I'll Never Let You Go

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What happens when a normal 10th grader meets a not-so-normal 16 year old pop star? Mandy is about to find out. Justin Bieber, the biggest teen pop idol around has been adored by Mandy for almost a year. And when they finally meet, it's everything Mandy imagined and more. But then, tragedy strikes, and the happily ever after this novel so desperately deserves seems to be in jeopardy.

Submitted: July 05, 2010

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Submitted: July 05, 2010



I'll Never Let You Go


Chapter One: Heart Race Hotel
"Hurry Jess! Let's go already! We can't keep Justin waiting!" I screamed across the hotel room to my best friend. I was completely ready for the concert and she was still in the middle of straightening her glossy blond hair.
"I'm coming!" she shouted back as she applied the final coat of lip gloss. "Ok, all ready!" she smiled nervously as she adjusted her sparkly purple dress one more time in the mirror.
"Ok then, let's go" I shot her an annoyed but totally friendly look as I opened the hotel room door. We ran across the street to the arena as the doors to the VIP entrance were opened for the short line of lucky fans that had been forming since we arrived at the hotel."Oh my God!" I squealed as we walked in, "This is IT!"
"Shh!" Jess put her finger to her lips as we were led through a brightly lit hallway, "I hear something!" My eyes widened as I heard the sweet soulful notes of One Less Lonely Girl drifting from the opposite side of the building. A high pitched squeal escaped my mouth before Jess could slap her expertly manicured hand in front of it. "Shut up! We can't look like idiots!" she said angrily before breaking into a giggle.
"I'm sorry, I can't help it!" I laughed before turning in the direction of multiple gasps. I realized the music had been replaced by whispering and camera flashes, and for a good reason...

Chapter Two: Start of Something True

There he was. The center of our world for the past 9 months, the reason we woke in the morning, the reason we breathed. Justin Drew Bieber was standing 10 feet away from me, and all I could do was stare. He was gorgeous, more gorgeous then I'd even imagined he would be. He was wearing a purple plaid button-up with gray skinny jeans tucked roughly into white Supra high tops. His brown eyes sparkled, and his smile was blindingly white. And his hair...oh my God his hair! Perfectly coifed, chestnut brown, each strand lying in exactly the right place. I eventually snapped out of my daze and elbowed Jess in the side. She didn't respond.
"Jess? You okay?" I smiled a little bit before realizing Justin was getting closer to us.
"Yeah, I'm good" she smiled sheepishly before handing Justin a piece of paper for him to sign.
He looked at her for a moment, smiled, and said "Hey babe, hope you have a good time tonight!" Jess squealed a little bit and gave him a hug before taking a picture with her bedazzled iPhone that I'm sure she was planning on sending the entire 10th grade class. Then it was my turn. I pulled out a light purple sheet of paper and smiled while he signed it.
Then he looked into my eyes and said the words I'd always dreamed I'd hear..."Wow you're gorgeous". I was stunned, but quickly returned his complement with a "thank you", a smile, and the best hug I've ever received. Then we were led to our front row seats and left to replay the previous moments.
Chapter Three: Something About the Eyes
The concert started, I took in every moment with a deep breath, a huge smile, and several tears of joy. This was most definitely the best day of my entire life, he was more than I ever expected, the most perfect boy on the entire planet. When "One Less Lonely Girl" began playing, I looked around, hoping to be plucked from the crowd and sung to, but no such luck. A scrawny blond from the back of our section was chosen, and she showed little emotion or gratitude, but I didn't seem to care, which suprised both Jess and myself.
By the end of the concert, when the confetti dropped along with a few more tears, I took a deep breath and said only "Wow". Jess looked at me with a shy smile and said "I know". We began to walk out of our row just as I was tapped on my shoulder. I froze. Who could it be? Justin? No, he'd get mobbed if he showed his face anywhere but on the stage. I turned around and gasped. It was none other than Scooter freaking Braun. I smiled and offered a cheerful yet somewhat quiet "Hi" before grabbing Jess's arm out of astonishment.
"Hi," he said, "I'm Scooter..."
"We know who you are!" we giggled.
"Oh okay," he laughed a little bit, even though he was obviously freaked out, "Well, Justin remembered you from the pre-show and wanted to meet you...something about 'your eyes'" he quoted with a smile.
"Really?" we elbowed each other as our mouths dropped open.
"Well, just you, actually," he pointed to me. My eyes widened.
"Really?" I couldn't believe it. JUSTIN BIEBER LIKED ME! "Are you ok with that?" I turned to Jess and was suprised to see her smiling bigger than myself.
"Yes, go!" she hugged me, "Good luck!"
"Ok cool," Scooter patted me on the back, "Right this way..."
Chapter 3: First Night of Many
He led me down the same hallway I'd been to before, all the way up to a door with a white printed sign that said simply "JB" on it. He knocked and opened it.
"Oh there you are," Justin got up from a white leather couch in the corner, "Hi, did you have a good time?" He hugged me once again before executing his hair flip perfectly. I took another deep breath.
"Oh yeah," I smiled, "You were amazing!" He offered me a seat in a chair across from him.
"Aw thank you," he flashed his gorgeous smile, "You want a drink?" He motioned to a (purple) mini fridge in another corner.
"Um, sure" I giggled shyly.
"We've got everything," he told me as he opened it,"
"A diet coke will be fine," I realized how hot it felt in there.
"Diet Coke?" He looked at me, confused, "Why do you need a DIET Coke?" I blushed, realizing he was trying to complement me. He smiled and said "I'm just kidding" as he handed me the drink, somehow opening it with just one hand.
"So, the reason why I asked you back here is," OHMIGOD here it comes! "Well, I just thought you were really gorgeous and I wanted to talk to you." I blushed again, trying to hide it as I took a sip of my soda."So what kinds of stuff do you like, what kind of girl are you?" he asked with his adorable Canadian accent. And that was it, we talked for 2 hours, and could've for 2 more except that Scooter knocked and said it was time to go back to the hotel. I was immediately disappointed. I wanted more time, more time to show him I was THE ONE! He got up and hugged me before grabbing a pen and writing his phone number on my hand.
"Don't lose that!" he giggled, "What's yours?" I wrote it on his hand very willingly, probably more willingly then necessary. "Next time I'm in town I'll give you a call, I'd like to take you out sometime, if that's all right."
My jaw dropped a little, but I recovered with a somewhat sane response, "I'd love to," he hugged me tight and led me out the back entrance all the way to my hotel room.
"I had an amazing time with you tonight," he shook his hair.
"Me too" I stared into his brown eyes for a whole 2 seconds before managing a quiet "Goodbye" and turning towards the door. "
Wait," he grabbed my arm and kissed me firmly on the cheek. "I can't leave you. Come with me" he grabbed my hand, interlocking his strong fingers around mine.
"Whatever you say!" I laughed as I kissed him back, this time on the lips, before kicking off my high heels in front of my room, and letting him pick me up and carry me back down into the lobby.
Chapter Four: He’s Really Mine
When we got back to Justin's hotel room, we talked. I sat on his lap, sneaking in a kiss here and there, but mostly we talked. We talked about life, what it means to find your soul mate, and we talked about us. Would we ever be a real couple? Could it work between us? Justin was convinced that yes, we could be a couple. We talked until 3 in the morning, when I finally fell asleep in his arms.
When Kenny came in the next morning, I assumed Justin’s burly bodyguard was suprised to see us laying there, Justin still wearing his leather jacket, jeans, and Supras, and I barefooted and in a little black dress. But Kenny woke us both up nonetheless.
"Morning guys, time for breakfast!" He looked at me, "I don't think we've met," he shook my hand as I saw Justin change shirts in my perepheral vision (holy crap!!)
"Oh, I'm Mandy, nice to meet you."
"The pleasure is all mine," he responded politely.
I quickly sent Mandy a text saying "Srry I didnt make it bck 2 the hotel room lst nite, sum stuff happend w/ JB! Dnt lve w/out me!" and was delighted to receive an "OMGEE!" text within seconds. Once Justin was ready, he escorted me down the lobby where we ate breakfast in mostly silence, because we were too busy staring into each other's eyes. When we were done, Justin handed me his iPhone and directed me to enter all my contact information. I did, and then we took pictures of each other.
"So, I've been thinking..." he slid his arm around my waist, and ‘elsewhere south of there’, "I think this can work."
"You do?" I raised a perfectly arched brow at Justin but smiled calmly anyways.
"I'll call you every night, and when my tour's over, we can be a real couple! I'll fly you out as much as possible, and I'll even come see you!" He kissed me on the cheek, "You're incredible, I'll never let you go," I blushed at the thought of Justin Bieber quoting one of his own song lyrics to me. I was so lucky.
"Ok" I said shyly wrapping my arms around his neck. He smiled and picked me up. As I slid my tan legs around his body, he kissed me (With tongue I might add...) and continued this incredible act all the way back to my hotel in his limo. When I arrived, Jess was standing there, looking confused. Justin got out of the limo, completely cool and aware of the mob about to form, and opened my door.
He kissed me again on the cheek and said "Talk to you tomorrow, babe". I hugged him back, trying to take it all in… his lips on mine, the warm feeling of the leather of his jacket on my arms, and all the eyes of jealous girls now on me. This was it. I couldn't believe it...Justin Bieber was MINE.
Chapter Five: Tonight’s Gonna be a Good Night

What’s Mandy Thinking?

Oh my God...I can't believe this! I'm going on a DATE with Justin Bieber! AHH!! The first thought that crosses my mind is, what the HECK am I gonna wear? I know Justin said he wants a girl to wear "whatever's comfortable" but c’mon, that's total BS! He wants his girlfriend to look AMAZING, hot even. So I pulled out all the stops and I’m actually pretty impressed with myself!

What’s Justin Thinking?

I'm so nervous. This girl is gorgeous, her eyes are the bluest eyes I've ever seen. What am I supposed to wear? I swear she's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen (besides Beyonce...and Taylor Swift...and Megan Fox...and my mom (; well… maybe not Taylor Swift...well then again… never mind...)and I can't look AVERAGE, I have to look GOOD, maybe even GREAT.
Ok, hold up, Caitlin's calling...wow she's so needy, no wonder I dumped her!

Back to Real Life…

"There he is!" I gasped and turned towards Jess one last time, "You sure I look okay?"
"Uh duh Mandy, you're going out with the SEXIEST man alive. I don't care what People magazine says, Johnny Depp is NOT EVEN HOT! But anyways, of course you look good, you looked good at the concert, you look good now, and JOHNNY DEPP IS SO FREAKING UGLY!" she yelled a bit too loudly at...no one. Then
the doorbell rang. I hugged Jess and walked casually to the door, quickly unlocked it, and opened it. AND HOLY CRAP HE LOOKED HOT. Way hotter than Johnny Depp I might add. (Purely for Jess's benefit of course!)
"Wow, you are so much more beautiful then I remembered," Justin's mouth opened a bit wider, I took great pride in that!
"You don't look too bad yourself," I said sweetly as I adjusted his collar, just for the sake of smelling him a little more. (OMG he smells like freaking heaven, I might add :)
"Aw, you're so..." he blushed.
"What?" I asked innocently.
"Hot!" he blurted out, but quickly recovered with a smooth, "It's kinda HOT in here" breaking into a laugh about halfway through. I began walking out the door and smiled back into his eyes the second he grabbed my hand again. Wow, I missed that hand.
"So where to first?" I batted my eyelashes once before noticing the car we were headed towards. (HIS RANGE ROVER...No Big Deal!)
"Um, well..." he opened the door for me, "I was thinking Paris." My jaw dropped instantly,
"Boy with the perfect hair and the sexy high top Supras say WHAT?"
He laughed, but then looked more serious, "I'm not kidding, wanna come to Paris with me? Please don't say no, I already made reservations!"
"Um yeah, I think I could do Paris," I took a deep breath as I waited for him to get in the driver's seat. He looked really hot in the driver's seat. :)
“So first stop, Atlanta airport! Next stop," he paused as he turned the key in the ignition, "PARIS!" he leaned across the car and kissed me on the cheek before (sexily of course!) pulling out of the driveway of my hotel he had booked for me and Jess. "Ready for the night of your life babe?" he took my hand and squeezed in sweetly.
I smiled back and responded with a calm-on-outside but freaking-out-on-the-inside "As ready as I'll ever be!"
Chapter Six: That Could’ve Been Me
At the Atlanta Airport:
"I just can't believe you're taking me to Paris. Isn't that more of a third date?" I giggled and squeezed Justin's hand.
"Mandy, with you it feels like we've been on a thousand dates. I just couldn't take you out on just any date. You deserve more," he smiled as he squeezed back.
"Um, Justin, why is there a random guy taking pictures of us?" I asked curiously.
"Oh shit," he mumbled under his breath as he grabbed my hand tighter, "Damn papparazzi! Follow me, babe!" He led me around a few corners and until we ran into a Supply Closet.
"Did we lose him?" I peeked out the small window.
"I think so" he put a hand on my back, I froze.
"Ok, good" I smiled and let out a sigh of relief before opening the door. We waited around for a good 30 minutes more until we heard our flight announcement, and then headed towards the terminal. But not before we heard a loud "OH MY GOD IT'S JUSTIN BIEBER!" coming from behind us.
Within seconds we were being mobbed, luckily Kenny, Pattie, and Scooter had arrived minutes earlier to accompany us on our trip and tried to help control the crowd. Justin was still holding onto my hand while trying to sign a few autographs before Kenny whispered that it was time to go and Justin tried to escape the crowd. But it was no use, the crowd had grown to hundreds of girls and photographers. Scooter told Justin that he would take care of me and began leading me away before Justin finally lost it.
He yelled over the screaming to Scooter "No she's staying with me!" and put his arm completely around me. "It's gonna be okay, baby" he whispered into my ear. We finally made a run for it and made it onto the airplane just in time. Justin let me sit in the window seat and quietly pulled out a blanket out from his carry on bag. "You cold?" he kissed me on the cheek," I'm sorry about that." I took the blanket and smiled a bit.
"It's okay, a year ago that could've been me." I confessed innocently. He grabbed my hand and laced his strong fingers through mine.
"Let's get some sleep, tomorrow's gonna be crazy." He kissed again, this time on the lips, and that's when I realized he had raised up the armrest between our seats and had both his arms completely around me. At that time, only one thought was running through my head...Oh Shit.

Chapter Seven: Most Famous Popstar In the World
At the Paris Airport:
As we landed, both Justin and I awoke. I realized his arms were still completely around me and smiled to myself. As we walked out of the terminal, I noticed Justin had configured a makeshift disguise to try and hide from the mobs sure to ensue. He had pulled a blue knit hat all the way over his signature brown hair and was now putting on black Ray Ban wayfarers. With Kenny in the front, Scooter in the back, Pattie beside us, and Justin’s arm around me, I felt safe. But that feeling didn’t last long before another crowd began to form.
Kenny tried to push the girls away screaming out things like “Just leave him alone!” and Justin was just trying to ignore the girls.
All of sudden, however, I was being tugged on and sure enough, I was pulled onto the floor. I heard Justin yell an angry “You’ve got to be kidding me!” He tried to run back, but girls had already surrounded him. Scooter came running and picked me off the ground just as Justin and the mob turned the corner.
“That was…eventful,” I smiled. He patted me on the back and laughed.
“You okay?” he gave me a once-over trying to determine the answer himself.
“Yup” I said, “Thanks.”
“No problem” he responded calmly,” You’re dating the most famous pop star in the world, this is gonna happen a few times, but if anything happened to you, he’d be pissed.”
I smiled to myself, “Good to know…” We walked outside the doors of the airport and Scooter led me to a black Escalade. A few girls still lingered around, but when Scooter rolled his eyes and yelled “Just go away! most of them scattered. He held the back door open for me and I climbed in, sitting right next to Justin.
“Babe you okay? I tried to come help you, but I was kinda surrounded.”
He grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him, “Yeah I’m fine,” I replied weakly. I wrapped my arms around him and laid my head against his chest. He began running his fingers up and down my arms, which gave me goose bumps and put me to sleep all at the same time.

Chapter 8: Are You Sure You’re Not Perfect?

“So this is your room,” Pattie opened the hotel room marked 507 with her key card, “Justin will be staying in 508, right next door, and I’ll be across the hall in 523, if you need anything.”
“Thanks Ms. Mallette!” I smiled.
“Please, call me Pattie,” she patted me on the back, “Justin’s about to take a shower, so he’ll be back soon.”
“Ok thank you!” I lied down on the bed and turned up the volume of “Half of My Heart” by John Mayer on my second generation iPhone.

Justin’s Hotel Room:

“I hope you’re sure about this girl, Justin,” Pattie Mallette looked at her son sternly.
“I am.” Justin replied matter-of-factly.
“Justin, I’m not sure if it’s fair to bring a girl into your situation. What happened today could happen again. What if Mandy doesn’t want death threats?”
Justin laughed to himself, “I’ve never felt the way I do for her before, not even with Caitlin.” Pattie was surprised, in just two face-to-face meetings with this girl, was he already in love with her?
“I just think you should make sure she’s okay with the mobs, and the hoardes of screaming girls. You have to protect her, you know.”
“Yeah I know. And Mom, I lo-I mean I like Mandy a lot.”
“You love her?” Pattie raised an eyebrow.
“Yes.” He took a deep breath hoping she wouldn’t yell. She walked over and kissed him on the cheek and began to leave the room.
“Well, I think you know who you should be telling that to, and it’s definitely not me, she smiled, “ Don’t waste time, Justin, your reservations are at 7 and it’s already 5:30!” she closed the door firmly behind her.

Mandy’s Hotel Room:

I jumped up quickly as soon as I heard the knock on the door. I opened the door, happy it was Justin.
“Come in!” I smiled as he came in and sat on the bed I had been laying on. I sat next to him quickly, feeling anxious as to why he was here.
“Mandy, I need to talk to you about something.” He looked straight into my blue eyes and continued, “I’m really sorry again about today at the airport, but I have to warn you, if you date me, it’s probably going to happen again,” he laughed, causing me to breathe a little easier, “If we wanna hold hands in public, it’ll be in People, if I wanna kiss you it’ll be the cover story of Tiger Beat. It’s not going to be easy, but I think if you feel the same way about me that I do about you, we can make it.” I sighed, knowing what I had to say.
“I have never felt the way I do about you before, you’re absolutely amazing and every second I spend with you are the best seconds of my life. I’ll take a few death threats here and there if it means I get to date the most perfect man in the world.” Justin blushed, which made me giggle a little bit.
“I’m not perfect,” he said modestly.
“Are you sure about that?” I laughed and he put both arms around me again and leaned back onto the bed, pulling my body closer to his. I felt his heart beating even faster than mine. He turned me around to face him and then his lips were touching mine. Fireworks went off all around us, or so it seemed, and our bodies moved together in perfect harmony. I realized what was happening and stopped kissing him immediately.
Laughing a little and putting a finger to his lips I whispered, “Not now.” He giggled and picked me up, spinning me around. He kissed me again on the lips.
“Meet in the hallway at 6:30, our reservations are at 7:00.” He pulled me close again and whispered in my ear, “I love you.” It felt like the wind had been knocked out of me, all of a sudden I was dizzy. But I found the courage to say the six words I’d always wanted to say ever since the day I first heard him say ‘Shawty’ in One Less Lonely Girl. I realized I was in the place me and 4 million other girls had always wanted to be in and then the words came easier.
“I love you too Justin Bieber.” He smiled, his tongue in my mouth once again, and then he was gone, taking the sparks and the accelerated heartbeat with him, and I knew I meant every word I’d just said.
Chapter Ten: Sparks Fly
Justin knocked on my door just as I was putting the finishing touches on my outfit. My long brown hair had been curled and was now cascading down my shoulders, and I had changed into a different dress that Pattie had dropped off in my room with a smile and a sweet, "You might want something a little fancier for this date!"
The dress was stunning, cut a little above my knees, it was purple, with a black sash and silver detailing all throughout. I dabbed on a touch more lip gloss, took a deep breath, and opened the door. Instead of a traditional "hello" or "good to see you", I was greeted with a stunned, "Damn you're gorgeous" and then my eyes adjusted. Standing in front of me was the most attractive boy I'd ever seen. And he just said I WAS GORGEOUS. Justin was wearing (TIGHT) khaki skinnies tucked into black high tops. He paired that with a black button down and a bow tie. He looked at me again, shook his hair. And I realized how deeply in love I'd fallen with him. He took my arm, linked it through his, kissed me delicately on the cheek and suprised me by pulling a Miley and Liam and picking me up. He kissed me, softly and lightly at first, but then more passionately. I put a finger to his lucious lips and reminded him of our reservations.
"Right," he said, straightening his tie and standing up a little straighter. "Right this way," he led me down through the lobby of our hotel, and across the street, my silver heels clicked loudly every step, but Justin didn't seem to care. We walked for a few minutes, holding hands as we crossed every street, before I saw where we were headed. I squeezed Justin's hand a little tighter, realizing he was truly the best boyfriend ever, and kissed him more passionately than I ever had before. Our lips felt like they were made for each other's, and our tongues were on fire. The sparks flying between us were enough to make me faint. But we stopped within minutes and continued walking through the glittering lights of Paris.
Chapter 11: What Happened to Happily Ever After?

Of course, I should've known, of all the places in Paris, this is where he would take me. I grabbed his arm a little tighter, my jaw dropped a little and my heart pounded faster.
"Wow," I smiled, kissing him on the cheek.
"So you like it?" he kissed my forehead hopefully in return.
"Like it? Are you kidding? The most gorgeous boy in the world brought me to Paris, and is now standing next to me in front of the Eiffel Tower, I absolutely love it!" I let him pick me up again, and I said as I slid my legs around him, "And I love you."
We walked in and up to our restaurant, where we were guided quickly to a table set discreetly in a candlelit corner. I opened the menu and gasped a little bit, "8 oz Filet Mignon- $78.90". I'd never actually been to this kind of restaurant, and while I was flattered this was where Justin wanted to take me, I couldn't shake the feeling that maybe I just didn't deserve this...any of it.
But the second I began to protest the prices, the expensive dress, the luxury hotel, and the first class airplane tickets, Justin grabbed my right (perfectly manicured, i might add) hand and slipped a gorgeous diamond ring on it. Smiling, he said nothing. I lost my breath for a second, before realizing that it was my RIGHT hand, and that it was probably just meant to be a promise ring.
But the size of the diamond and the beauty of the ring itself caused a loss of words that lasted for approximately 1 minute.
"Justin, you didn't...why did you..what are you trying to?" was all I could manage after staring at the beautiful heart shaped ring for another 30 seconds.
"Mandy, I love you." was all he said, leaning across the table ever so smoothly, moving a ringlet of my hair from my face, and of course...sealing it with a kiss. Right then, our waitress walked up and politely tapped Justin on the shoulder.
"Um, Mr. Bieber," she smiled as she glanced at her notes, obviously realizing who she was about to serve, "Am I interrupting something?" I blushed, but Justin simply straightened his tie and shook his hair.
"No, not anymore," he smiled at her warmly, and then at me again.
"Ok well, my name is Kim, and I'll be your server tonight. If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask." She smiled and tucked a strand of her shiny blond hair behind her ear.
"Thank you," I smiled in reply to her introduction.
Then, Justin cleared his throat and began giving his order, "So I'll be having the..."

Two Hours Later:

"That was incredible," I kissed Justin on the cheek again as we walked out in the street in front of the Eiffel Tower. "Thank you so much for tonight," he picked me up and spun me around before placing me down gently in front of him.
He looked at me for a second and just smiled. Just then, I turned around to see a car's bright headlights piercing my vision.
"MANDY!" Justin screamed just as I heard tires squeal.

Then everything went black.
Chapter Twelve: When Will This Be Over?
From Justin's P.O.V.
The doctors don't know what's going to happen. They keep saying, "Now we wait." But they don't understand. I don't - I can't wait. I can't wait for the first girl I've ever been in love with to wake up. They also say she might not wake up. What happens then? I am blind to all emotions, except shock, right now. I look at her and I do not see Mandy. I see what once was a beautiful girl, but is now just a girl with brown hair and a broken body. So broken, that they say she might never walk again. I shouldn't have to go through this again. Not after what happened with Caitlin. But here I am, at a hospital, in France nonetheless, staring at my favorite girl, lying in a hospital bed surrounded by wires, and noises, and fluids, and a monitor that beeps once more every second my girlfriend keeps breathing. The girl that was once so strong and fearless has now been transformed into a weak, helpless person. A person I don't recognize, a person I don't WANT to recognize. And there's so much crying. Her parents, her best friend, Jess, even her grandfather have all come, looked her once, cried, and then left. Right now, it's only me. I hold her hand, her lifeless, bony, white hand, and wait. I wait for something - anything to happen. I stare at her eyes that are swollen shut, waiting for them to open so I can see the eyes I once fell in love with.
But nothing happens.
I'm scared, more scared of anything ever before. I'm scared to lose her, and to face my fans, my friends, and my family again, but this time without Mandy. The name hurts to say. But I do anyways.
And no matter the bruises, the stitches, the cuts, the bandages, she's still beautiful. Her face is still so angelic. I want to kiss her, but the cuts and swelling of her lips prevent me from doing so.
I just want to go back to four days ago, when I saw the car, the car that would essentially change my life, possibly forever. Why couldn't it have been me? That should've been me. I would give it all to have her back.
"Justin, you want anything to drink honey?" my mom looked at me, and then Mandy, but she smiled anyways. "No." I answered coldly, trying to keep the tears in for a fourth straight day.
"Ok, well the doctor's coming in a moment," she patted me on the back, "It's gonna be okay," she whispered. I nodded my head in silence, and stood up, "I hope so." I sat down in the bed next to her, I wasn't sure if I was allowed, but I honestly didn't care. The second my mom left the room, I put both arms around her lifeless body, and gently hugged her close, kissing her bruised neck lightly, before seeing Dr. Hastings appear in the doorway. I got up quickly and opened the door for him, trying to show from my expression that nothing had changed for the best, or for the worst.
"How is she?" he asked in a thick French accent."No change," I mumbled as I glanced at myself in the mirror. I was still wearing the same clothes from our date, my hair didn't look its best, and my eyes were rimmed with black circles due to the six hours of sleep I had managed since we got here.
"Ok, well, I do have some news," the doctor said firmly and emotionless. "Yeah...what?" I asked hopefully, before burying my face in my hands.
"She's finally stable, and we are expecting her to wake any hour. But you should know…" he paused."What?" I stood up again and walked closer to Mandy's bed.
"She may have some brain damage." he stopped and began pacing. What do you mean, brain damage?" I walked closer to her heart monitor, thankful it was still beeping.
"There is a change she might not remember some things, or a n y t h i n g." Those words tumbled out like vomit. I froze.
"But it's actually fairly unlikely, so just keep praying." he patted me on the back, "With a little luck, she'll be recovered enough to go home within 3 weeks, and could resume walking by the end of the year." "End of the year?" I replied, scared once more. "But it's January..."
"Son, for an accident of this degree, she's lucky she survived. Eleven months would be considered somewhat remarkable. But she's a trooper, and I believe she will make it through." I breathed a sigh of relief as he walked out once more. "Justin?" a weak voice said and I turned around. It couldn't be, could it?
"Oh my God, Mandy, thank God!" I ran over to her bed and when I saw her eyes again, I couldn't hold the tears back any longer. I hugged her tight, and kissed her everywhere, and finally on her lips. "Ow," she mumbled, but she was giggling too."Oh I'm sorry baby," I ran my fingers through her now straight hair.
"No, keep going, that's a good kind of pain," she leaned up a little. So I kissed her back, careful of her numerous injuries and I let a few tears out, just a few. Thank God she was back, and everything was going to be fine. Then my mom appeared in the doorway, still looking kind of sad. "Mom, she's awake!" I smiled as she walked in. But instead of smiling back, she simply stared into space, tears forming in her eyes.
"Justin, there's been a...there's been another accident."
Chapter Thirteen: Never Turns Out Like You Want

Back to Mandy’s P.O.V.

My eyes fluttered open, and I looked around for a moment. Where was I? Oh...right. I was lying in a hospital bed, because I got hit by a car. Memories came flooding back. So did a terrible headache. I then realized, I couldn't move my legs, or much else for that matter. But then I saw Justin, and all negative thoughts were pushed out of my head. He looked concern, black circles around his eyes, and I wondered how long I'd been asleep.
"Justin?" I finally mangaged my favorite word.
"Oh my God, Mandy, thank God!" He ran over to my bed, and began kissing me. Everything would be alright, I realized. Even if I never walked again, never saw the outside world again. I could live happily as long as Justin was there.
"Ow," I said giggling as he hugged me tight.
"Oh I'm sorry baby," I realized then he had been crying, over ME. My near-death experience made JUSTIN BIEBER CRY.
"No, keep going, that's a good kind of pain," I kissed him back and feeling his touch again made everything dissapear. Then I saw Pattie in the doorway, looking concerned.
"Mom, she's awake!" Justin hugged me even tighter before kissing my bruised and battered forehead.
"Justin, there's been a...there's been another accident." she stood there solemnly, a tear falling from her eye.
"Huh?" I froze. No, what could've happened? After all Justin had been through the past...however many days...and this is how he was rewarded. I could feel Justin tense up from the inside out as he slowly asked what had happened.
"It's Grandpa..." she put her purse down and walked a little closer, "He had a heart attack."
Oh shit. I thought. Justin didn't deserve this. THE GREATEST GUY on the planet did NOT deserve for his girlfriend and grandpa to end up in the hospital IN THE SAME WEEK.
"Oh my God." Justin froze up next to me, but held on to me for support. "Where is he? What's gonna happen?"
"He's in Stratford, in the hospital. They don't know if he's gonna...make it." Another tear fell onto her cheek.
"Oh God, I'm so sorry...don't worry about me Justin, you can go," I reassured him with a tender kiss on his cheek and I grabbed his hand and laced my fingers through his.
"No, I can't leave you here, Mandy. Mom, you can go and I'll stay. Call me when you know something."
"Don't be stupid Justin, I'm obviously going to be fine. Go see your grandpa, he's much more important." I squeezed his hand. Pattie smiled sadly at me before sitting down in a chair next to my bed.
"If I go, you're coming with me." he said matter-of-factly.
"Am I allowed?" I glanced back at Justin and saw a tear roll down his cheek, he wiped it away without saying a word.
"Yes, I believe you would be, but are you really in the condition to travel?" Pattie said thoughtfully.
"I don't care, as long as I'm with...him." I hugged Justin tighter, knowing I never wanted to let go.
Every bone in my body ached, but I knew what I had to do.
"Justin, I'm going with you." I sat up and began getting out of the bed, but once I tried standing, I realized I couldn't hold much weight. Oh crap, I thought to myself, and I grabbed on to a nearby chair for support. But before I could sit down, Justin was across the room, his arm entirely around my waist. He put my arm around his shoulder, and helped me back to the edge of the bed.
"Mandy, you can't walk." he stated the obvious with a kiss on my cheek.
"I don't care!" I said a bit too loudly. "I'm going with you baby, you need me and I need you...obviously," I giggled. Just then a nurse came in.
"Oh good, you're awake!" she smiled.
"Yeah happy, happy, joy, joy...now I need to leave. So can you just get me some discharge papers and a wheelchair and I'll be out of here in no time."
"Um, may I ask why you need to leave?"
"My boyfriend's grandpa had a heart attack...he lives in Canada."
"Oh I do see the urgency of the situation, I guess. Well, this is a against doctor's advisories." she frowned.
"I don't care." I stood up with the help of Justin once again, "I'm gonna need to leave...TODAY."
"Ok then, I'll be back with the papers in a moment."I smiled triumphantly before asking Justin to help me to the bathroom so I could change clothes. He did so by cradling me in his arms and shutting the door behind me. I sat on the potty and looked at my reflection. I looked like crap...of course.
But I found an eyeliner pencil under the sink, as well as some mascara and did what I could without standing much. Then I messed with my straight brown hair, pulling into a messy bun. Finally I pulled on a purple t-shirt, skinny jeans, and some black Converse. I looked pretty damn good for a girl who'd almost just died, and when I managed to open the door Justin smiled. He put his arm around me again and helped me back to the bed before whispering "I love you" into my ear.
"Here's your discharge papers, ma'am. And here's a wheelchair, good luck with your recovery, I suggest once you're back in the states, you get some therapy so you regain full strength." She smiled.
"Yeah, of course. Thank you!" I smiled as I signed the papers. I handed them to Pattie and she delivered them quickly to the front desk.
"So, do we have a way to get home?" I asked, smiling when I realized I had just referred to Canada as "Home".
"Yes, actually. I had Scooter charter us a private plane." Pattie smiled. I suggest you both sleep on the way, you're going to need your strength." She patted me on the back. "I guess we can go now."
"Right," I said, pulling the wheelchair closer to the bed I was sitting on. But before I could figure out a way to get into it, Justin picked me up, and sat me in it. He then pulled out a ring...my ring, and slid it back onto my finger. Then he bent down and hugged me for a very long time. I realized he was crying, and a lump formed in my throat.
I knew how much his grandpa meant to him, and I hated seeing him like this. I finally put my arms completely around him, kissing his neck.
But then I realized he had picked me up, and had left the wheelchair behind. We walked all the way to the elevator, back through the lobby, and into a waiting limo. I realized how tired he was, and suggested he sleep on the way to the airport. I sat up straight and laid his head in my lap.
I ran my fingers through his hair, whispering things like "I love you," and "Everything's going to be fine," as we were driven. By the time we arrived in Canada, he was well rested, but still a little weary. I knew he was sad and scared, and I used every chance I got to kiss him, or just to hold his hand. I knew these were the moments I had to be there for him
Chapter Fourteen: There’s Never Time to Say Goodbye
When we pulled into the Stratford Hospital parking lot, I kissed Justin on the forehead.
"Time to wake up baby, we're here."
He smiled before opening his eyes. Then he grabbed his hoodie from the floorboard and came around the other side of the car. He opened the door and helped me out of the car before scooping me up into his strong arms. We walked through the revolving doors of the hospital, and to the elevator. But before the doors opened I managed to squirm out of Justin's arms at another attempt at standing on my own.
"What are you doing?" he laughed a little bit before putting his arm around my shoulders, I realized then I could almost walk on my own, but let him continue to think I couldn't. When we arrived at the right floor, I kissed Justin again, knowing how scared I would be if I were him right now. Pattie knocked on room 507 and Justin's grandma opened the door, smiling sadly at the three of us.
"Oh, and who is this?" she looked at me as friendly as any 70 year old lady would when their husband was dying.
"Um, grandma, this is my...girlfriend, Mandy." he grabbed my hand, intertwining our fingers, and put his army back around my shoulders.
"Oh hi sweetie, what happened to you?" she frowned, looking me up and down, seeing all the cuts and bruises, and realizing I couldn't exactly walk by myself.
"Um...I got hit by a car, in Paris." I laughed a little at how it sounded coming from my mouth.
"Oh dear!" she gasped, "Are you going to be okay?"
"Yeah, Grandma, she's going to be okay, eventually."
"Well, that's good I guess. And do come in." she opened the door. I saw an old man lying in a bed, with wires connected to him, there was a beep every few seconds, and his eyes were shut, possibly to never open again.
Pattie went over immediately and began talking to this lifeless figure I now knew as my boyfriend's grandpa, but Justin stayed off to the side. I noticed now I was supporting him just as much or more then he had been supporting me, so I walked over to a chair to show him I had regained the ability to do so. According to the doctor's predictions, this was remarkable in itself.
I guided Justin over, and made him sit down beside me, and put both my arms around him. Instantly, his body relaxed a little in the comfort of my arms, and a little life returned to his gorgeous brown eyes.
"Are you okay?" I whispered in his ear. I assumed he'd say yes, for the benefit of, if nothing else, his ego.
But suprisingly, and honestly I guess too, he said, "Actually...no. Thank you for coming, though." And he kissed me on my forehead.
"I never considered otherwise," I hugged him back. Right then, Pattie walked over, sadness written all over her face.
“Justin, I think it’s…” she trailed off, gathering the strength to say the words I knew she didn’t want tosay, “I think it’s time to say goodbye.” She started crying, and Justin stood up, hugging her and crying a little bit with her. Then, he looked back at me.
“I’ll be right back,” he walked over and started talking to his grandfather, carrying on an extremely one-sided conversation like some people do when they’re talking to people about to die. He then leaned over and kissed his grandpa on his forehead and then hugged his grandma.
Pattie joined them, and all of a sudden I felt very out of place, so I showed myself out, and sat on the floor outside their door. I heard a continuous beep begin, and I knew what had happened. I heard Pattie start crying even more, and then a doctor rushed in.
The beeping stopped, but the crying didn’t. So, I dug around in my pocket for some cash, and hobbled over to a nearby vending machine. Smiling to myself, I hit D3 for a bag of Sour Patch Kids, and J9 for a Sprite, because I knew they were Justin’s favorites. I returned to my spot by the door and waited for Justin to emerge. When he did, I handed him the candy and soda in silence. I saw a couple of tears on his soft cheeks, and wiped them away with my hand, but a few more fell quietly.
He set the snacks down by his feet, and hugged me, his tears falling into my hair. I breathed into his hoodie deeply, and I could feel him becoming weaker as the seconds passed. He looked so sad, and I could hardly keep from crying with him. But I knew I needed to be the strong one right now.
Chapter Fifteen: Give Me One Last Hug
“I love you,” I whispered as we stood there, in silence, but completely in tune with each other. Then, his eyes closed, and his weight collapsed on top of me. But I didn’t let go. I held him, let him sleep in my arms. Finally, Pattie came out too, and rubbed his back until he woke again. We all walked back down to the car, leaving Justin’s grandma behind to take care of funeral arrangements, and Justin and I held hands all the way back to their old house, our hotel for the night.
When we walked in, Pattie showed me to my bedroom, as it was late and we all needed sleep. She handed me some of her pajamas for me to use, and I thanked her with a hug. I curled up in my bed at exactly 11:14 PM, but sleep wouldn’t come. I realized I hadn’t said goodnight to Justin yet, so I tiptoed down the hall to his bedroom. A light was still on, so I knocked quietly.
“Yeah?” he said hoarsely, knowing he had probably been crying, I opened the door, and without a word, snuggled up next to him. He wrapped his arms around me, and as we fell asleep, I felt a few more tears disappear into my hair, but I just held his hand, squeezing it to reassure him I was still there.
After a few moments, when neither of us had fallen asleep I began to quietly sing.
“They say that hate has been sent so let loose the talk of love,” he answered in his angelic voice, “Before they outlaw the kiss, baby give me one last hug. There’s a moment I’ve been chasing and I finally caught it out on this floor, baby there’s no hesitation, no reservation bout taking a chance and more.” He paused, kissing me with everything he had left, but then I continued.
“It’s like an angel came by, and took me to Heaven, because when I stare in your eyes, it’s couldn’t be better.” …Another kiss.
“Let the music blast, we gonna do our dance, bring the doubters on, they don’t matter at all.” He responded with another squeeze of my hand.
“Cuz this life’s too long and this love’s too strong, baby know for sure,” he paused, expecting me to join once again, so I did, but not without finally shedding a single tear.

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