Fight of the Century

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Alya is a vampire. She feeds because she has to. After finding out that she was being stalked by another vampire, Toke, she knows she has to defend her terrority. And so the fight begins, both blood and lust levels rise.

Submitted: July 14, 2011

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Submitted: July 14, 2011



She had him pinned down. Her long, white fangs sank deep into his neck, the warm and hot blood filled her mouth as she drank.

She couldn't help but moan slightly as the liquid went down into her tummy, warming her cold body up. The man was average looking, with brown hair, and brown eyes that fluttered slightly, 'Lucky man.' she thought, placing an erotic memory into his mind, about a tall blond hair girl luring him into the woods and getting frisky with him, and replace it with what was really happening. Which was avampiredrinking some, not all, of his blood.

She felt her body growing lighter as she drank, her red eyes turned back into their normal lightblue ones, and she could feel her strength coming back to her. Ayla Smith, as was her human name, was five foot five inches barefoot, and wearing a low cut black lace undershirt, and a short black skirt, that came up to her upper thighs, her normal hunting gear. Ayla liked black, since it matched her natural black hair, that she kept short, just about the same length as chin, by hacking it off every two or three moons.

Once the man gave all the blood that he could, without having long lasting effects, she placed his back gently against a tall oak tree, sitting down, facing the road that was a less than a hundred yards away so that when he woke up, he would be able to find his way safely to his car.

She gave him one last suck and swallow, before licking over the two punture wounds on the man's neck, which healed instantly, leaving no mark on his white skin. She patted him gently on the cheek, wishing that she could have more, but knew better. If too many men were coming out of the woods dazed, then there would be questions. And she did not like questions, at all. She also didn't like nosy neighbors, like Mr. and Mrs. King.

She got up and turned away from the road, and ran deeper into the woods, leaving the man sitting at the base of the tree. She frowned as she ran, which was fast, faster than human eyes could follow, weak creatures, as she thought about her new next door neighbors.

She lived as a single women, in one of her more modest house near the edge of the town, of which she was staying for the winter. Normally she tried to avoid living in a 'town' but since her other vacation home, which was located deep in the wild hills of northern Canada was recently burnt down, she had no choice but to move into her other home, in northern Pa. She had her suspisions on why her home was burnt down, but no proof.

Since she had moved in, her new next door neighbors have been very nosy, asking questions about herself, her job, her income, why she lived alone, ect, ect. Ayla found it very annoying, and found herself more than once, inside their house, at the foot of their bed, having a very strong desire to wake them up, and let them see who she really is. But everytime she forced herself away, thinking 'Next time I will,' but she never did.

Trees whipped pasted her at a very fast speed, yet if she choose to she could focus on one branch and everything became crystal clear, until she looked away. She could hear all the animals in the forest stop moving as she past by, their small hearts beating faster, knowing that she was dangerous. She smiled to herself, as she breathed in the normal smell of the forest, the sharp scent of the pines, the whisper of dead leaves, that crunched as she ran over them, then came the scent of prey, the warm and thick smell like bread, humans.

As she neared human inhabitants she slowed down to a normal jog as she entered her backyard. Her home rested on three acres of land, full of tall oak, pine and maple trees. The grass in the backyard was cut, and she had planted several large gardens of flowers.

Red, white, and yellow roses, all colors of poppies and irises were planted all over her backyard, as well as a stone fountain, with a carving of a large naked women,which water poured from her mouth, into the pool below her, which was full of large goldfish, and other water life. She had on the borders of her land, black berries and raspberries bushes were growing.

Ayla was very proud of her gardens, she also had a sweet tooth, when it came to raspberry cheesecake, which was why she had them planted in the first place. Yes, she could eat food, and even survive without human blood, but she would lose her strength, speed, her strong eyesight, basically all of her vampire qualites she would lose, until, she became a human again.

And once she was a human, there was no way she could ever go back into being a vampire. Ayla was too proud of her abilities as a vampire to even consider to becoming a human.

Once she approuched her backyard, she stopped at a old and rotten log, of which she reached in and pulled out a change of clothes, faded blue jeans, and a short sleve green t-shirt, and quickly put them on. Then she put her hunting clothes into the plastic bag and put them into the log. Then she took her first step out into her backyard, the moonlight shone down even brighter as she left the shelter of the trees and stepped onto the rock pathway that led around her backyard. The firefies were out, as well as one of her's annoying neighbor.

On the left side of her house, over the blackberry bushes were where the next door neighbors lived, Mr. and Mrs. Robert King. They lived in a one story house, with the backyard being only half the size of her's, also they had an in ground pool, and jacuzzi. They also had a wrap around deck, where two chairs, one being a rocker the other a wooden chair as well as a small wooden stove was kept on the back porch. Mrs. King was on her rocker chair, when she saw Ayla, she raised a hand in greeting, "Why hello, Ayla, haven't seen you around in awhile."

"I have been busy." was all that she said.

"When am I going to met your family? The fourth of July is coming up soon." she hinted.

Alya sighed quietly to herself. This women did not know when to shut up.

"They won't be coming down, I'll be going up to Maine, to spend the holiday with them." Lie, she had no family alive, but she was going to Maine that weekend, the hunt was always fun up there.

The older women, who looked like in her mid forties with sharp blue eyes, and graying hair, frowned. "But dear, when are you going to show your house to your parents? You have lived here for over three months, alone I might add, and I haven't seen your parents once. Why don't you come over here and we can talk." She patted to the chair next to her, on her right.

Ayla knew that if, and that was a big if, she ever sat down in that chair, she would not be able to leave if until Mrs. King got satisfied.

"I'm sorry Mrs. King, not tonight."

"Someday dear, we really should talk." she said, cranning her head to follow Ayla's progess as she went up her steps, unlocked the door and went into her two story home.

She shut the door, and leaned against it, glad to be out of hearing from that witch's voice. She sighed, sometimes she wished she lived in the mountains, her home would be in middle of the woods, far away from any and all noisy nieghbors. She looked around, not needing the light, but still turned it on, because it was the human thing to do.

The light revealed a wooden kitchen, with floor to ceiling cabinets, that some of them held fine china, and other kitchenware and a solid oak table. There were two windows which let some moonlight in the kitchen there was two doorways, near the end of the room, one that turned right and which led into her office, from the office there was another door which led into the downstairs bathroom. The other went straight into her modern living room, complete with around sound, a twenty four inch tv, with Blueray, DVD, and VHS.

In the kitched the round table, which she made herself, was pushed up against the far wall with four handmade oak chairs around it, one at each end, and two in the middle. She paused, and looked closer around and smelt the air carefully.

'The table wasn't against the wall, this morning,' she thought. 'Who was in my house?' she questioned, getting angry, her eyes, turning a dark blue.

Something wasn't right. She breathed in again, taking a deep breath, she smelt the little dust that she didn't get, while cleaning, she smelt the watermelon air freshern that she uses, she also smelt another vampire. Male, in her bedroom, upstairs, where all of her weapons where, well almost all, she quietly walked over to the lowest cabinet, closest to the back door, and reached in a pulled out a sharp wooden dagger, the hilt was made of steel, so that it wouldn't burn her skin.

Then she tucked it, in the wasitband of her pants, being careful not to let the wood touch her and then noisily made her way through the kitchen and into the living room. She sighed loudly, and using the remote to turn on her tv, onto a classical music station, and turned it up. Bach's 4th played loudly.

She then walked over to the stairs, which faced the front door, but didn't turn on the light, that led up the wooden stairs. Instead of walking up each one, she backed up to the door, ran almost a step and launched herself up all twenty stairs in less than a heartbeat.

Once at the top of the stairwell, the walkway went in both directions, her room was toward the left, the master bedroom, with bathroom connected. To the right was two more spare bedroom and another bathroom. She had converted one bedroom into her exercise room, complete with sound prove walls and bullet prove windows. Once on top of the stairs, she moved like lighting, she ran into her exercising room, out the window, across the roof, landed on the small patio, opened the glass doors, and rolled into her room.

He was waiting, with fangs extended.


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