The Dragon Seller

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Submitted: March 24, 2016

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Submitted: March 24, 2016



My father has been my inspiration ever since I was a child. I have always wanted to grow up to be like him. My family lives on a small old town ranch in the middle of nowhere. My family includes myself Robert, my father Tommy, my sister Sarah, and my mother Jane. The reason I want to be like my father is because somehow he manages to still be with the family and make lots of money. As he gets older and I do to, I have began to learn more about how to work his farm. He constantly repeats to me when we are working “It doesn't take skill it takes pride”. Any conversation come down to that quote. All the work on the farm was not because of what skill my father has or how much time he puts into it, it is because he took pride into his work. Everything my father knows about this farm, he has told me, except for one thing, I do not know is what animals he sells.


Tomorrow I start taking my dad’s spot as he retires from his long years being a farmer. Now that my sister is in college and I am ready to live on my own, I am going to live in my parents old house and farm.  The weird thing about it is that he is not here. It looks to me like I am on my own on my first day. As I walk around the large farm, by myself, I find a tall, rusty barn in the middle of a field. I run over and find a huge terrible smell. It smells like, moldy cheese. When I opened up the door, I found the coolest thing ever, 3 big and colorful dragons and 2 tiny colorful baby dragons. My dad was a dragon owner? I couldn’t believe it. When I walked down the center of the barn I found a note from my dad. It said “Please do not tell anyone about this. We sell these to the wealthy people and make money off of this”. I dropped the letter on the ground, which was covered in hay. I left the old red barn and ran as fast a I could back to the house. The whole night I sat there thinking hard about what happened and what the letter said.

When I was laying in bed that night I discovered tiny notes on the big white walls. I stood up on my wobbly old bed about to fall, and looked at the notes on the wall’s. It was of phone numbers from the kings and queens. I thought to myself could my dad be selling these dragons as pets to the riches.

As time past I researched more and more about the dragon species and why people want them as a house pet. I couldn't understand why people would want at 9 foot beast in their nice and elegant home.

Every morning I take a walk out to the barn and give the dragons food and see how they were doing. They are the most friendly animals ever and are too cute. They made me feel like I was loved by someone. I have never felt this before, with anyone.

When I was sitting by myself in the kitchen the loud noisy phone rang. As I answered the phone, I was in shock when the person on the other line was the king.

He told me, “I need a baby dragon in 3 days from my daughter's 7th royal birthday. I will pay for what ever cost you shall say and I shall keep it as a pet after the birthday”. I stood there in shock. Then he continued, “You must come here every week and take care and clean it for me. I will pay whatever cost you shall like me to pay.” My jaw dropped in surprise and I was speechless.  

I quickly remembered that I had respond. When I replied to the king with the price I told him, “Everytime that I come to take care of YOUR dragon you will pay me 100 dollars for 52 weeks.

And so the King agreed on that terrible deal for him but amazing deal for me. The king didn't know at this time that he would be giving all of this money to a small town dude from a Dragon Farm but, I was okay with that.

I layed in my room dreaming about a mansion house and pool in the backyard. Of courses this will take a year to get all the money but that was all I could only think about that. I was more excited for the money than meeting in person the royal king.

I couldn't sleep thinking about why my dad didn’t show up on the first day I came to take over. Was he embarrassed about me knowing about the dragons? Did he think I would hate him for not telling me that he selled dragons? The questions wandered around in my brain forcing me to stay awake. The longer I stayed awake the more I got to think what this job really means to me and my dad. To make up for all the times that we have not talked since I took over, I decided to call my father. As the phone rang the more nervous I got. The ringing stopped and so did my heart when I heard my dad's voice stay

“Hello? Is anyone there?” questioned my father. I paused.

“Dad, this is Robert your son, I would like to talk to you if that is fine. I have been wanting to this for a while now, but I have never had enough in me to.” stated Robert.

“I am here for you Robert and we can talk as long as you would like to.” said Tommy

“First I would like ask you a question, Why did you not show up to help me around on the first day I came here? Where you embarrassed about me finding out about the dragons you were selling? I guess that something doesn’t make sense in my mind right now. Spythmenthy Robert said.

“Ever since you were a child Robert you have always been curious of what you are capable of. I have admire that very much but I never wanted to hurt you feelings or dreams. We were never the most wealthy family when you and your sister were growing up. I knew I had to do something to make these wishes come true for you. The reason I kept this Dragon selling a secret is because I didn’t want you to stop believing in your potential of doing something great. I knew that if you found out the dragons that you would just stop everything you dream about doing to help the family. So, yes I was embarrassed too much to come on your first big day. But I can promise you one thing, I will always be there for you no matter what. Just remember It doesn’t take skill it takes pride.”

“ Thank you dad.” I simply said and hung up.

 After the long phone call I finally felt better about my questions.

The next morning, as I was eating breakfast outside in my rocking chair in the warm sun shining on me, and I got to think, what if I quit selling dragons to the Kings and Queens and focused on my father's and my relationship. This would allow us to make up for all the mistakes I made and he did to. I don’t care if I will make money or not, but at least I will have the happiness I have been looking for the last year. I am not going to tell my dad yet because I want it to be a surprise.

That night I called my father, the phone buzzed and my father answered.  

“Hello Robert”.  

I knew this was the beginning of a new life.  

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