The Highschool Drama Part 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Let's face it, freshman Leigh Auburn is cute but she's SHY. Another fact is, Leigh likes sophomore Ahmet Austin, the notorius playboy of the university who is in love with the junior Briella Fanning, the witty girl who gets everything when she wants it, especially when she is on to the senior Xavier Coleman, the hot star quarterback of their soccer team.

In this short story, everyone is included..including the narrator

"Man, you're flushed." Veezuia (vee-zu-wa) said as he saw his dormmate open the brown door and shut it with force.

"I'm not a girl, idiot. Girls flush, not me." Ahmet snapped, it made Veezuia (I'm laughing right now.) turn back on his business on his laptop, but not for long when Ahmet pushed him off and logged in on Facebook.

"Man, I was using--"

"I don't fucking care."

"But I was--"

"Shut up or I'll break your Macbook in no time." Veezuia pursed his lips shut and walked back to his bedroom and opened an Otaku magazine he just bought.

He slowly peeked in and gulped when he saw his friend pressing the poor keys with force, tapping it like a solo on JamLegend; hard. He layed down the magazine and watched as the poor keys sound hurt.

"That cost me my 4 month allowance..." He murmured. "Dude, that's Macbook! MACBOOK." He cried. But his friend was busy fidgeting with the keypad/board. (And I can't even buy one here. xD)

"How dare he...decline my bitch on her birthday..." Ahmet murmured, followed by curses and swears...followed by hard taps.

Followed by a piercing scream that made them both cry in fright. Ahmet clicked a link that lead to picture that screams (you know, the one picture of the scary girl.). Ahmet carelessly pushed the laptop back and the poor laptop closed and fell on hard ground.

Veezuia paused and frozed, putting the puzzle into pieces before breaking into 'manly sobs'.

"You idiot! That fucking laptop caused me and my fucking life! My cat was stolen and my digital asking watch was sent to a pawnshop! My tablet was stolen by my cousin! My room back there was being a party dungeon! FUUUUUU you dude! FUUUUYOU! You're gonna be FOREVERALONE!" Then he went to get a camera, flashed it to a dumb-founded face of his friend and smirked. "Aha!I got it! A bad picture of you!"

Ahmet stood up and peeked at the screen of the camera.

"Is it, though?" He asked, smirking when he saw that his features was well captured.

"Go to hell!" Veezuia screamed after a moment before shutting the door behind him.

~~Meanwhile, back to the university with cameras. Oh yea. :)

"Did...did you just stop breathing when you saw Ahmet Austin?" Nuesha teased when Leigh told her to shut up.

"'t..." She mumbled when Nuesha smirked at her tomato-like face.

"Girl, I know you have the shots for my ex." Well, Ahmet Austin is every girl's ex. Just so you know. :))

Then a ringtone blasted on the quiet room of their dorm.

'Oh, don't go boasting that your ex is hot!'was the first lyrics that was heard. Leigh giggled and layed on her bed.

"The cellphone just slapped you in the face..." She muttered after fits of giggles. "I know he's your ex....I know that Esh." Then Leigh smiled. "I super duper know..."

"And you're shy." Nuesha teased. "You know, why don't you just let go that like? He's a playboy, he's nothing, he's not worth even a word from you."

"I do...know that. But...he's unique in some way...he's...I don't know--"

"You don't know?" Leigh covered her friend's mouth and laughed.

"He's unique for me."

"Well, whatever. He's not, he's a man slut, if you know what I mean."

"You're just bitter.." (Yea, right.)

"I'm not bitter!I'm sweet, Leigh! IAMSWEET, 3 guys already tasted me and they said I tasted--"

"Ew, thanks I'm not interested--"

"You!" She grabbed her shoulders. "Listen to me!I'm not bitter!"

"On the look on your look like a lemon squeezed." Leigh said a matter-of-factly. (First time to ever use 'matter-of-factly. xD)

Then a knock stopped them both. Leigh stood quickly and walked to open the door, without even peeking on the hole. She opened it see an injured guy, swaying to balance himself, the guy looked at her straight in the eye, before falling and landing...........

his lips on hers..

Leigh's eyes were just opened when she felt her first kiss happen....

with an unknown guy she felt familiar...maybe...

Xavier Coleman?

Author's Note:

I've done this right. I hope I did. xD. I did not intervene some of their dialogues because? I'm sleepy. It's almost 12 am. Abad sleeping time for a kid. LOL. :))

Thank you for reading this Part 2.I've appreciated those comments so bad! That I will fan you even if I haven't read your stories!


Special Thank You's To:

-- Tumblr = Without it, I wouldn't have an inspiration. :P

-- Super Junior = A 13 membered boy band. Their songs are so COOL and AMAZING. I AMINLOVEWITHTHEM especially CHOISIWON. ? SIWON is mine!:P >:)

-- Facebook. = Made me status about everything, quote something. :))

-- YOU = for reading, just comment anything and I'll fan and read your stories or something. PROMISE!:)

Good night and God Bless you all. :) MWAAAAAA. :**********

Submitted: August 29, 2010

© Copyright 2021 alphayeti27367. All rights reserved.

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Yay!yay! me 1st..nice stry update me.

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oh yea. :)

Sun, August 29th, 2010 9:24am


Yeah. Update me too?

Sun, August 29th, 2010 4:50pm



Sun, August 29th, 2010 12:37pm

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