The Play

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The life of a young woman suddenly goes drastically out of hand when the curtain becomes opened.

Submitted: January 09, 2007

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Submitted: January 09, 2007



The curtain opens, the play begins,
she begins to wonder, how this will end.
The props are set, the stage is made,
the lighting is fixed, all in array.

The story begins in a small gold mansion,
not too far, from Oakbar Canyon.
The girl decides, it's time to go,
and leave the mean, unloving home.

The streets are quite,
it's night by now.
She stops at the store,
to see who's out.

The props are set, the stage is moved,
going in accordance, with the life she pursued.
The time has passed, the fear has vanished,
she drives on past, taking full advantage.

Unaware, the light turned red,
no time to stop, no time to stare.
Shattered glass, cracking metal,
horrific screaming, grinding tires.

No time at all, the stage had moved,
was she going, to make it through.
The man walked out, he could not stand,
tripping on feet, he fell again.

Looking closer, she could finally see,
is it really, who she see's?
He said he worked, he couldn't go see,
no time tonight, could it really be?

The final act, the last props made,
quietly, she leaves the stage.
Finally, the curtains close,
in her real home, she begins to belong.

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