Forgetting the Unforgettable (continued)

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Edward can't remember. He can't remember his name, who he is and more importantly what he is. All he can remember is that he needs to find /her/. Eventually he find out the truth and he'll being wishing he could forget again.
//Still a work in progress!!//

Submitted: April 22, 2014

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Submitted: April 22, 2014



I woke to find myself laying on a bench by the busy pathway through the park. People jog by, some stopping to "catch a breath", more like catch a glimpse of me, but why? 
Nothing seems familiar as I sit up and look around. A big wheel, with pods the size of gigantic baked beans spread around it, looms above the park. The something eye...
I find myself covering my ears as the deep rumble of a passing airplane ressonates overhead. I need to find out where I am...and more importantly, who I am. I stand and start towards the towering wheel, maybe that can tell me something of my location. As I venture accross the soft green grass I can only think of one thing: I must find her. Who and for what reason I don't quite know. Finally I arrive at the base of the wheel and looking up, it isn't the tallest structure around but it is not the smallest either. I return my gaze to the safety of the ground after finding no answers. "Excuse me, what is that called?" I gesture to the big wheel as I ask a passer by.
He laughs,"Where are you from? It's the London Eye." He shakes his head and walks away muttering 'idiot' under his breath.
Of course it's London!
Now, the question is not a matter of where am I but a matter of who am I?

As I walk up one of the old cobbled roads I catch glimpses of my reflection in the window panes of old secret cottages.  Black curly hair, soft stubble spread about my chin and my jawline. Nothing comes to mind about who I am. A woman, must be in her early 60's passes with a scowl on her face, is it me that is meant for? I look down at my clothes, presentable enough, an old blue shirt with paint marks smeared here and there. My old stone grey jeans,a little discoloured where paint has turned the grey brown. Nothing discreditable apart from my off white trainers which look like they have been well used. I watch as the woman disappears into the hazy ally, mad old lady...

I continue to walk up the cobbled road but stop as a near by phone box begins to ring. I frown, if I recall correctly then they shouldn't do that... Shaking my head I walk away and onto the main street, looking around I can hear another phone ringing, I spot the phone and decide there is no harm in answering so I slip inside the booth and unhook the phone. "Hello?" I ask cautiously.   "Hello" A deep voice replies, "I know who you are, I can tell you what you need to know but you'll have to do something for me in return." I frown, could this person really tell me everything, what would I have to do..? "Who are you? Why should I trust you?" I ask, interest growing inside me. "If you look up to your left you will see a security camera, there is also one to your right. Watch." The mystery voice replies and I watch in fanscination as the two cameras move left and right. "Trust me" The voice on the end of the line says. Well I don't have much to lose..."Okay. How do I f-" A black car with tinted windows pulls up beside the phone box. "Nevermind." I say as the line goes dead. I exit the box and then cautiously get into the dark car, a beautiful woman greets me once I am in. As I slide the belt around me I try to catch sneaky glimpses of her, she has long brown-blonde hair and soft green eyes. I look away  before I am caught. Unfortunately for me it seemed this beautiful woman was not interested in anything but her phone. I sighed and closed my eyes until we arrived. I got out of the car and looked around, compared to outdoors this place was pitch black and I had to blink a few times berore I could see properly. The attractive woman got out of the car as well, she must be the same age as me,28. She led me through one of the many dark corridors,surpisingly she didn't walk into anything after not lifting her eyes from the phone. Finally we reached our destination, I walked through an enormous set of oak doors and into a dimly lit room, the only light source was a few candles around the room. My eyes finally came to rest on who I assumed was the man I spoke to, he had small rectangular glasses that sat on his long hook like nose. His dark blue eyes hid behind them, I could tell these eyes had encountered many dark and gruesome things. My eyes wandered to the crinkles at the corners of his, I assumed that was from all the squinting in these dark cold places. "I'm here now, tell me who I am." I asked boldly. He smirked,"Why don't you come and take a seat?" I didn't trust the evil glint in his eyes but I had to know, one step at a time my feet led me to the chair and I sat slowly, I could've sworn he could hear my heart hammering in my chest.
"Yes I can" he said.
"I'm sorry?" I frowned,confused.
"I can hear your heartbeat. I can also hear all your thoughts involving me for I am a Vamp. Not a vampire a Vamp." He said calmly. I just sat there alarmed, so many questions filled my head but the only one I kept thinking repeatedly was 'Who?' Who am I? Who is he? What is he?
"You know what I am, you just can't remember. Unfortunately you got to close too the target and you had to be given memory serum. I understand you are confused so I will give you your file to read soon." There he goes again,reading my thoughts and answering unsaid questions.
"What is your name? What target? What is a Vamp?" I was starting to get impatient, I needed to know everything, now.
"My name is Zephaniah but you called my Zeph. The target's information will be included with your file. A Vamp is a form of Vampire but we do not feed off humankind,we are able to eat human food and we don't randomly vapourise in the sun, as you have probably found. However we do live eternally." He replied, answering each question in turn. "Now, in return for the information on yourself I just require one thing of you. I need you to find the target and exterminate her. As I said the information on her is with your file. Now Amanda will take you to get your things and your file, goodbye." Zeph turned and left after finishing his sentence and I am left with the beautiful woman I came with, Amanda.
"I can hear your thoughts too, you know." She smirked as she led me out of the room. Busted.
"Apologies." I reply quickly and follow her, my head bowed.

I opened my file on the tablet and sat down on the comfy chair of my hotel room, Zeph booked it for me for a week so I could read up on myself. I began to read:
Name: Edward Peterson
Height:5ft 6in
Occupation: Classified
Recent entry:
Edward has been given a memory serum, this has wiped his memory completely and erased all information on Beatrice Pryor. At his request this file was created to contain all the information about Edward and his involvement in the case should he need to know. Edward also consented to being given the memory serum should he get too close to Beatrice again.

I closed the file, my head was pounding as images of this girl flashed through my head. I would have to read more later. I decided to research Vamp's by reading through the diary entries I wrote when I became one. This time I actually wrote them, maybe tablets weren't invented then?

20th August 2002
Zeph changed me yesterday, he said that because I was 16, I was ready. He also told me to stay in bed for three days, so this is why I'm writing a diary. When the venom first entered my blood stream it felt as if my veins were going to explode, it was excroociating. I now just feel extremely tired, Zeph said it would last for at least two days. I've begun hearing peoples thoughts as they pass my window, apparently only pure blood Vamp's can hear everyones thoughts whenever they want. I can only hear them sometimes. Zeph said I could learn to control it with some practise, not sure how though.
Anyway, another cool thing Vamp's can do is move really quickly, I still need to get the hang of it though, when he turned me I intended to go to bed but instead I walked into the wall. Oh well, I'll get used to it.  I was researching the other day and a few people said that they could change certain aspects of themselves such as eye or hair colour. Weird, maybe  I'll try it later. I'll write again soon but for now I need to catch up on my beauty sleep, bye!

I laughed at the last comment, I was self obessed it seems. I put the book under my sock pile safe in the back of my drawers and decided to get some rest, although I had a feeling I wouldn't be sleeping much.

As I predicted I had very little sleep that night, I kept tossing and turning thinking about that day's events. So much had happened and I needed time to think about all of it. I reached over for my watch and checked the time, half past six in the morning. I sighed and decided to hop in the shower before calling room service. I undressed as I waited for the water to heat up, testing it with my hand and then I climbed in under the hot streams. I let out a long sigh as all the tension from my shpulder left me, today would be a peaceful day. Fifthteen minutes later and I was drying off when I suddenly realised I had no other clothes, I huffed, I will have to wear the ones I came in for now. I walked into the room with the towel around my waist and to my suprise I saw a pile of clothes, all neatly folded with a note on top.
I sat on the edge of the bed and read the note:
Dear Eddy, 
Thought you might need these, they'll do until we can get you a new wardrobe. Meet me in the cafè at 9:30am, we need to talk.
Amanda x
I frowned, Eddy?
I made a mental note to find out about Amanda later, for now I dressed in a light pair of jeans and a washed out looking grey top. As I slipped my watch on I saw I had a couple of hours before I had to leave so I switched on the television on the wall and waited for my breakfast.
After ten minutes there was a knock at my door and the room service man walked in, I noticed he was neatly dressed for someone that had gotten out of bed around an hour before. He wheeled the trolley in and put my breakfast on the table.
"Eggs, bacon, two slices of toast lightly buttered, sausages and no mushrooms." he said in a repetitive tone.
"Thanks" I replied and paid him a tip with the money I found with the note. He nodded in thanks and left me alone to eat my breakfast.

I looked out of the window at the rain leaping off of people's umbrella's, I smiled, I just ran here. I ruffled my damp hair as I waited for Amanda who was ordering two coffees at the counter. I snuggled into the plump armchair and continued to watch people frantically running around with a look of dismay on their faces. I closed my eyes as I listened to the gentle pitter patter of rain, I loved sitting there in the warm, just listening. Somewhere in front of me a person cleared their throat, I opened my eyes to see Amanda sat on the other side of the coffee table in a chair similar to mine. "Coffee" she said in her cool soft voice.
"Thanks" I replied, brushing away all thoughts of her. "Why did you want to meet me here then?"
"Ooh, still straight to the point I see." Her eyebrow raises slightly. "I asked you to come because some arrangements have been made for you. After this week you and I will be moving down to Devon, more specifically Dartmoor."
"Why?" I frowned.
"So you can carry out your task.."
"No, why are you coming?" 
"Because someone needs to babysit you." She smiles."You need to read more into your file. I am your 'partner in crime' so to speak. I always help you out." 
I nodded, I still need to find out more about this 'task' she speaks of. I hardly know who I am let alone everyone else, I still have doubts.
"I know you do Eddy but you are going to have to trust me at least, I believe you made a recording before this all started when you agreed to use the memory serum. That may help." She replied to my thoughts.
Damn, forgot they can do that, I sighed and took a sip from my steaming mug. "Send it to my hotel room, I look at it when I have time." My head was beginning to ache again.
"Give yourself time Eddy." Amanda leaned over and rested her hand on my knee, squeezing gently. "I'll help as much as I can." She gave me her softest smile before leaning back in her chair, I nodded and sipped my coffee. This was going to be tough.

Amanda decided to come back with me after collecting my recording. When we got back to my room I opened a bottle of wine from the collection, a Spanish Rioja 2004. I poured out two glasses of the red liquid and brought them with me to my room where Amanda was putting on the recording. I set down the bottle and glasses then took off my shoes so I could settle on one side of the bed. Amanda also removed her shoes then settled on the other side of the bed, "Zeph told me to let you know that he rquires a daily report on the task once we arrive at Dartmoor and are set up." She pressed play before I could reply so I passed her a glass of wine and settled with my own. I watched as my younger self appeared on screen and began talking me through what was going on, some parts I wished I wasn't told. My parents had died in a house fire and I was an only child, no other known relatives. I took big gulps of wine and then topped up my glass. My former self did, however, tell me some comforting things. For example I now know this young woman next to me, Amanda, was the person that found me and introduced me to this new life. We are also in the beginnings of a relationship, many thoughts came to mind at this and I glanced over to Amanda. "You and I are...?" I asked hesitantly. She nodded with a smile and continued to watch the reccording. Whilst watching I also learnt trivial things like my favourite colour, food etc. I began to drift off to sleep so Amanda shut off the recording and took our glasses to the kitchen, I closed my eyes and snuggled into the duvet.
"Edddy! Ed! Edward!" I woke to Amanda shaking my shoulders frantically.
"What?" I replied sleepily.

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