Match Not Made in Heaven

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Not many 16 year olds would hate the thought of meeting Justin Bieber, but Katherine Reid does. When it’s announced that teen sensation Justin Bieber is visiting her high school, the 16 year old blond and her bad ass boyfriend do nothing but laugh. But could Justin’s good boy charm and surprising will to win her over have any effect on the self proclaimed “blond Megan Fox with a pick up truck”?

Submitted: July 18, 2010

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Submitted: July 18, 2010



Note from the Author:
I love Justin Bieber, and any insults any character says in this story are in no way a reflection of my opinions of Justin. He’s amazing, but Katherine just doesn’t know that…yet :)
Chapter One: What the Hell Is Bieber Fever?
It’s another Thursday morning, the skies as clear and blue as your eyes. You sit up in your bed, surprised it’s only 8:32 am. You shuffle to the bathroom down the hall and brush your teeth. Staring at your reflection in the mirror, you smile. Your platinum blond hair is 100% natural, pin straight, thick, and hangs all the way down your back. You run a brush through it before walking to your closet. You select a tight purple tank top that hugs your curves in just the right places, and a pair of ripped up American Eagle denim shorts that barely cover your butt.
You sit down on your small pink makeup bench and stare at your face. Bright blue eyes, long thick eyelashes, full lips and porcelain skin, you are beautiful, and you know it. Smearing on black eyeliner, you turned up the radio. Some weird, random Lady Gaga song was on, so you flip it straight to the classic rock station. “Photograph” by Def Leppard was playing, so you crank it up. After that song ends, you run a tube of bright red lipstick over your Angelina-esque lips, pull on a pair of painfully bright pink Chuck Taylors, grab your Louis Vuitton your last ex-boyfriend had gifted you for Christmas in 2008, and headed out the door.
You slide into your black Ford F-150, leaving the seatbelt unbuckled, and by the time you were out of your driveway your speedometer was up to 85. You quickly turned the radio dial back to the classic rock station, and smiled a bit as Journey’s “Open Arms” was just beginning. By the time you got to school, it was 9:13 am; you were an hour and thirteen minutes late, again. You ran into your History class just as the second period bell rang and smiled at your boyfriend, Derrick across the aisle. He ran his fingers through his messy Zac Efron-esque locks, before shrugging off his beat up leather jacket. Damn, he’s hot, you think.
“Hey Kit Kat!” Derrick grabs your hand, lacing his fingers through yours, and slipping his tongue in your mouth as a quick hello.
“Excuse me! No PDA in this class!” your teacher yells, frowning. You just laugh, and whisper a quiet Shit under your breath. Derrick laughed and you noticed he had gotten his lip pierced, and it looked hot. You motion that you liked it, and he thanks you with another quick kiss when the teacher isn’t looking. That brings Derrick’s piercing total to 14, not to mention his 8 tattoos, and he’s only 17, but geez, every one of them is sexy as hell. But now you are totally jealous of his lip piercing, you’d wanted one since you were 10, but your mom was a crazy Jesus freak, and won’t let you till you 18, two more freaking years.
“So, do any of you have Bieber Fever?” your teacher laughs as she pins a poster to the bulletin board. It shows a kid, who looks about 12, looking into the camera with a sugar sweet smile. He wore a plaid button up, skinny jeans, and high tops, a total good boy, and even if he was your age, he was definitely NOT your type. You raise your hand, “What the hell is Bieber fever?” The whole class laughs.
“Language Katherine!” your teacher responds rudely. “And to answer your question, this is Justin Bieber, he’s a 16 year old singer, he’s actually quite popular, and I’m surprised you haven’t heard of him.”
“Um, I just heard about the Jonas Brothers last week,” you admit fakely with a smile at Derrick.
“That explains it.” She responds matter-of-factly, rolling her eyes.
“Well, he’s coming to our school this Friday, to do a benefit concert for City of Hope. You all know what that is right?” The class answers with a yawn.
“Anyways, tickets are $30 a person, and there are 3,500 for sale. You are going to be given 5 a piece, and asked to buy them or sell them to someone you know. You don’t have to attend, but this is for charity.”
“This is so gay,“ you mouth to Derrick.
“He’s so gay,” Derrick laughs and squeezes your hand again. He was so perfect, in general and for you. You’d been dating for three weeks but you were so in love. You didn’t care what anybody says, sex first, then actual love. It obviously had worked out here.
“So hope you guys are excited for Justin Bieber, because I’ve heard he’s excited for you!” your teacher says a little too enthusiastically, and you frown, Yeah right, you think, Like I’d want to actually meet this freaking gay little 16 year old midget.

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