The Kids

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It's horrorifing what can happen when drugs enter a family.

Submitted: January 09, 2007

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Submitted: January 09, 2007



The kids are smoking and drinking,
down at the corner cafe.
The parents are at home arguing,
swinging books along the way.

The baby is upstairs crying,
and dying from dehydration.
The toddlers lying in the floor,
terrified of what just happened.

The night slowly increases,
as the rage gets out of hand.
The baby now out of consciousness,
clearly understands.

The mother is downstairs on the floor,
lying in a puddle of blood.
The father drifting in and out of consciousness,
as he shoots up just once more.

The toddler still lay there in the floor,
in shock that's left untreated.
The police banging on the door,
who hears the toddler's screaming.

They run upstairs and find the toddlers,
blue, bruised, and beaten.
The baby in the metal crib,
gently and softly sleeping.

The grab the toddler and take him out,
but they were highly mistaken.
The toddler lay, in their arms,
slowly, horrifically dying.

The toddler was DOA,
the hearts of family have been shattered.
The other three had not a chance,
two Innocent lives shattered.

All was lost this dreadful night,
in the drug rage of violence.
Four lives lost, all because,
drugs had lead to violence.

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