The Test

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Can challenges and test from reality really be done in your dreams??

Submitted: January 09, 2007

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Submitted: January 09, 2007



She came home early one morning,
from staying with a friend.
She had stuff she had to do,
before she left again.

She recalled her parents arguing,
before she left last night.
She wanted to come home and make sure,
every thing's alright.

She was tired of them arguing,
so she yelled at them and left.
She was getting tired of everything,
but it didn't make any sense.

On her way home, she saw her mom
pulled over on the edge of the road.
Her face became quickly petrified,
as she read the little white note:

"I didn't fell like I was doing any good,
living here on earth.
I wasn't any help to you,
so remember me now that I am gone."

Tears came rolling down her face,
as she looked in the back seat.
She couldn't believe she didn't see it coming,
why couldn't she just see?

She thought of what she said last night,
and emotionally began to die.
She knew she could have been there for her,
if only she had tried.

Now she knows what must be done,
and as she done it, she died..
The pain seemed overwhelming,
the tears had never subsided.

It has been five years since the nightmare took place,
and still to this day she has learned.
Savor every moment a day at a time,
and never let anything you love go.

She will always be there for her mom,
and anyone else at that.
The nightmare she had will never come true,
she'll always be by her side.

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