A park in the walk

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Sequel to 'A walk in the park'
Storming off never had better results.

Submitted: December 16, 2018

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Submitted: December 16, 2018





When things get tough I run. Well no, not really. First, I shut down and then I run. Especially when the things are about me. Or my grandma. And when they're about both, I'm faster than the speed of light. My life motto is “why face it when you can avoid it”. So that's exactly what I did today. It's not like they'll miss me. They'll act like they do, after all, they have to put up their ‘perfect parents’ act. Letting your kid run out and then not care where she went is not exactly the best parenting choice. And yet that's what they will do, only to later say they couldn't find me, couldn't reach me. Couldn't or wouldn't?  Either way it's not like anyone cares about my side of the story. And that's fine really… if I weren't stuck in this place for at least two more long years, with a possibility of never getting out. Needless to say, I had a lot of things in my mind. I don't think anyone can blame when I suddenly found out I had walked all the way across town to the park near my grandma's house.


It was honestly a sight for sore eyes. I had left the house with my phone and my earphones. I was in the perfect mood to not talk to anyone. I walked to the swings and sat down. It reminded me of how, weeks ago, a girl in the exact same position I am now thought she was about to get serial killed. Clara, that was her name. Not like I hadn't replayed the whole exchange in my mind a billion times during the past weeks. It had been one for the books. Cute girl, alone in a park, all broody but turns up to be amazing company and just so easy to talk to. It had been the highlight of my day. Of my month, to be completely honest with you. Things are… not great. Hence the storming off and walking across town.


But I'm not really in the mood to think about that. I'm gonna have plenty of time to do that once I go back and get grounded. So I might as well enjoy the day. There's a perfect weather. It's a very rare day when it happens, and I guess the universe just thought that I had had enough shit in my day to add a heat stroke to it. Another life motto I’ve got is ‘don’t question it, just enjoy it’ and that’s exactly what I’ll do. What was it that Clara had said she was thinking about ? Right, her first decision as president. I guess that there's a lot you could do. And one has to think about what goes first. I don't really have the mind power to think about that. Moving on to the next topic. Something light and fun. Like what's the best name for a dog. I have a reputation for naming everything for the color they have. If a teddy bear was blue, well the name would logically be blue. If my dog gas gray, well its name would be ‘little gray’. Maybe names were not my strong suit. Sue me. I have a bad memory. If I named it anything more elaborate I would forget. Not this one, though. Cause it's going to be well thought out. And deep. And meaningful. And all that. It could be something like ‘super’ cause I think that's what dogs are. But I feel like that might not stick. Maybe it could be like a pun, like ‘woofgang’. That makes me chuckle. I'm so good at this, honestly. It's in the middle of my self realization of how I'm about to be kidnapped by aliens cause of how smart I am that I notice the tap in my arm


Not gonna lie, this made me jump, yank off my earphones and just almost pee myself  (in that order) only to turn around with my fist in the air just about ready to put up a fight. Today is not the day to mess with me.


“Pleasedon’thitmeIamsosorry.” A pause. “Ididn'tmeantoscareyou.” a breath. “ It’sjustthatyouweren’trespondingand”


“Clara, calm down. It's okay.” What a pleasant surprise. She was blushing very hard.


“I'm really really sorry it's just that I had  been trying to catch you attention for about five minutes and then you laughed and I wanted to know what it was about.” Should I tell her it was because of an amazing pun I thought of?


“Don't worry about it. And I was laughing about a joke. It's not that funny, but I really like it.” Might as well keep my cool. Not all days you get to talk to cute girls. “Red looks good on you”


“But I'm wearing all black?” She’s smart, she'll get it. “OH” realization washed over her face  “you mean…” this only made her blush harder. “Thanks” I could barely make that out.


“I'm sorry I'm invading your park.”


“What?” She made that cute processing information face. “Oh, yeah. No biggie. I'm a considerate ruler. Everyone gets to be here as long as they pay their taxes.”


“Crap, I was hoping I would be able to keep the tax evasion for a little longer. Oh well, I guess I'll just leave before you call the police on me.” Please ask me to stay, please ask me to stay.


“No, don't go.” Score. “ I mean, they just went on holiday so there's no one to pick up my calls.”


“Smooth.” She blushed harder. “So you got to come back to your park.”


“Yeah! I had to go through so many things to get to come back. It was totally worth it.” I don't blush, but maybe the color picked up in my cheeks.  “ What about you? Visiting your grandma?” She remembered. Keep your cool Danny.


“Not exactly. More like running away.” Please don't ask.  Because I'll tell you. And I really don't want to.


“Everything okay?” Maybe if I didn't feel the need to be so completely honest with you then yeah, everything cool.


“Sure.” I said, you know like a liar. Not like I can lie to her. Not when she's looking all concerned. And worried. And caring. Shit. “Not really, but I don't feel like talking about it.” She does not look convinced. Still looking at me with those deep brown eyes. “Don't worry about it.” At this point I'm going to keep spilling reassurances until she believes them.


“OK then.” Dodged the first bullet there.”How's school?” Crap. Clara really is going with it all today. I think my face showed how much of a wrong question that was. “Nevermind.” We stayed in silence for a while. It was the longest five seconds of my life.


“What about you? How's life?”


“Not that great, had a fight with my best friend.” I remember him.




“Yeah” She took a deep breath “ Turns out we had very different views on a very basic issue, and I just can't be friends with someone who thinks like that.” She stopped to think for a second. “Maybe he'll see his mistake later on.” She didn't sound very convinced of that. A little soft tune was heard from her pocket.


“What's that?” I don't really want to know.


“It's my alarm. I was allowed to come to the park under the condition that I returned home early.” She started to get up. “ I'm sorry I have to go. I was really looking forward to spending time with you.” She said this looking at the ground. She looked about ready to run for the hills. She actually started walking away. She was almost at the street when she turned around, walked back with a lot of determination, stopped right in front of me, (please kiss me), and gave me a quick kiss in the cheek. Now she ran away.


When I got back to my house, there was a lot of yelling. It was a back and forth. My parents screamed. I screamed back. And then they were both too tired to keep the screaming match, I was allowed to go back to my room. And right there, I thought about all the awful things, all the beautiful ones (Clara) and how a park right in the middle of my walk might just make everything a little bit more bearable.


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