The Last Storm

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She finally realized how to stop it.

Submitted: January 09, 2007

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Submitted: January 09, 2007



The days have become longer,
the fire more intense.
I try to hold my breath,
hoping it will end.

The fumes begin to smother,
all that's in it's path.
Flames becoming higher,
the walls began to crack.

Wood begins it's cracking,
and plastic begins is popping.
Whispers are in the background,
doors begin rocking.

Then slowly out of nowhere,
a very faint voice starts calling.
"Come on child, you'll make it,
the time is almost over."

Then suddenly with all her might,
she fell to her knees in prayer.
Is this really what it took,
to show her that he cared.

Voices keep repeating,
"It's finally time my child."
Give up all your pain and burdens,
it's all in his hands now.

Crying uncontrollably,
she suddenly began to panic.
Chills went up and down her spine,
fear became unimaginable.

She saw a deep, dark tunnel,
with a light shining at the end.
Then suddenly with all her might,
her voice begins to scream.

She's tired of the confusion,
agony and pain.
She's tired of having to worry,
fear in her life everyday.

She gets up and begins to run,
gasping for air to breath.
The walls fall in, and there she is,
lying on the floor, screaming.

Cold drops of rain come pouring down,
then suddenly out of nowhere.
A sense of peace and intimacy,
soothingly blew over her.

And lying there on the floor,
amidst the agony and pain.
He came and rescued her again,
from the tortuous pain.

Suddenly then, the clock went off,
and the sun was shining brightly.
She looked to the sky, and smiled with tears,
for it was the she realized.

Every person has a fear,
a nightmare they try to hide.
But in the end, soon after the storm,
every thing's alright.

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