The Girl and Tiger are One

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Experment number 4 is going into another fight for her life, her human DNA has been mixed with tiger's DNA, making her a cold blooded killer.

Submitted: July 12, 2011

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Submitted: July 12, 2011



CH: 1

She was in pain. Like nothing else was new. Thankfully the pain was lessening by the second. The bars of her cage were thick and cold, as she lay, curled up in a ball, shivering lightly as the side effects of the drugs wore off. This time she was lucky, lucky that she didn't throw up, or even die for that matter. She had seen far too many of her kind die because of the testing that they did. Her kind. What was her kind? Part human, part beast. Full killer. She was the only female of her kind alive. As far as she knew. With the help of her sharp hearing she could hear steps coming closer to her by the second. All at once the view of white booties, and light green pants were in front of her, and then a voice spoke;

"You’re still alive?" an voice said full of disbelief, but mixed with a desire to study. Study her. "I can’t believe it. That mixture would kill a human being in less than a minute. Of course you’re not human. Hmm, I wonder how your body is reacting to the poison. Oh man, to get a sample of your liver right now, I’ll kill for it. But I’m afraid that's going to have to wait." he said with a smile on his face, as he turned and he called down the hallway to one of the guards;

"Hey Dan, I need number 4 to be taken to the room. It’s time to test her strength again." The scientist walked away with a skip in his step knowing that shortly there will be once again something to entertain himself with. A fight always brought a smile to his face. He wondered if anyone was going be betting on this match, they picked a good fighter this time, a young and strong male will make the match interesting. He had to hurry if he wanted to place in his bet on time.

The girl growled at being called number 4, she has a name, she just couldn’t remember it. As the man picked up her cage she pushed herself as far away from him as possible because he smelled like bologna and cheese. The man walked following the hallway taking a left, as he walked he looked over the girl in the cage.She had many scars all over her body, some old and others fresher. As if she could be called a girl, from her waist up she looked like a normal girl with light tanned skin, long brown hair fell to her waist, and a piece of tight black cloth that covered her breasts. But that was where the human traits ended. Her two legs were like that of the hind legs of a tiger, strong and equally proportion with the rest of her body. They were dark orange with black vertical strips; she also had a tail that twitched like an angry cat as she was carried. However the most disturbing feature on her was her eyes.

Like cats eyes they were large, and could be reflected in the light. She could see in the pitch dark, and her left eye was gold, and the right a dark brown, almost black, like her pupils. Angrily she fixed her gaze on him, compelling him to let her down. He quickly looked away, he knew her mind tricks, one time before he did put her down and she almost got out, and he almost lost his job. They got her before she left Area 26.

The doors to the fighting room were heavily guarded, and as he approached the storng steel doors the men who were guarding the doors, stepped away from him, looking fearfully at the creature in his hands. They knew what type of power she was capable of doing. One of guards waved his security badge in front of the scanner, and the doors opened, to reveal the room, which was full of people, who were interested in the project. Her.

A squared floor to ceiling cage was in the middle of the room, which reminded him of a boxing ring, with chairs set all over the place and different camera’s from different angles to catch every move that was going to be made in the upcoming fight. A hush fell over the crowd as he entered with her. Quiet whispers began coming from different men and women's mouths as their eyes followed his progress into the large cage and set her down. He whispered, "Good luck I’m betting on you," he said as turned and left. The door closed to the large cage and hers opened by itself.

She calmly stepped out of the cage and stood up on her hind legs, ignoring the gasps, and sighs of the stinky people that were pressed all around her, as she walked out the kinks in her legs, then went down on all fours and stretched out her muscles, she knew the drill.

She gathered herself and jumped high into the air, almost twenty feet, into a corner, and grabbed the bars as the gasps filled the room. She was now in a most comfortable position, were she could see and breathe easier. She braced herself against the bars holding herself up by her hands and feet. Just then a loud voice came over the speaker phone; she winced as it screeched loudly.

"Ladies and gentleman, my I have your attention please?" The voice said, the rest of the humans turned to look at the tall and thin man, who was wearing large black glasses, and a brown suit for the occasion. He was called The Spider, and was in fact the second most powerful man in the company, and the brains behind all the illegal work that went on behind the scenes, which was alot.

"First I would like to thank all of you for coming as you can see one of our famous projects, Number 4 who is in the cage. She is the only female alive of our experiments which takes the DNA of the Panthera tigris or plainly put the tiger mixed in with a strand of human DNA. At 150 lbs she about the same size as a female tiger. Her legs, hearing, strength and eyesight are also like a tiger. When provoked her fingernails lengthen to form claws, her teeth, also extend from normal human teeth, into sharp cannies, her jaw extends down, so it has the strength to bit down, onto her prey, at sixty pounds of pressure. As for her upper body it changes fully into a tiger. She can run up to 35 miles per hour; her lungs and heart are bigger than a human, as well as her muscle ratio. We are pleased to allow you a rare glimpse of her." He stopped and flipped the note card over. With her strong eyesight she could see a faint bead of sweat go down his neck and disappeared in his shirt, she licked her lips, she wondered what the man might taste like.

He continued; "In a few moments she will fight a male of her species, so those of you who are weak at the sight of blood you may leave now." He paused waiting for someone to leave, when no one did he smiled, "And now", he continued, "let the fight began!" The door at the end of the cage opened and a larger cage was placed in, by four guards, the fifth guard stood at the doorway, pointing a gun at her.

She smiled and dropped soundlessly down onto the metal floor going down on all fours, as the men quickly walked out, never turning there back on her. She could see that the people were sitting down in the comfortable chairs, some watching the TV screens, others watching the cage itself. Number 004, as she was called sniffed careful, accessing who this male was. Weighing about 250 pounds, with strong arms and thick skin, he was different than the others she had fought before, because he smelt different, he smelt like a normal tiger. This was not good, because it meant that he was an newer experiment, which meant that the scientists had corrected all the mistakes they made with the older ones. Such as weak teeth, slow reflexes, and poor eyesight. Yes, this was going to be one interesting fight.

Like she had done in all her other fights, she blocked out everything but her target. Her hearing got sharper as well as her eyesight; she crouched low to the ground as the cage door opened revealing a large male who came out of the cage cautiously.

His body was long and muscular, the upper half like a man strong and solid, his arms and legs were thick with muscles, the skin of his legs were a dark orange, with black vertical strips, as the muscles twitched, he breathed in slowly, taking in her female scent. His eyes however were both the same color, an golden amber. His hair on his head was long, black and uncut, like all the males in this hellhole, that she grew up in. She knew that he was going to be one tough cookie to take down.

CH: 2

He came out on all fours, the rough padding of his hands made a soft noise as he went from his cage to the fighting ring. He sighed, and flexed, and looked around. He saw The Spider was watching them with a small smile on his face. He wondered what his master had planned.

"Fight!" he said over the loud speaker. The male turned and crouched down, obeying his master’s order, his body going low, waiting, and she followed suit. Her tail twitched as she prepared herself, then without warning as he launched himself at her, she moved and allowed him to past her with only a few inches to spare. ‘He’s quick.’ she thought, as he turned so that he was facing her again.

She felt her teeth grow until they were long and sharp, she felt her weak human body parts, disappeared, as tough flesh, and strong muscle took there place, then her predator instinct took over, as she lunged at him. He turned so that she pasted him but at the same time his right hand, now paw, snaked out and ripped at her body. Her toughen skin held, but the claws left five long redden streaks down her rib cage. She growled more out of annoyance then actually pain.

Her body had now turned fully into a tiger, her tail long, her fur a light orange with black stripes, each of her four paws having five claws, her ears were back, tail twitching.

The male, had also turned completly tiger, was a bit bigger than her, wider in the shoulders and heavier by mass. His amber eyes narrowed as she walked in a circle, watching him, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Then she lunged at him, her teeth extended, and body low, she hit him head first, with all the force that she had in her. He took the blow, and tried to wrap his front legs around her back, trying to dig his claws deep into her body. She moved, her jaw going for his throat, when he pulled his head down and delivered a sharp bite to her shoulder.

She ignored the pain, and clamped her teeth down, on his julguar. She could hear and smell his warm blood, and had the desire to taste it.

He, now feeling her teeth on his throat, rolled over, so that she was on top of his body, and he used his strong back legs, to began tearing at her soft underbelly, causing her bleed. She clampted down harder and harder, hoping and praying that the pain would soon end, as again and again, his claws dug deeper and deeper into her flesh.

With a quick lurch she rolled herself off of him, but kept her jaws locked around his throat, so that he was still on his back, she on the side. With her claws she dug into his flesh, pinning him down, with a paw on top of his skull, next to his eyes, then the other, on his chest, above his heart, then with her teeth on his throat, she knew that she had won the battle.

Then she heard a familar sound of a gun being loaded, and the trigger being pulled. She then felt the sting of a needle piercing her, then the sound of a second gun being loaded and felt the male, grunt in pain as the needle pierced him.

The effect of the drug in the needle worked almost immediately, she felt herself grow limp, and her jaw relaxed, allowing the male, beneath her take large breaths. She could hear the noises of men and women gasping, one women was crying, another male was throwing up as they saw the blood, then she heard the man on the stage, walk over the microphone and began speaking: "Ladies and gentlemen, thank you from coming here to see the fight. The female won, so all of you who placed there bets on her, go up to the stand to collect your money. Those of you who lost, you can leave now. Thank you again, and see you all this time next week. Have a good night." He turned and left the stage, closely followed by his two bodyguards.

She turned her head slightly, to look down at the male tiger, who's eyes were turning glassy as the effect of the drug, knocked him out, but she knew from experience that this drug, it only lasted less than ten minutes.

She heard the cage door open, and felt guards picking first her up, and placing her back into her cage, then watched as they did the same for the male. As she fell asleep she wondered, who will be my next opponent? She couldn't wait, until the next fight.

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