Fallen Stars Rising 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Table of Contents

::Aleister:: We have free will, haven't we? Entire political, economic, and judicial systems are based on this belief. Yet, scientist... Read Chapter

::Azucena:: He was private property. Although a quick scan of his fingers revealed no wedding band, this boy had a girl somewhere. Wh... Read Chapter

::Aleister:: Little red dress accentuated her lithe symmetry. She threw a quick glance at me, made contact, and immediately lowered h... Read Chapter

::Azucena:: I cannot tell you how surprised I was to see him walk up to me and stand less than three feet away. His masculinity an... Read Chapter

::Aleister:: A moment of unprofessional weakness. I had broken the most basic rules: C-64 and D-23 to be more precise. Or perhaps it ... Read Chapter

::Azucena:: Men are simply the most naive creatures in the animal kingdom. They will show off their plumage, even when they have no i... Read Chapter

::Aleister:: Stalls lined up on either side of the artificial channel that flowed through the wide promenade. I caught a glimpse of h... Read Chapter

::Azucena:: "You there, how much for the levi?" The kid awoke with a start. Rubbing his eyes, he said, "I don\\\\\'t have any... Read Chapter

::Aleister:: Slim adjustable straps. Frilly lace trim. Crotch-less in some cases. I kept my hands to myself, though my fingers twitch... Read Chapter

::Azucena:: He's dangerous, a little voice warned me as the levi glided beside the airborne mall. There was still time to turn back. ... Read Chapter

::Aleister:: The salesgirl folded the lingerie and wrapped it up neatly in pink translucent paper. "What's it like?" she said wi... Read Chapter

::Azucena:: Girls, a word of advice: Don’t trust your heart. I know that this is not what mother would say, but believe me. Yo... Read Chapter

::Aleister:: Fellas, a word of warning: Air-malls are hazardous places to meet ladies. Especially if they malfunction at the precise ... Read Chapter

::Azucena:: You are not a damsel in distress. You are a woman- strong and independent. He’s not a Knight in Shining Armor. He’... Read Chapter

::Aleister:: The pain burned on my cheeks. “Don’t you ever do that again!” I pinned her wrist behind her back. “Let... Read Chapter

::Azucena:: The key was safe and sound in my left breast pocket. Let him work for it. It’s the least he could do. Besides, loo... Read Chapter

::Aleister:: The deeper we wandered into the forest, the darker it grew. Moist and warm. It stirred with unfamiliar screeches and cro... Read Chapter

::Azucena:: I don’t make it a habit of appraising other women’s physical appearance, but she was stunningly beautiful. So was her... Read Chapter

::Aleister:: Vidal and Sitara's life was a ballet of rapturous bliss. Each morning, they rose and walked barefoot onto the... Read Chapter

::Azucena:: Do I have to remind you? Their witch hunts, their inquisitions, their orbital wars- a trail of blood drawn across th... Read Chapter

::Aleister:: Virus 024 inhibited men’s violent tendencies; not his instincts. Mine told me that it was time to reach out to Auzecen... Read Chapter

::Azucena:: “You don’t seem concerned.” “Afraid, you mean?” He said. “It’s dangerous here.... Read Chapter

::Aleister:: The beast burst from the lake and sank its teeth into Azucena’s leg. She screamed! Flashes of light crackle... Read Chapter