Developed and Under developed countries

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the essay emphasizes on the main differences between developed and under developed countries. there is also an explanation about the term non-developed countries.

Submitted: January 18, 2011

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Submitted: January 18, 2011



The differences between developed and under-developed countries

Countries that under specific criteria develop at a rapid pace can be classified as developed countries. While the term under-developed countries is generally used to describe countries that develop at a slower pace than developed countries. The most debated certain issue that concerns only economical change analysts is the difference between the state of the economic of developed countries and under-developed countries, but the fact that there lies more issues to be analyzed is definitely something that concerns the people of the world.

All these criterias must be fulfilled if a country wants to be addressed as a developed country, they are : strong military force, good quality of education, low level of unemployment, advanced economy, and rapid technological advancement. The military of an advanced country must be strong so that respond to various threats can be quick. Quick response to incoming threats is the key to defend the country at all cost. Good quality of education drives a country to develop faster, also the technological development depends entirely on good quality of education, therefore a developed country is technologically advanced and has a good education system which yields the best quality of human resources. The level of unemployment should be low for a developed country, hence strengthening the economy of the country.

All countries categorized as Under developed countries are now striving to be addressed as developed countries. They have medium level of unemployment, sometimes it drops while it is possible to rise even further. The possibility of the level of unemployment to drop is much smaller than the possibility for it to rise, which means that it is much likely for an under-developed country to be addressed as a developed country if the government of that particular country is able to handle the problems at hand well. Furthermore, the economy of that country is going to develop as the government solves all of the economic problems faced by that country. This can only be achieved if the government consists of trustworthy people who are willing to help their country to develop or it is easier to be mentioned as good government, not some kind of corrupted government. The quality of the education of an under developed country should improve in order for that country to develop faster and yields the best quality of human resources.

There is also the term called as non-developed countries or poor countries. A non-developed country lacks everything important in all aspects regarding the way the government leads the people. Unstable political condition is one of the characteristics of a non-developed country. There exists a high level of unemployment and low quality of education in a non-developed country. The development of the economy of a non-developed country seems to have come to a halt.

The main differences between developed and under-developed countries are low level of unemployment against medium level of unemployment, best quality of education against improving quality of education, advanced economies against emerging & developing economies. The differences mentioned are just several examples of how developed countries differ from under-developed countries.

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