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It is just a way to see how the green of the lands was turned into the sea of the blood. (referes to the Colombian internal conflict)

Submitted: January 21, 2008

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Submitted: January 21, 2008




Long has it been heard of utopias and peace, is it not true that , this we should seek?

Have you not seen the men with their swords of lead?, have you not seen their faces and their triggres of death?

I saw a face, the face of a child, crying with no mom to heed, he was wearing a gun to make inocents bleed.

I saw the green dressed ^army^ with the colors of red, the colors of left ; that is what I meant.

The red or the left, when I heard them say; ^ the world should be led by the left...of the red ; it is the people tha we represent^ .

But.. was I asked ?, were you then?, did you hear their questions spread? ;

can they then kidnap and retain, and kill an then say: ^this is for the people, that we represent^.

Am I not part of the people they say represent?, is that terror they cause a the seed of the best?.

Gerrillero, how dare you say! that by killing, destroying and forcing you shall all defend?

One day or another, with God you shall meet, and the seeds of bitterness that you sprinkled with blood will grow like a thorn... not like a rose.

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