Rakan the gaurdian of the wild

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Rakan the gaurdian of the forest, or was anyways. His hands were drench in the water from the heavy rain, was he really supose to be here. The humans had evolved past both him and his past lover, and he was left in this mess of a world. He clenched his hand hard as tears seemed to mix with the raindrops, he suddenly feelt arms around him as he tried to calm himself.
"Human....Why are you here again?"
His words seemed to be empty, and not as threathning as before.
"I-I think I love you... thats why"

Table of Contents

Undying love

  It all began with a loud bang, the sound of stones and large boulders hitting the ground. Within seconds and it all just went ... Read Chapter

Feathers fly

In another part of the land, not far from the enchanted forest lived a girl, her hair was long and looked like it was made out of gold. H... Read Chapter

Another Fable Of Mable

Mabel came home just in time, as she headed towards her room she could hear the front door opening.  "I'm home" the words echoed... Read Chapter

The change in the wind

The first beams of light washed the forest, Rakan woke up to another day in the forest that wasn't his. The feeling of regret was stil... Read Chapter

Nothing but the truth

A week has passed since her encounter with Rakan, she was still leaving food for him but she has never seen him take it. Her father had l... Read Chapter

The other side of town

The morning washed over the town, there were not many peoples awake at this time. A single person walked down the street well covered in ... Read Chapter

Just a bit of magic

The day had come like it did every year, Mabel put on her black dress as she looked at herself. She grabbed the beautiful bow over her mi... Read Chapter

A heart that grows

Another dawn came as the light hit the forest, once again the girl came and left her food by that tree. Why did she consider him friendly... Read Chapter