Something Amazing -Song

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I wrote this in Literature class...for real

Just take a breath
Take it slow
I promise that
Our love can grow
I know this seems hard right now
But I will make this work some how
Just for once please forget the pain
Just for once can’t you dance in the rain
Don’t be afraid
I will show you the way
You can trust me
I can help you
See what we could be
This isn’t some kind of accident
I think that we are meant
To be
Just come with me
I will make you believe
In me and everything we could be
I know love isn’t easy
But right now it’s all we have
But baby you’re not seeing
Anything and that makes me sad..
Oh babe and if this all goes wrong
I know we can be strong
And we can go our separate ways
And just move on..

Submitted: July 08, 2010

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