

Weapon: Katars

Weapon name: Soul’s Edge

Bio: An amnesiac warrior wandering the globe in hopes of finding some way to restore his memory, he has taken up the name Mysterio because he is a mystery even to himself. He carries a pair of sinister-looking katars, though he suspects that they have been somehow modified, perverted, from their original form. He doesn’t know why he wears the demonic mask, but senses it is very important to him, as he feels strong anxiety whenever he thinks about discarding it.  By the look of his clothing and armour, it is suspected he originates from the Far East, likely Japan. He is heading for Ostrheinsburg in the hopes that the power of Soul Calibur can restore his identity.


Real name: Masika Kalukaley

Age: 18

Birthplace: Central African jungle

Weapon: Iait? sword hidden in an umbrella

Weapon name: Uracil Bolus

Bio: Masika was a beautiful young princess from a river kingdom deep in the heart of Africa who had been sent to live with a friendly Boer family to learn about European culture, and more importantly, European warfare. Upon hearing of the powerful energies being released in Germany, she hurried home to her father to tell him of it. He dismissed the stories as nonsense, and even if it were true, it certainly had nothing to do with them. But the princess asked around and discovered that her people were not so dismissive. War with neighbouring kingdoms and shortfalls in the last harvest had weakened their nation considerably, and many felt that without some form of outside intervention, their homeland would soon fall to its rivals. Masika, determined to prove herself an able leader, rallied her people together in a major revitalization effort, utilizing the new farming and building techniques she had learned from the Boers. By the time the river kingdom was ready once again to mobilize an armed force to push back their neighbours, an invading force had already arrived on their doorstep and begun moving in. Masika, fearing for her father’s safety, raced home, only to watch in horror from a distance as his head was severed and mounted on a stake outside the royal residence.  She slipped away into the nearby marsh and hid until night, waiting for the enemy guards outside her home to grow complacent. She crept around behind the house, silent as a ghost, retrieved her prized laito umbrella sword from its hidden compartment in the stable, and proceeded to slit the throats of the guards before slipping inside. Once in the house, after determining that it had not yet been thoroughly searched, liberated her family’s most valuable possessions, including her mother’s battle armour, so as to deny her enemy the pleasure of the loot. Donning the armour, she went to the river and plucked some algae and other plants which she ground into a blue dye, applying it to her hair and her armour so as to somewhat camouflage her appearance. The princess then followed the river out to the coast and procured a place aboard a cargo ship departing for central Europe, intending to make her way to Ostrheinsburg to claim the power of the swords as a means to honour her father’s sacrifice by sweeping the enemy tribe from the face of the earth.


Real name: Brunhild Reinhardt

Birthplace: Berkenfeld, Germany

Age: 26

Weapon: Sword Rapier

Weapon Name: Holy Antler

Bio:  A ruthless warrior-queen from eastern Germany, Brunhild was born to lead and had conquered 5 neighbouring regions by the age of 26.  Never one to be satisfied with the status quo, she was always looking for a new challenge, and tried repeatedly to conquer the mighty Prussia to the north, always failing, but suffering fewer casualties and striking deeper each time. However, Brunhild was not a patient woman, and did not handle disappointment well, often killing her generals out of spite. When she heard about the power of Soul Edge, she realized that this was her chance to seize the power that would finally allow her to take not only Prussia, but all the Germanic kingdoms.  She had a fearsome horned mask forged for her both as a disguise and to strike fear into the hearts of her opponents, donned her custom forged war armour complete with ancient runes, placed her most trusted adviser in charge of making sure her enemies did not become aware of her departure, and set off under the alias of Dark Mistress on a quest for ultimate power.


Real Name: Kuai Liang

Age: 32

Birthplace: China

Weapon: Ninja Swords

Weapon Name: Kris Naga

Bio:  A Lin Kuei warrior from Earthrealm who utilized the power of his ancestors, the Cryomancers, Sub-Zero was an ally of Raiden and often helped defend Earthrealm from all manner of threats. When Raiden discovered the dimensional rift, he enlisted the cryomancer to accompany him to the other side. Like Raiden, Sub-Zero found his powers neutralized upon arrival in this new realm, although when he tried to generate a pair of ice swords, they indeed manifested, but the ice soon melted to reveal steel blades. This attempt also covered his arms in ice, which remained in place mysteriously, perhaps hinting that his power had not completely deserted him. Together, the protectors of Earthrealm made their way to Germany to restore the space-time continuum to its natural state.


Age: 53

Birthplace: Romulus

Weapon: Longsword &Pistol Sword

Weapon Name: Styx

Bio: Self-declared Empress of the breakaway Imperial Romulan state, Donatra was meeting with the Remans when on stardate 64444.5, her ship, the Valdore reported unusual stellar activity, including a disturbance equal to that of a force seven ion storm. A nearby star had gonenova. Romulus then lost contact with Donatra's ship, and dispatched fourD'deridex-classwarbirds to search for it. However, neither Donatra and theValdore, nor any trace of them, were found. They were assumed to be lost to the supernova, which also destroyed Romulus. In reality, the Valdore had been thrown into a dimensional rift caused by the supernova; one which closed as quickly as it had opened, leaving the Empress stranded in an alternate dimension. Upon taking full sensor readings, massive energy spikes were detected, emanating from this dimension’s Earth. Believing such powerful energy could potentially be harnessed to re-open the rift, Donatra ordered a course to be set for Earth. Upon arrival, Donatra beamed down to the planet with a scout team as close to the source of the readings as the ship could safely get and proceeded on foot to find out what was going on. After trying to use their disruptors only to find them completely inoperable for no apparent reason, the Empress and her team returned to the ship and got out their ceremonial swords, since that was what everyone else they’d seen was using and the replicators were down. Wishing to blend in, Donatra donned a veiled helmet and ordered her men to stay aboard, then proceeded back to the planet’s surface to secure the energy source for herself.


Real name: Amber Swan

Age: 21 (aging has stopped)

Birthplace: Finland

Weapon: Rod

Weapon name: Amud

Bio: A young Finnish witch who's soul was corrupted by an attempt to summon a succubus. The ritual was disrupted, causing the succubus to manifest only partially and invade Amber’s body. She retained her identity, though many of her memories became blurred and her soul corrupted by evil. Being part succubus, she thrived on sex and all things related to it, taking great pleasure in seducing men and women of power, making them her sex slaves, breaking and then discarding them. She heard about what was happening in Ostrheinsburg from one such conquest, and concluded that the situation there would provide her with the greatest challenge yet- seducing the mightiest warriors in the world away from ultimate power. So she summoned a warrior’s spirit and recreated the conditions of the succubus ritual, allowing the spirit to partially enter her body, thus infusing herself with fighting skills in order to ingratiate herself among those headed towards the Tower, the better to slowly work her way through them without drawing too much attention to herself. For her weapon, she seduced a skilled weapon smith and had him create a solid metal staff with small totems along the length marking her most significant conquests.


Age: recently manifested, but actually as old as the first proto-human

Birthplace: the human heart, manifested near Ostrheinsburg Castle

Weapon: Death Scythe

Weapon Name: Irkalla

Bio: Sickness is a manifestation of man’s inner darkness, the innate human desire to have harm come to their neighbour for their own benefit. He was manifested as a by-product of Zasalemel’s breaking of the Soul Embrace. At the same time as Soul Edge manifested its new wielder, Nightmare, in the throne room, a set of armour lying in the bottom of the castle’s moat came to life as the Sickness. He took up a position guarding the entrance to Ostrheinsburg castle, challenging all who come to first best their own hatred before proceeding.


Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA

Age: 22

Weapon: Japanese Katana

Weapon Name: Oniyukiyasu

Bio: A history and temporal physics student at UCLA in the year 2077, Ophelia Sanchez had long been fascinated with ancient Japanese culture and the way of the samurai. Being extremely intelligent but somewhat rebellious and independent, she decided to apply what she had learned in her temporal physics class to construct her own unauthorized time-shifter, as the government-regulated ones would not allow passage to such a violent time period. She managed to procure a pair of tachyon crystals and insert them into a set of custom-made cybernetic armlets which contained the controls for her time-shifter, interfacing with her brain via the nerves in her arms. Her sunglasses contained a HUD detailing the various controls as well as power reserves in the crystals and any adverse side-effects the shift may have on her body, and her necklace functioned as a bio-reading input device, also connected to the sunglasses, providing Ophelia with readouts of her own health in various amounts of detail. Fully equipped, she put on the samurai armour she’d bought from an antiquity shop, activated the shifters and was instantly transported back to the late 16th century, where she quickly concocted a cover identity for herself on her way to the nearest town. Upon hearing that the world’s greatest warriors were all headed to central Germany, Ophelia inquired how to obtain a katana, was directed to the home of a recently deceased retired samurai, acquired the sword “on loan” from his teenage son in exchange for certain minor “affections” (okay she let him touch her breasts and he nearly fainted from pleasure).  Having secured her weapon of choice, the young American time traveller headed for the coast and secured passage on a luxury freighter headed to France, planning to make her way to Ostrheinsburg from there in order to meet and face off against her lifetime heroes.


Birthplace: Greece

Age: Eternal

Weapon: Short sword & small shield

Weapon Name: Elude Gos

Bio: Greek Queen of the Underworld and consort of Hades, Persephone had, while spending time with her mother Demeter, met a bright young warrior named Cassandra Alexandra.  Being quite impressed with the girl’s independent spirit and strong loyalty to her family, Persephone persuaded Hades to allow her to leave him for a time to follow Cassandra in mortal form on her new quest to Ostrheinsburg. Hades had Hephaestus fashion for his queen a set of gauntlets as well as a sword and shield similar in style to Cassandra’s. However, when Persephone touched her new armaments, they transformed into a more sinister form, marking them as belonging to a denizen of the Underworld. This, Hades told her, was to ensure that she did not forget where she belonged and that she would return home. So forearmed and forewarned, the queen of the dead set off to catch up to Cassandra, making sure to keep always to the shadows to hide her eternally pale skin.


Real name: Dr. Henry McCoy

Age: 28

Birthplace: Dunfee, Illinois, USA

Weapon: Sword Rapier

Weapon Name: Epee

Bio: An extremely intelligent mutant from an alternate reality, Hank McCoy was part of a team that raided the lab of a mad scientist intent on opening a portal to a Hell dimension. Distracted by the sounds of the heroes breaking into his facility, the madman made a few wrong adjustments to his equipment as he hurriedly opened the portal, resulting in a rift not to the dimension he wanted, but to yet another alternate universe, where great warriors roamed the landscape and powerful energy beings in the form of swords battled each other atop a castle tower. The team of heroes managed to capture the scientist, but in the ensuing chaos the portal equipment was damaged and left inoperable, preventing the portal from being closed. Beast brought in some of his own equipment afterwards and began scanning the conditions of the portal and of the world on the other side of it. Upon reviewing his readings, it was determined that the power emanating from the energy beings on the other side was keeping the portal open. Being the only X-men member currently available with knowledge of swordplay and medieval society, as well as the only one who had any idea how to shut down the portal, Beast decided to travel to the other side and find a way to either contain or destroy the two Swords. Upon arrival he discovered his fur had somehow been transformed into medieval armour, allowing him to blend in at least somewhat with the many other warriors headed for the castle.


Birthplace:  Unknown, raised in France

Age: 24

Weapon: Ninja swords

Weapon Name: Kagekiri

Bio: Deposited at a Parisian orphanage anonymously as a newborn, she was adopted by a wealthy couple who named her Veritie, meaning truth. As she grew, she developed a rare pigmentation disorder which caused her skin and hair to turn completely white. The oddest part was that her eyes also turned completely white, instead of red like a regular albino. This led to her becoming rather reclusive, although she did find a friend in her mother’s Japanese servant, who instructed her in the ways of the ninja. Upon her 24th birthday, a package arrived mysteriously outside her home, containing a set of bleached bone armour and a pair of artificial white wings, all custom fitted to Veritie’s rather unusual size. Included was a brief note instructing her to don the armour and wings and travel to the town of Ostrheinsburg, Germany, where all her questions would be answered, signed “your birth mother”. Veritie showed the contents of the package to her adopted parents, who though as confused as she, encouraged her to go and seek her birthright, her truth. Upon arrival in Ostrheinsburg, the Frenchwoman was shocked to come face to face with a woman who was her mirror image in every way except that this stranger’s skin was black instead of white, dressed in an identical set of black bone armour. Sensing malignant intent, Veritie reached for her blades, questioning the other as to her identity.  She revealed herself to be Zagadka, an African warrior who had received a similar package to Veritie’s on the same day, also her 24th birthday. Veritie, however, saw the glint of madness in her twin’s eyes, and enquired, if she was a warrior, for what cause did she fight? Zagadka replied by drawing her own weapon, a sinister-looking broadsword, and snarling in reply that she was a soul taker, and that Veritie was her next victim.


Real name: Gars Bulrich

Birthplace: Gentofte, Denmark

Age: 48

Weapon: Rod

Weapon Name: Embrace of Souls

Bio: A devout Christian all his life, Gars Bulrich swore his life to the service of the Church. He became a mighty warrior for God, taking on the fearsome persona of St. Anger, dressing in blood-red armour and concealing his face behind a menacing mask on missions to secure new land and ancient artifacts for the Church. Upon hearing of the unholy powers being released in Ostrheinsburg, Bulrich was dispatched to cleanse the town of evil using his magical staff weapon and to secure the power of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur for the glory of Rome.


Real name: Hanzo Hashashi

Birthplace: Japan

Age: 32 at death, relives as an immortal spectre

Weapon: Nunchuk

Weapon Name: Chained Kozuka

Bio: Once a prominent ninja of the Shirai Ryu clan, he earned the nickname Sasori, or scorpion, for his incredible skill. He was killed in combat against Sub-Zero of the Lin Kuei, who also killed his family. Scorpion was later resurrected from the Netherrealm by the sorcerer Quan Chi and set loose to seek vengeance as an immortal hell-spawn. Scorpion eventually turned on Quan Chi and vowed to protect the new Sub-Zero as payment for murdering his older brother. When Raiden and Sub-Zero entered the dimensional rift to Soulrealm, Scorpion decided to follow behind them, curious as to the nature of this new world. Once through the portal, Scorpion, like the others, was able only to summon a physical weapon before his powers were extinguished.  Upon learning of the nature of Soul Edge, Scorpion believed he would be able to use this incredible power to restore his slain clan to life, as full humans rather than hell-spawn like himself. Oblivious to Raiden’s plan, the ninja spectre set off to claim this power for his own.


Birthplace: Unknown, raised in a remote village in central Africa

Age: 24

Weapon: Chinese broadsword

Weapon Name: Devourer of Souls

Bio: Discovered as a newborn floating down a river in Africa, she was taken in by a tribe of demon worshipping cultists, who named her Zagadka, meaning mystery. As she grew, she developed an extremely rare pigmentation disorder that caused her skin, hair, and eyes to turn pitch black. This led to her becoming revered by the cultists as a sign from their dark gods, and raised as a fearless bloodthirsty warrior. Zagadka was entrusted with the unholy blade Devourer of Souls and became a soul taker, hunting down pathetic “do-gooders” and striking them down in order to feed their souls to her demonic master. When a mysterious package was retrieved from the river on her 24th birthday, Zagadka had never been happier: a full set of ebony bone armour complete with artificial black wings! It was the perfect complement to her lifestyle. When she told her family of the note inside, instructing her to travel to a town in Germany dressed in the enclosed armour, they agreed it must have been a message from their gods, sending their most fearsome warrior on a mission of utmost importance. They had heard the rumours coming out of that place, and suspected the power of Soul Edge would finally allow them to free their master form his prison in the netherworld, and he would remake the earth in his image and reward his loyal servants. The men of the village were sorry to see such a beautiful, lustful young woman depart, but knew it was for a higher calling. Upon arriving in Ostrheinsburg, Zagadka came face to face with what could only be her next target for soul collection: an exact duplicate of herself in white, hailing from cultured Paris, so civilized and stuck up. As Zagadka drew the Devourer in glorious anticipation of battle, picturing herself bathed in this imposter’s blood, she smiled and tried to block out the babble the other girl was spouting, not caring what such a worthless being had to say before she was added to the master’s collection of souls.


Age: 23

Birthplace: rural Ireland

Weapon: Snake Sword

Weapon Name: Dream Blade

Bio: Hailing from Middle of Nowhere, Ireland (her words), Caitilin Moran always felt out of place in her hometown, longing to explore the wider world, not content to be a farmer like the rest of her family. She wanted to do something with her life, make a difference to people beyond the confines of the village. Finally, on her 18th birthday, her parents relented and told her she could move to the city if she wished. Caitilin thanked them profusely and immediately packed her belongings and set off for Dublin. There she met a man who offered to train her as a warrior. Caitilin readily accepted and began learning not only swordplay, but also how to forge her own weapons and armour.  Her mentor, a seasoned Russian veteran with a mysterious past and an iron mask obscuring the lower half of his face, sensed that this girl wanted to become something more than a run of the mill warrior, and so directed her to seek out a powerful druid who lived as a hermit somewhere along the northern coast of Ireland. Forging for herself a set of emerald armour and an elegant wave-shaped sword, Caitilin set out across the countryside in search of this druid. Along the way, she discovered that her homeland was in great turmoil, with crop failure due to drought leading to many families either dying or immigrating to America. On top of that, the English were attempting to stir up civil unrest in hopes of securing themselves a new colony close to home. (“They’ll never get away with this! I won’t let them!”) Finally, she reached the druid, who told her that she indeed had an important destiny, but it did not lie on the Emerald Isle, a least not immediately. He told her of the Clash of Souls in Germany and the power available for one who could harness it safely. How can I do that, she begged to know. Let me see your weapon, replied the druid.  He took her sword, muttered some incarnations, carved runes into the blade and hilt, and threw the weapon into the fire pit along with a bag of herbs. The fire flared blue and green and red, finally dying down to reveal the sword still sitting there, gleaming as if brand new, the runes upon it glowing a fierce green for a moment longer before disappearing. Go ahead, pick it up, the druid told her. Caitilin did as she was told, and the sword nearly leaped into her hand. The sword seemed to unfold itself, transforming into a chain-link whip that wrapped itself around the mesmerized girl’s body, caressing her like a lover, before returning to its original form. The blade had been infused with a living spirit known as the Dreamer, the wizard told her. So Caitilin took up the Dream Blade as both weapon and companion and together they set off for Ostrheinsburg to ensnare the power of Soul Calibur and use it to restore Ireland to its former glory.


Real name: James Martin

Age: 33

Birthplace: Nova Scotia, Canada

Weapon: Japanese katana

Weapon name: Jimmy’s Damascus Sword

Bio: In the year 2012, organized crime on the east coast of Canada was under the control of a ruthless kingpin by the name of James “Saint Jimmy” Martin. Born into poverty, from a young age Jimmy had shown an extremely sharp intellect and strong leadership abilities, which allowed him to quickly ascend the ranks of the criminal underworld, from petty thief to running his own crew to running the entire coast by the age of 33. People called him Saint Jimmy because he was known to be extremely generous to his friends and equally ruthless towards his enemies. He had his hands in everything from shoplifting to human trafficking, and at least half the RCMP from Labrador to PEI was in his pocket. Personally, Jimmy never indulged in any of the illegal practices he profited from. He saw himself as a businessman above all else, and as such, preferred not to drink the milk of the cash cow, keeping everything at arm’s length. The one indulgence he did allow himself was the collection of rare antiquities from around the globe. His prized possession was one such item, a Japanese samurai blade forged from Damascus steel, the finest metal available to the ancient world. He also possessed a hooded cloak said to have belonged to a famed amnesic warrior from the 16th century, which he often wore to business meetings in order to intimidate his rivals and subordinates. One day as Jimmy was on the way to a meeting, something very strange happened. As he was driving through a long tunnel, the air shimmered, the other cars disappeared, and when he emerged he found himself not on the busy streets of the city, but rather alone in open field, speeding straight towards a small primitive village. He tried to brake, but his fancy sports car could find no traction on the thick wet grass that had replaced the road. So he tried to veer away from the village, which only caused his car to spin out of control and flip over, rolling several times before coming to a stop, upright, mere metres from the village. Jimmy managed to drag himself out of the vehicle before slipping into unconsciousness, which was how he was discovered several hours later when the curiosity of the villagers finally overcame their fear of this unnatural beast that had suddenly appeared in their field. A family of locals took the strangely attired man back to their home and over the next several weeks nursed him back to health. Although Jimmy did not recognize their language and they clearly did not understand English, the two sides managed to communicate via images drawn in the dirt and crude sign language. It was in this way Jimmy ascertained that these people were Norse fishermen summering on what they referred to as the western continent, and that they would be soon returning home. Between the existence of the fishing village, the open field, and the materials from which the locals fashioned their clothing, tools, and homes, he deduced that he had somehow been transported back in time to before the establishment of permanent European colonies in North America. He therefore decided to accompany the fisher folk back to Norway and see what more he could learn there. Before departure, he returned to his wrecked car and recovered his prized katana, sensing that it may prove useful in the days ahead. Upon arrival in what passed for a major city in Norway at the time, Jimmy was taken to a local scholar who was known to be fluent in many languages and customs of other nations. This man was able to converse with Jimmy in Spanish, which the crime lord had learned as a youth on the streets. The scholar told Jimmy that he was in the year 1592, and that the most significant event of the day was the news that a great many warriors from all corners of the known world were gathering in a previously obscure town in Germany in order to harness or destroy the enormous mystical powers of the two mighty swords duelling there, Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. When confronted with this news, Jimmy decided that perhaps this power would allow him to return to his own time, or if not, then at least to carve out for himself a new business empire here in medieval Europe. On the first day of his trek towards Ostrheinsburg, he came upon a brash young man, about the same size as him, wearing an impressive set of light armour. The former kingpin approached the youth and made him an offer he couldn't refuse: your armour or your head. Seeing the ruthlessness in the older man's eyes as well as the gleam of his finely sharpened blade, the young aspiring warrior quickly acceded to Jimmy's demand and handed over his armour. Jimmy thanked the boy and, in a blur of motion, whipped out his katana and decapitated him anyways. He then donned the armour and resumed his journey for ultimate power.



Real Name: Lai-Mei Chow

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

Age: 18

Weapon: Tonfa (elbow blades)

Weapon Name: Tonfa

Bio: Lai-Mei was the Emperor’s favourite niece, a fiercely independent girl who adored cats. When he heard about the events transpiring in Ostrheinsburg, the Emperor sent his best samurais and ninjas, none of whom were ever heard from again. So he ordered the court mage to create a new breed of warrior, one who could measure up to the supernatural elements that had arisen in Germany. The mage looked through his vast library of spells and potions until he at last found a solution: a ritual to infuse a person with the traits of an animal. The ritual was dark magic, meant for creating monstrous hybrids to wreak havoc, but the court mage felt confident he could refine and control the process with the right adjustments.  He determined he would need someone of a fairly young age, with a natural affinity for a particular animal. Lai-Mei was the perfect candidate. The ritual was performed, imbuing the girl with the attributes of her beloved cats: enhanced speed, agility, strength, and night vision. As an unforeseen side-effect, she also grew cat ears and her eyes became those of a cat. Armed with these new abilities, Lai-Mei tested various weapon styles before settling on tonfas, a non-bladed weapon imported from the Philippines. Feeling armour would only slow her down, she nonetheless accepted a pair of pauldrons from her uncle as a gift and a set of rune-covered armlets from the mage to keep her power in check, for otherwise the transformation would continue and she would become a feral were-cat. Upon leaving Japan, she briefly removed the armlets just to look at them, but that was enough for the magic to begin clouding her mind.  She began to think more like a cat; especially when her feline libido kicked in, even coming to believe her actual name was Lai-Mee-Ow,. Nonetheless, she still remembered the mission she had been charged with and was determined to complete, eventually: Seek out and secure the entities known as Soul Edge and Soul Calibur and return them to Tokyo for the glory of the Empire. But first it was time for a nap.


Birthplace: rural France

Age: 26

Weapon: Chinese broadsword

Weapon Name: Ramdao

Bio: The only child of a proud French knight slain in battle defending his homeland, Sabrina Delasouz was determined to honour her father’s memory by taking up his cause, the defence of France against barbaric invaders. She gathered her father’s battered armour and had it re-forged to fit her, modifying his old helmet to conceal her face while allowing her to breathe freely, and adorning her chest plate with the family crest. Upon learning of the turmoil in neighbouring Germany, and the influx of warriors headed there, Sabrina became determined to enter the fray and prove herself worthy of being a great knight like her father.


Real name: Albert Francis Simmons

Age: immortal hell-spawn

Birthplace: Originally Detroit, Michigan, USA, reborn in hell

Weapon: sentient shape-shifting cloak currently in the form of a Giant Axe

Weapon Name: Kulutues

Bio: A CIA assassin betrayed by his best friend, Al Simmons found himself in hell after his death, and made a deal with the demon Malebolgia to be allowed to return Earth to see his wife one last time. However, the demon tricked Simmons, as demons are wont to do, and returned him to Earth with almost no memory, deformed features, and supernatural abilities. Now known as Spawn, he discovered his mission in unlife was to lead the armies of hell against heaven in Malebolgia’s name. He rebelled against that destiny and began fighting human criminals as well as the forces of both heaven and hell that were gunning for him. At one point, Spawn was forced to flee into the distant past to escape persecution. He found himself in the late 16th century, at a time when the evil and spirit swords had been freed from their Embrace and were drawing all manner of man and beastfolk to try and claim the power for themselves. Spawn saw this as an opportunity. If he could get a hold of those two swords, perhaps they would grant him the power to break his deal with Malebolgia once and for all, so he could return home to his wife. So he manifested his cape into a giant axe and began cutting a path to his freedom.


Age: 28

Birthplace: Sahara Desert

Weapon: Japanese Katanas

Weapon name: Kastane

Bio: Trained as a longsword ninja, Rebecca was the best fighter and head priestess of her Bedouin clan.  Under her guidance, the warrior-priestesses nurtured the delicate ecosystem of the harsh desert and defended their brothers and sisters from threats both natural and human in origin.  At age 7, she discovered the infant orphan that would later be named Sandrea, and immediately attached herself to the baby, becoming her sister, best friend, and mentor. When Rebecca entered the priesthood, Sandrea was quick to follow, although she could not match her older sister’s skill with a katana, settling instead on a Chinese style short sword. One day during deep meditation, Rebecca sensed a powerful disturbance in the cosmic balance between the forces of life and entropy. Unnerved, she directed the other priestesses to scour the landscape for confirmation of this disruption, and sent out scouts to discover the source. As the nomadic custodians of the desert travelled along their route, they began to notice an increasingly large number of plants and animals that were either dead or dying, most unusual for that time of year. When the scouts returned and reported that Soul Edge had been released from the Embrace of Souls and was once again clashing with its opposite, Soul Calibur, causing massive waves of destructive energy to pulsate across the globe, Rebecca knew she had to act. After a hurried discussion with the rest of the clan, she headed of for Europe alone, not wanting to risk the lives of anyone else, least of all her baby sister.  She was not entirely surprised, however, to find upon awakening her first morning out, that Sandrea had caught up to her and insisted on coming along. The girl had always been very headstrong, a trait Rebecca admired, and she had to admit she was glad for the company. Thus reunited, the sisters continued their trek across the wastes, wasting no time. Theirs was a holy mission: to destroy both swords once and for all in order to restore balance to the natural world.


Real name: Veronika Van Wyk

Age: 22

Birthplace: Amsterdam, Holland

Weapon: Ninja swords

Weapon name: Gakekiirk

Bio: Veronika Van Wyk was a skilled blacksmith who ran her own pirate crew harassing British merchant ships. One day she grew overly ambitious and took on a Royal Navy battleship, a fight which she inevitably lost. She managed to escape capture and stow away on a ship bound for America, where she planned to slip away into the unexplored wilderness to hide out while the hunt for her died down. She was fortunate to escape with her custom-forged armour and twin short-swords intact. Upon arrival in the wilderness of the New World, Veronika wandered the land for a while, trading knowledge of metalwork with the local indigenous peoples for knowledge of how best to live off the land. Taking inspiration from the totems of the locals, she fashioned herself an ornate hawk f

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