Fallen Stars Rising 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A tale about the evolution of Male and Female principles

Table of Contents

::Aleister:: ... Read Chapter

::Azucena:: ... Read Chapter

::Azucena:: ... Read Chapter

::Aleister:: ... Read Chapter

::Aleister:: ... Read Chapter

::Azucena:: ... Read Chapter

::Aleister:: ... Read Chapter

::Aleister:: ... Read Chapter

::Azucena:: ... Read Chapter

::Enceladus' song:: Have I found you once again? This time hidden in the organic compounds of your plumes, you were a fine bird and h... Read Chapter

::Alesiter:: ... Read Chapter

::Aleister:: Ms. Livingstone leaned over and said, “did you make love to your other wives?” I put the glass of wine on the ta... Read Chapter

::Azucena:: Earth's gravity grips you like a desperate lover, its perverse embrace pulling you down into an anguished unio... Read Chapter

::Azucena:: Nyu looked up from the documents on the table, and without moving her lips, she said, “this is your new identity.” ... Read Chapter

::Aleister:: The rush of the fall left you breathless. “Relax,” said Ms. Livingstone. “Breath normally, bend your knees sl... Read Chapter

::Aleister:: Ms. Livingstone stood on the edge of the precipice and with her stretched fingers, she touched the particle stream. “A... Read Chapter

::Aleister:: “Though they speak of timeless things, wise men are bound by the ephemera of culture.” Slowly, she floated back to t... Read Chapter

::Azucena:: The shuttle eased onto the landing strip and for a brief moment, I thought we were still airborne. I realized it was the ... Read Chapter

::Azucena:: The sign read, Bite: All boys are yours. Marie-Rose, the House matriarch, smiled. “A bit of careless humor.” Ope... Read Chapter

::Aleister:: The sound of splashing water woke me up, and my fingers reflexively slid around my staff. “Water is so delight... Read Chapter

::Aleister:: “One day, I want to have skin like yours and be able to sense a wide array of data…” “You have wonderful ... Read Chapter

::Azucena:: “Lie down and relax, darling. This experience is completely harmless, but you must not let your mind be distracted. You... Read Chapter

::Azucena:: In the beginning… There was no “in”. There was no “the”. There was no “beginning…” Wi... Read Chapter

::Azucena:: Have you ever felt like a single-celled organism- slithering, writhing, and throbbing in pre-cambrian mud? At least up un... Read Chapter

::Aleister:: Jazmine leaned closer, her hand reaching out to me. I took it. “You’re right,” I said. “The instinct to pro... Read Chapter

::Azucena:: I crawled to the shore and lay moaning on the sand as the last vestiges of sea-life drifted away. In the wilderness,... Read Chapter

::Aleister:: “I don’t understand,” said Jazmine. “What does territoriality have to do with love.” I liked the way the ... Read Chapter

::Azucena:: Most men hunted wild game and boldly kept our fierce enemies at bay. They were all a girl could ever want. Then why was I... Read Chapter

::Azucena:: “You’ve got quite a unique signature. Only a few matches returned.” Marie-Rose led me to an adjacent room, where... Read Chapter

::Azucena:: The island receded in the distance, already seeming like a dream. “The match is almost flawless,” said Nyu looki... Read Chapter

::Aleister:: Kneeling by the edge of the river, Jazmine dipped her fingers in the water. “So love is only a stage in the evolution ... Read Chapter

::Aleister:: I thought about my ex-wives scattered throughout the solar system. All the girlfriends I had escorted when I needed a qu... Read Chapter

::Azucena:: Through the window, I saw Earth’s aurora borealis shimmer and flow in a bright lattice of electromagnetism. It was a wo... Read Chapter